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COVID-19 is still impacting American families and businesses. Do you need financial assistance now?

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While some aspects of American life have returned, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact this country, and it may be hard to figure out what help you can get now. There’s still aid available through the federal government, as well as your state, local, or tribal government. Some are automatic benefits and others require an application.

Automatic benefits:

  • Child Tax Credit. If you have kids, you may have already gotten money from the IRS because of the Child Tax Credit. The IRS has more information about whether you qualify and what to do if you want to unenroll from advanced payments.
  • Student Loans. Eligible federal student loan payments are on pause until January 31, 2022. You can still make payments on your principal balance or any interest you accrued before March 13, 2020, but until the pause is over, eligible loans are set to a 0% interest rate.
  • Free Credit Reports. Weekly credit reports are free for everyone until April 2022. Visit to get yours.

Benefits to apply for:

If someone contacts you out of the blue offering help and asks for your financial or personal information, that’s a sure sign of a scam. And know that the government won’t ask you to pay anything to get COVID-related financial help. If you spot a scam, report it to your state attorney general’s office and the FTC at

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I see nothing that will help people that don’t get much on social security I can pay my bills and gas for my car and thank god we have a food bank

You can search by zip code for more resources in your community on the Elder Care Locator. It's sponsored by the US Administration on Aging. You can call with questions:1-800-677-1116.

Do they help without having you provide years of paperwork? Or do they give you another agencies phone number so you can be more depressed?

Don't Bother calling all you will get is more canned beans and corn.. The Big Help US Government is providing isn't to American's. NO one in GOV will answer that question.. Whats the price tag on Covid Relief Funds outside the USA? OUTRAGEOUSLY CRAZY $$$$$$$$$$ your tax dollars

Did the unbelievable prices increase only to people with kids or people with a job? You would think that is the case because thats who our govt is helping! Who cares what happens to us rejects! We are not worthy of any help!! DISCRIMINATION at its finest!

My thought exactly Janice

I had perfect rising credit before Covid started . Covid handled my small business and now my credit is not so good and the SBA turns me down for any of the loans because of bad credit. Is there a way to get a grant or a line of credit for my company William Bruce

Me too… now I’ve just given up

Money each month for single people , both old and young working every week and just making it .

It looks like you have help almost everyone except the seniors homeless and disabled with no children. What are they supposed to do to get help? They couldn't get unemployment with extra funds attached to it or child tax credits! In Can they even got the Golden State Stimulus nd more payments monthly! What did the others get?? Its crazy that you can discriminate so badly! I'm just sick end by this whole horrifying situation nobody asked to be in, and definitely didnt create it in a lab, but yet we pay the highest price with no help!

You can search by zip code for more resources in your community on the Elder Care Locator. It's sponsored by the US Administration on Aging. You can call with questions:1-800-677-1116

Go to this page to learn about financial help and support services for people with disabilities .The page tells about getting help with housing, medical bills, and opening a tax-free savings account.

I agree… but FTC passes you to Elder Care??? Yeah ok…

my unemployment has been held since 6/12 over my acct being hacked and I had to file a report so the victim 2x once by the thief and the other by Indiana unemployment taking over 3 months to say they still can't give me a time frame im si k of it no pay not a penny since June. Can u get me straight financial help please like a big check I already lost my home car and fly over it. I get I just need mk wy asap please!!!!

Help is available except for the older Americans who are struggling to pay mortgages and groceries and prescriptions.

You can search by zip code for more resources in your community on the Elder Care Locator. It's sponsored by the US Administration on Aging. You can call with questions:1-800-677-1116

 Mortgage relief is available for homeowners who need help with mortgage payments.

Mortgage help isnt for people that live in a mobile home like me. What does it matter what kind of dwelling it is?


That's it? Seriously? No way is that ever going to be anywhere near enough to help this nation. Surely, they must realize this by now!

I appreciate the work all of you perform America relies on so many things are taken for granted.

I have been trying for Months to get assistance and in hone care.
I AM NOW DESPERATE. I was trying to be proactive but I can’t get help or even answers.

I'm going thru financial hardship don't have any income still waiting on my income tax haven't received any child credits times are definitely hard and bills are piling up

Iam curious about how is the law for people on social security disability and for 11 years the went up only 200 hundred dollars that and new people are getting more than 2400 a month I just don’t understand this law is it fare or what is the problem thank y

There is a major lack of financial assistance in Nebraska. The federal poverty level is skewed and because of Covid many families are in debt and nobody is making a liveable wage.

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