Be on the lookout for timeshare resale phonies

The FTC and state consumer protection agencies have shut down dishonest timeshare resellers for bilking timeshare owners out of millions of dollars. If you’re selling a timeshare, listen carefully for the promise of lots of money quickly and a request for an upfront fee. Those are two key signs of timeshare resale scam — and someone you don’t want to do business with.     

In one recent case, Vacation Property Services claimed to represent big-name companies eager to buy timeshares for business travel and events. The company guaranteed timeshare owners hefty returns if they moved quickly on the offer. But first, the company said the owner had to pay from $500 to $2,000, via credit card, in “registration” and other fees to seal the deal.

Timeshare Resale Scams Infographic

Timeshare Resale Scams

The company’s promises of ready buyers, fast sales, big profits and money-back guarantees turned out to be lies. What’s more, the timeshare owners were stuck with debt on their credit cards from paying the “fee” after the company told them that the sale would be complete — and that they’d have their money — by the time the credit card bill came.

If you own a timeshare, question any offers to help you resell it. Be skeptical of companies that:

  • claim the market in your area is “hot” and that they’re “overwhelmed” with buyer requests
  • say they have buyers ready to purchase your timeshare — or promise to sell your timeshare within a specific time
  • guarantee you’ll get big returns on your resale
  • require you to pay fees upfront — even if there’s the promise of a “money-back guarantee”
  • don’t provide a contract — or provide a contract that doesn’t accurately reflect conversations you had   

Read about buying and selling a timeshare, or check out our infographic to see how timeshare resale scams typically work.

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check out sell my timeshare. They want big bucks upfront and says they have a lot of buyers. Thanks.

I received a letter prepared by Driftwood Inc out of Detroit, MI, announcing their intention to purchase vacation memberships at UVC. A scam, I'm sure.

I received the same thing this week. I'm also sure it's a scam, but I think UVC is selling lists. They knew a LOT about me and my contract. They knew how much I paid, owed, membership level, email address, mailing address, and obviously phone number. I looked through my paperwork and i didn't sign anything to share my information.

Received calls from driftwood in out of Detroit. Had two different offers for my UVC membership. Too pressured so I got cold feet! Glad I did after read all of these posts! Thank you.

I wish I had used Google. Driftwood got me for a substantial amount of money. Phone numbers still active but no phone calls answered or messages returned. Ouch! Do not make the same mistake. This was an elaborate Scam with a guy in detroit acting as the agent, another guy in Alabama acting as the titlecompany and another accomplice in Mexico receiving wire transfers. The had active business websites and everything.

Just curious...what did you do to research licenses and contracts of the persons that approached you?


It looks like Vacation Resorts Experts wwebsite is officially closed down. Sometimes the good guys win. Yipee!

I just received a call where they would take care of my timeshare. I would owe $3,000 difference. The website I was given today was vacation idiom. Gives very little detail! Thanks for the heads-up!



Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you check on the reseller.
Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if there are complaints on file. You also can search online for complaints about the company.
If you have a written contract, read it and see what it says about paying the company. You could ask a lawyer or real estate professional to help you understand the contract.

Sorry to here this. We were contacted by first brokers inc claiming they had buyer for our PV timeshare in Mexico for 29k. They work with title company called global federal trust all a scam. they work together took us for 13,329. Hace reported them. Other yo better business bureau and state attorney general office in Missouri and in Alabama. Hope they catch the scum. I think they are all in Mexico. Close the. Orders. Vite tfump.

Were you able to recover your funds? Who did you contact to report them?

You must have spoken to the same people I did. These guys called me at my office to let me know. They had a buyer (who they keep anonymous) for my timeshare in Puerto Vallarta. They knew the property and everything. Anyway they sent me a contract. No upfront money, yet. Once I signed the contract and sent it on to them, I received an email from the so called Title Company saying they needed $3,986.00 to be wired for the Mexican Transfer Fee. I did that. After contacting my local police and filing a report with them. The next call comes a day later saying they need $8,000.for the 19% IVA tax. Oh by the way we have good news! You will be getting you $4,000. back, they sent the wire this morning. I'm thinking OK, this is good.! Well no money showed up. Them I receive a call from the "Title Company" saying we will not be able to return your 4,000 until we receive your $8,000. and that they have sent me a revisesd accounting and wiring instructions. Needless to say I am not sending $8,000. To add to my loss. The company I was taken by called themselves Worldwide Property Solutions, Inc. & the Title Company goes by Premier Financial Services LLC
Good luck and tell your friends .

A fake website uses Genesis Investment Properties Inc. and it's address to cheat people money.  Since Genesis has no bad record, you can't find anything wrong about this company.  Also the company has no website which makes it a good choice for the cons to turn it into a scam company.  The phone number and email address at the webpage are not Genesis'. The scam company"s webpage:  genesisipi. com

i have been approched by this company to purchase my propertty in Mexico for 112,000. They just sent me a sales agreement which i will not sign because they want a transfer fee sent before they continue the process

i am in the process selling a time share in cancun with GENESIS who has another company SIGMA PARTNERS INC are in charge of the escrow funds and send me the wire transfers first one,RFC TAX$3500 nextNONE FAMILY TRANSFER TAX $2950 NEXT customs clearance number $6230 and the latest LEGAL AND RECORDING $5976 all these amouts are in USD each time a transfer took place i got a official Mexican receipt with government stamp all the wire transfers went to a Mexican name and bank. so it all looked legal.
the CEO of genesis is ROBERT THOMAS the head escrow officer is CHRISTOPHER DONALD LOMBARDI 15515 san fernando mission blvd,mission hills CA 91345.genesis also promised me i would be reimbursed for all the amounts upon closing that i have mentioned in this statement.the last payment i refused to pay as they were putting on the pressure to pay with in does a person get that money back? also i must have dealt with at least 10 different associates they made it seem professional i hope this helps anyone else goin thru this.dec 9 2016.

If you have contact information for the person you sent the money to you can contact him and ask for a refund, or contact local law enforcement. You may want to report him to the wire transfer company you used. You can also report the person and company to the FTC at, and to your state Attorney General’s office.

Thank you so very much. Saved me from a potential disaster.

I have had the exact same M O from Genesis Investment Properties Inc. and Sigma. They want a REFUNDABLE SRE permit fee of >$5000.00 sent through Sigma (David Silve) to BANAMEX bank in Mexico. Thank you Michael for the fraudulent
"Heads up". Another-if it sounds to good, it isn't!!

I am dealing with them too, but when it came to the fees up front for Gov't, etc. I said my lawyer would be looking after that. They said no problem & rewrote the contract. So no money up front. How else can they get you?

i am unclear...did you pay the transfer fees mentioned in the 1st paragraph? did you finally receive your net proceeds? all in one lump sum or over time? any further issues?

Genesis and Sigma are definitely a scam. I went all the way to the point where they asked me to wire transfer money to an individual in Mexico. They have VERY official looking documents and even sent me a (very poorly done) Mexican credential for the "attorney" who needed the wire. The agent from Genesis stole the identity of a reputable real estate agent in California. You should always be wary of ANY up-front requests for money. I talked to someone at the FTC and they said that any offer for a profitable sale on a timeshare should always be a red flag.

I was contacted by phone on interest in selling "points" in Fiesta Americana Vacation Club, and they GENESIS INVESTMENT PROPERTIES INC.,confirmed to me my points.correctly. I agreed to email me a quote. This was promptly sent and offer was 3-4X what I paid. Next enters SIGMA INC. the ESCROW COMPANY David Silva was the contact. Then comes the "deal breaker", wanting me to wire over $5000.00 to BANAMEX in Mexico City. for the SRE, making it legal for a non Mexican to sell property in Mexico. I told them no way was I wiring money, that would have been reimbursed at closing, without proof. They then said the money from the buyer was in escrow already and no changes could be made. This went round and round, talking with probably 10 different people and all but one seemed very professional.
They are a SCAM - DO NOT WIRE ANY MONEY. GENESIS INVESTMENT PROPERTIES I NC. and SIGMA (Escrow Services) just use reputable companies web sites with a slight name difference. And now, reading of these other scams, it is clear how they get more money from you once you start - buy more fees. My bank looked at the wiring instructions and said IT SMELLS OF A SCAM! As did everyone else I asked. I, by this write up, will contact the FTC to try to put a stop on these fake companies. Hopefully this information will save another person from loosing any money, and thank the others that saved me from any loses. These scammers have no passion for anyone, and are good at what they do. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. BEWARE!

Thanks to all who posted about Genesis and Sigma - I was very close to paying $4000 for whatever the the SRe is to sell my property in Mexico - but my timeshare goes by points and I don't own any property to sell - which was weird. Then they said I could go to the Mexican consulate or use my own laywer but if I went through Sigma then they would reimburse me the full $4000. I was hesitant and suspicious since the first call but that's when I put on the brakes.

Be careful out there - there are some awful people that prey off of good honest people.

i got a call from Premium Internation Vacations, inc out of Texas - wanted to give me a lot of money for my timeshare - all i had to do was send $4000 to Mexico via wire - obviously a SCAM

I have a guy from Premium International Vactions By the name of Michael Owens giving me an offer of 37,891.00 USD. No money upfront has been discussed yet, But I will post more as time goes on...I signed the GUARANTEED RESALE OFFER so let's see exactly what this scam is if any.

I was contacted by a different company but same type of situation. They sent me a contract but I have been checking various websites regarding validity. Contact me and let me know what transpired from your ordeal. Thank you.

I curious to know what happened. Did they follow through? Was it a scam?

Hello, How was it? Cuold you share me your experience? because I have now the same offer. Thaks

I would really like to know if you find out anything about this co. I am trying to find out if anyone know's anything about Resort Marketing Solutions out of Mexico. I have a time share that I got SCAMMED INTO in 2012 and I am trying to find someone that is honest to help me get rid of it.

Did this turn out to be a scam

We received something similar, can you tell me please what happened at the end?? We signed a contract with them

I just got off the phone with Mike Owens from Premium International Vacations, And as suspected they wanted 10% up front. I said to talk to someone there about getting any monies up front this way the Attorney General And Federal Trade Commission will not have to get involved, He said he would talk to me later...But insisted that this is the way it is done....Really Is that what everyone here thinks?

I just got a call from Michael Owens offerring $174,000 for my Nuevo Vallarta property timeshare, but no upfront fee. I would need to pay the timeshare developer/resort owner a transfer fee of 5 times my annual maintenance fee when it closes and a 7% commission when it closes.

I just received a resale contract from American Travel Plaza. I need to pay 8% commission when it closes. Is this a scam?

I got one too from this group. It prompted me to google the company and was led to this Blog.

received a call from Financial Intelligence group same deal 8% commission for visitors /investors in Mexico for a huge expansion project, they are in California Does anyone have answers>

Financial Intelligence Group for me too. Wanted to buy my membership for large expansion project. I haven't found anything expect this. Is this real?

Anyone find out anything more about the Financial Intelligence Group? My friend has been promised almost $30,000 but they asked for one fee after another and now it's almost $14,000 in fees!! I'm very suspicious!

I also received a contract and it is signed by Mark E. Newman

FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE AND BLUE RIVER ARE SCAMMERS! Don't fall for this! It cost us $12K and we are working our bank to try to recoup the wire transfers! BIG SCAM! Also, for those who are scammed contact the FBI and your local ATTORNEY GENERAL both in your own state and Financial Intelligence is located! Let's catch these crooks taking advantage of hard working people!

I have been working with Property Management and Investment Group, Inc (PMIG) with similar offer: contract to be signed for over 200K put in escrow for Nueva Vallarta. have to pay 10 times maintenance fee or 17K out of pocket. This is the only up front but seems to good to be true. any others out there dealing with PMIG or the escrow company Stewartstitle

Read the article about timeshares and vacation plans for  information about selling a timeshare through a reseller.
To start, don’t agree to anything by phone or online until you check out the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if there are complaints are on file. You also can search online for complaints.
Also, ask if the reseller’s agents are licensed to sell real estate where your timeshare is located. Then verify that with the state Real Estate Commission. Deal only with licensed real estate brokers and agents. Get references from satisfied clients.

Thanks Bridget for this information. I called the Corporation Section at the TX Secretary of State office to see if this company, S&M Investment Inc is registered. The company has been registered since 2007 and The Consumer Protection Office had no complaints about the company. I still am a little leary as it sounds too good to go to be true. They called stating they don't require any upfront money but prior to closing they will need $1,980.00 to do the owner verification and ensure there's no lien against the property. The money is supposed to be refunded at closing. This just seems kind of odd especially since it has to be wired. I am going to ask if the money can be sent certified with a cashiers check. They aren't listed on the BBB and I can't find anything on the web about dealings with the company. They do have a generic website. I will still pry around because I am not comfortable. One good thing is that I have friends in the area where the company is supposed to be located so I can have them do the transactions for me in person. Any suggestions at this point from anyone?

Find a local Escrow company that you can walk into their offices. Then insist that they use your escrow company to do the transaction. Watch how fast they disappear when you do this. Or how many excuses they have to use their "escrow" company. You are dealing with scammers. Walk away! FAST~

This company has been pursuing me with a deal where they will wire $36,900 +$4690 to my bank account, or send certified cheque, but it's looking like they want me to pay the $4690 up front first for arrears in maintenance fees. A person from Stewarts Titles in Guadalajara contacted me with a website etc. I haven't gone forward on this.

I am in same situation with PMIG. Did your resale go through successfully; i.e., did you get the funds you expected to receive?

we are also in a dealing with PMIG Inc. offered an over inflated price 3x the amount we paid. Now they want us to deal with Stewart Title. Can anyone weigh in on these two companies?

Do not know of these companies.
But would like to know of a company in California called Resort Transfer and Title Exchange.

Hi! I just recived a call from Premium International Vacations asking me for the sale of my timeshare.
What happen with you and your timeshare, they really bought it?

Has anyone heard of Vacation Marketing, Inc or the "escro and title company" Closing Escro, LLC? They contacted me wanting to buy my weeks with Bahia Principe resorts and have a contract that looks legit (even had a lawyer look at it and he said it did) but there is no way this can be legit. They want me to pay a 10% transfer fee to that they say is required to come from my bank and it is to be wired to Mexico. Anyway, I had signed a contract before I realized the transfer fee was to be wired to mexico so I am not going through with it. It said in the contract I had to pay them 6% commission if I backed out but since this seems to be a scam I am assuming I can get out of this...any advice on the situation?

Did you get any where regarding Vacation Marketing, Inc. and Closing Escrow, LLC? We are in the middle of the situation and sadly I believe we have been taken for several $K. 354

The time-share reseller, "Premium Marketing International", based in Orlando, FL, claims they should be able to sell my time-share within 90 days. I cannot find any complaints about them..are there any??

This FTC article about timeshares and vacation plans has information about timeshare exchanges and resale. To see what other people say about the company, type the company name and the word 'complaints' into the search bar on your computer. Contact your state and local consumer protection agencies to ask about the company.

Oldman75, what happened with Premium Marketing International? They just contacted us with the same story and want 845$ up front. Which we haven't given them. Told us they were BBB approved. I went to their site, their links do not work. I went to the BBB link on their site and it was the "online BBB", which I'm now going to Google.

It's important to check out a reseller, especially if you think it has given you mis-information about being approved.
This FTC article about timeshares and vacation property has tips. For example, don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you check the reseller with your state Attorney General, your local consumer protection agency, and the consumer protection agency in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if the agencies have complaints are on file. You also can search for complaints online by typing the company name and the word "complaints" or "reviews" into the search bar on your computer.

This co is a scam....over 50 complaints documented! Want 4000 up front...promised but no results.. Read all the cases! Beware¡!!!!!

Please be aware that this company does NOT exist at all!! They stole my company's address of 12003 S. Pulaski Rd. Alsip,, IL 60803. How did I get so lucky to have Vacation Resort Experts scam others using my address? Not too lucky as I have had to deal with countless people coming into my store and writing asking about this company. I have warned as many people as I can that Vacation Resort Experts is a fake/scam company set out to steal your money!! Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT send them any money as you will lose your money. You should not have to pay to sell your time share ... that is your first clue that they are scammers. You would not get a phone call to sell your time share ... that is your second clue. We took our time and found out that Vacation Resort Experts is a scam coming out of Mexico. Other than that, we do not know who they are. Their website has been pulled down now, but the pictures, names and addresses on there were ALL FAKE!! Be aware and do not fall prey to their scam. They have now changed their name to Vacation Reservation Experts, but they are still using my store's address to run their scams!! Beware! They have a new website, too by the name Vacation Reservation Experts, but they are running the same scam -- to defraud people out of their money.

Has anyone had experience with W&A Consulting?
They offered a contract with sale price, commissions and tax liabilities. I haven't seen an issue to this point. I hope someone has an experience to share

I've also been contacted by W&A. Although I was told they have almost completed their purchase of 100 weeks at Villa Del Palmar, membership services has no knowledge of either them or John Hoyt at Title Executives Agency.
Had my attorney do a check and he came up with a couple of additional "red flags" I hadn't thought of.

What are the other red it a scam?

The blog post on this page and this FTC article about timeshares and vacation plans have information to help you spot a scam.

I have also been contacted by W & A Consulting to buy my timeshare. I'm curious about the red flags! Would you share?

You can read the blog post on this page and this FTC article about timeshares and vacation plans for information that will help you spot a scam

we've also been contacted by W&A, and they sent us a nice-looking contract that sounded good. Of course they wanted us to 'wire' about $9000 up front to cover the taxes in Mexico. I've reviewed the FTC, but it's not so clear. They do warn, but I wish it was clearer and more definite.

This FTC article abtou timeshares and vacation plans has information to help you. For example, don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you check on the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if any complaints are on file.
You also can search online for complaints. Type the company name and the word "complaint" or "reviews" in your browser search bar to see what other people say.
In general, the FTC warns people against sending money to someone you've never met. If you wire money, it's like sending cash. The person on the other end can take your money quickly, no matter what he's promised you.

Anytime you have to pay upfront fees it is a scam when being approached by Premier Rental Solutions and they want $2,200 upfront in no way am I going to fall for that

Has anyone heard of Resort Vacations Inc? We received a call from them yesterday and apparently they got our info from a form we submitted when we went to game at Staples Center. They are sending a group of people from a certain demographic on expensive vacations to "test a new form of travel" and hoping that these people will recommend them to their friends and etc... They said all we need to do is visit and meet them for 90 mins.

Has anyone been approached by Sales Management Systems LTD from Elmhurst, IL? They want to purchase my UVC for more than we paid for it. Using a title company, and requiring a 6% fee/

I was approached by the same company. I am trying to investigate. They sent me their license number and all. I didn't find any filings with the BBB.

They called me too and sent a letter of intent today. Let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same.

We have a similar time share scam by Complete Capital & Business Services LLC out of Denver Colorado. State they do not charge any upfront fees but have we signed the contract that did not mention any fees. The sent a form requesting $4800 to be wired to a Mexican bank for the Publico Notario fees. We will not be sending this money. So now we are getting daily calls stating they will be bringing a breach of contract law suit against us. Bring the contract to our lawyer tonigh

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations nationwide.
You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office.

Complete Capital & Business Services LLC out of Denver Colorado is a complete scam. They work with S&R Title in Atlanta George and they are also a scam. We fell for it and sent money and they came back with "sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances we aren't able to close on your transaction. You will receive a full refund within 10 business days". That was on May 9th and needless to say we've gotten nothing back.

Did you find out anymore about this company? I have been contacted by them as well!

I have also been contacted by Sales Management Systems out of Elmhurst, IL. It seems to good to be true (the typical - they'll pay more for our UVC membership than we paid originally). Has anyone figured out if this was a scam?

I was approached by Sales Management Systems out of Elmhurst, IL and it is a scam. They do not physically reside at 340 W. Butterfield Road in Elmhurst (even though this is an office building). Sales Management Systems, LTD is not a registered business (Sales & Management Systems is, but it is completely different business). Further, they are using the Broker License # of a an actual Real Estate agent out of Hampshire, IL. She has hired an attorney and has filed a cease and assist order. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO SALES MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, LTD. Scammers.

has anybody heard about the company's diamond international events services out of las vegas? and western title escrow corporation? wanting to buy timeshares

We received an offer for resale from them. They made it look like they were Diamond Resorts International on a major "buyback" of units at a very high price. Claimed to be working with Grand Mayan resorts and obviously had some accurate information, but also some false information. The 2 companies are located in LasVegas, but the addresses are different, the logos are different. They are obviously 2 different companies. Beware!

Hi there: We also recently were contacted by Diamond International Events Services and were told we could get $24,000 US for our timeshare at the Mayan Palace. We paid $5,600 US in December 2009. Beware is right. They sounded very professional, they also had a copy of our "contract" in front of them and were definitely smooth talkers. I really do feel very sorry for people who believe them and send money of some kind as this would be a difficult situation to get out of after. I am very glad to have found this website and read a lot of comments with interest. I will pass the word on to others that have timeshares. Thank you to all of you for your advice.

We were just about to sign & return an intent to sell Mayan Palace membership for over 3 times what we paid 5 years ago...has ANYONE dealt with Diamond International Events Services? After reading this thread, "no upfront fees" could mean nothing in a foreign escrow process!

Anyone been sent a contract by First Brokers/Global Federal Trust in St. Louis, MO offering way more money than your timeshare is reasonably worth??

Today I was almost scamed by a caller that told me to go to CVS and get green dot for $205 dollars and then call the number they gave and they would give me directions what I had to do to get my $9000 grant. But I got upset and called the FTC they said the federal Goverment does not charge a fee or does business in this way. Whats going on with these callers scanning people in this way

On 19 May 2014 at approximately 1215 PM I received a telephone call from 949-776-1604 from an organization claiming to be able to lower my interest rate to 6.99%. This is the third such call I have received in as many weeks and the first one with an identifiable phone number. I selected 1 to talk to a human being who said that they represented Chase and Bank of America. His accent and grammar were common to that which I have heard from Asian Indians and there was sufficient lag time to have the telephone call connected to India. This gentleman knew my credit card balance, payment history, and pronounced my last name better than most Americans. He then asked for my credit card number, SSN, address, and mother's maiden name. I knew that this was a phishing call and did not provide any of this information. I instead told him that I would be contacting Chase, the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission. I also told him to remove my phone number from their records and to never contact me again.
I have already contacted Customer Services with Chase and reported this. I have asked that at statement be added to my account that I would not be requesting additional credit, address change, or any other changes.

We have call from Ian Thompson of San Antonio Title (supposedly) to sell time share to Pro Alliance Management. First we have to sign contract and send money to them. Would love to send you all copies of paperwork. My husband is tempted, I am not!!!!

Do you have anymore information on this Ian Thompson? We have received a call also. Thank you.

hi there my name is Scott I was also contacted by in Thompson to close on a timeshare we have and he can be reached at area code 210 3074 282 but I do not believe he is very honest and what he is doing is not right we must stop him thank you

Peachtree and Cincinnati Premier...

BEWARE of a company called International Luxury Events. They are contacting timeshare owners and offering to buy at 60-75% above your purchase price. We confirmed they are not even a real company- and their business location is fraudulent. They have been reported to the FTC, Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Attorney General. They call from phone #'s 323-786-1958, 818-924-2816 with names Brian Wright, David Snidee or Gregory White. But they are CLEARLY trying to imitate someone else, as their English is not great. Potential Spanish accent. Suspected to be in Mexico.

YES!!!! Just dealt with them again today! Received phone calls from the same numbers asking if I was interested in selling my Unlimited Vacation Club timeshare, because they have companies that buy them and send clients there and then write it off. We had to sign a paper and send it back. Come to find they were going to pay us almost double what we paid for it! RED FLAG!! I was then told that I had to pay a $3,500 sales tax to Mexico b/c that's where the company that is buying it is located and I couldn't receive my $21,000 until that was paid. If I was to opt out I would be charged a 12% penalty and it would go into collections if we didn't pay up! Thank God for Google, otherwise I would have considered it since I just lost my job! The best part is that my husband called them back and ripped them a new one and they called me a few days later like nothing happened! They're scamming so many people they don't even know who they talk to! When something seems too good to be true, it usually is!! Don't fall for it!!

Thank you!! I was just called today with an offer to buy my UVC membership out of an investment company in Chicago. They were also offering us more than what we paid!

I also just received a call from the investment company in Chicago offering to buy my Unlimited Vacation Club contract. It was called Estate Exchange Group LLC. They are offering me $29,300 for a timeshare that we only paid $14,000 for. They emailed me a contract, and they already had my email address and both my work and cell phone number. This sounds like a definite scam. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!! Won't be talking to them - that is for sure. They didn't tell me about any upfront fees yet, but I'm sure they will if I were to call back. It did say something about paying a 6% fee at closing though. NOT!

We also received a call and an email with the amount of $35,200.00 offered to purchase our Unlimited Vacation Club on January 7, 2015. That is almost double what we paid for it in November, 2014. We have considered it because of not being able to see a huge savings in other travels and UVC will not cancel and refund us our $5300 that we paid at the resort...very discouraging...

I have been contacted by Pentagon Management Property, LLC out of Chicago. Sales pitch sounded like a company out of FL which I reported to the FL Consumer Department and this company insisted that I contacted them about the sale which was a lie. Checking those in rental properties for the Pentagon Management Property, LLC, I see the tenants have had problems with them. I believe they are a scam and I am not sending them my money. I informed the salesperson that called I would need time to review their business rating and property and they agreed. They will not get my timeshare. I am sending all documents to the Chicago Department of Consumer Protection and Federal agencies as necessary. They need to be stopped.

Hi There,Thanks so much for your above message. I have been contacted by the same company and am trying to find out if they are legitimate or if they are going to lead me down a Rabbit Hole!

I have been contacted by Pentagon Management Propery as well. I thought this to be a legitimate offer until Michael and Emma insisted on 10% but Nader fee that I pay to them up front. tomorrow I will contact the federal authorities in Illinios. Once you look at the documents they provide you will see the less than proper appearance. The sad part is....I really do not want the time share and thought the timing was fantastic.

If you look up the address of this "company" you will find that it's located at a Starbucks! Definite scam!

Danielle, we also received this call, but they didn't offer more than we paid for the time share. Have tried to verify company and it seem legit so far. What did you find out about Estate Exchange Group?

I got a call from Pentagon Mgmt Property from Chicago. They want me to sign a resale agreement, but on one line it states I need to pay a $3125 Binder fee that will be paid back to me at closing. According to the sales guy this is "normal" when dealing with a timeshare that is from Mexico. I think I will listen to others who've posted that this is a warning. No money up front.

Danielle, I received the same call this week from a company called S&S Prime advisors. They initial offer is very similar to yours and currently the title company is evaluating if I'm a good prospect for them. I'm glad I found these postings because the offer is just too good to be true.Roberto

We got a call from Joseph Ramos at S&S Prime Advisors on Thurs (3 days ago). He offered us double what we paid in an offer letter. I'm going to report them and tell him to remove my contact info from his list. Just curious what happened to you after they "evaluated" your file? We are not going farther than agreeing to see their offer.

I also got a call from Joseph Ramos at S&S Prime Advisor and in his follow up letter he offered us double what we paid. I replied back "Not interested. Do not contact me again" with CC to the FBI and FTC.

Was it called Vacation Connections LLC. Out of Chicago. It would seam that they got me for $3580.00 I feel like I was taken to the cleaners on this one. Look out!!
At this time I'm not sure if there is any thing I can do.

If you think you were scammed, please report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office.
This FTC artilcle about timeshares and vacation plans has more information.

Seems alot of these "property management" places originate out of Chicago. Well planned and documents look legit. Even websites are pretty convincing. My experience was from infinity development inc. They also used transfer solutions for the handling of funds. Went through the motions with them until the "closing". And tadaa. I need to wire them 2200 bucks for a Mexican tax id. I told them I would be more than willing to have the fee taken from the closing costs but apparently it doesn't work that way. Remain suspicious of companies that require fees upfront especially when selling. My experience with selling has always been any kind of fees are taken out funds already in place for the sale. Stay safe peeps

My parents just got taken for $11,000 from Infinity Development Inc and Transfer Solutions. My dad is well educated and am surprised he fell for it. The websites look good, but domain name registered on 6/1/2016 right before they started cold calling people. I have filed with FTC and to help others. Also posting their name everywhere I can to get more search results about the scams and not their website!!!

I also have been scammed by infinity development and transfer solutions they want you to pay four fees by the time you are finished. They are not at the address they give you. And they are very good scammers.

You can report this to the FTC at and your state Attorney General’s office.

infinity is offering me a high sum of money.I AM GLAD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE.

We to have been contacted by Infinity and Transfer Solutions. Thank you for confirming that they are a scam, which we have suspected all along. We are just at the stage with them where they want us to pay our transfer penalty of 5 maintenance fees to them. They are now changing all the requirements from their initial comments. We have tried without success to get any information on these creeps that we can. This is the first confirmation I have found in the past 2 months that confirms our suspicions. Thank you for that. There must be somewhere else that we can get the message out about these fraudsters.

You can also report them to your state Attorney General’s office.

Have you received or heard any complaints on a company called Resort Planning Group? I've been getting several calls lately on my Presidential suite at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo, Mex. I would like to sell it as we are no longer able to travel due to health reasons. I currently have it listed with "Sell My Timeshare Now", but had to pay $1,750 for the advertising costs. I've looked on their site and it is listed. Is this still a Scam? Thank you for getting back to me soonest.

Lazyboy we are going through the same scenario you have mentioned. We have not had to front any money and we have received the escrow papers for signing. How did they respond? The RFC is being paid for by the buyer.

Yes that is what they say every time you pay. A few days later they want you to pay for something else. They will tell you to wire the money to Mexico. The buyer will also reimburse you the money. George moser will tell you they can't pay anything because they will lose there license. There was no license I checked ,they are not at the address that is on the contract we also have reported them to the proper authorities. Transfer solutions they sell medical eguipment,Infinity development lnc they are not listed with the real estate be. In illinois

Great job!! I had the same situation. The company promised to reimburse the taxes after it was paid. I asked them to pay it since we were going to be paid back. They said they couldn't do that. I then asked them to send us the funds so we can pay the taxes. No response. Very curious situation.

We just used your tactic with Richard McKinley from Infinity deveploements. We asked them to send us the 6000.00 they wanted us to send since it was to be reimbursed. He got kinda snippy and hung up. Guess he knew the jig was up.

Investment Group, Inc. from Chicago contacted us, too. They told us the rules of the assignment clause in our contract would not apply, because a Title Company would handle the transaction. I contacted UVC and they said this is NEVER done. They also had a 6% transaction fee.

I too was just contacted by this Investment Affiliates Incorporated with a deal that seems too good to be true. I would really like to get out of this timeshare but very skeptical of a scam of which I think most of these are. What was your final outcome. It all sounds good so far but afraid I will email a document that will entitle them to my timeshare without getting paid. Any thoughts on this company?

Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you check out the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if any complaints are on file. You also can search online for complaints; enter the company name and the word “complaints” in a search engine and see what comes up.

I've been getting calls from W&A Consulting, I haven't seen them in this blog. Has anyone heard of them? They also want to purchase my UVC membership, at the possible price of $29,500. I figured they, too, were blowing smoke, now I'm sure of it after finding this blog. A foreign company selling vacation clubs, selling our names to another foreign company, then trying to scam the buyers. You gotta love that. I actually like my membership and have gone on a half a dozen US ski trips with it for just the RCI fees. I think I'll keep it.

I have received frequent calls from Sell my Time share. This is an agressive organization. HANG UP immediately Mr. David is a scam artist and insist that he is doing you a favor and you should be glad he even bother to call. The man harrassed me and I finally got rid of him when I told him I reported him to the FTC and Consumer Fraud. Several months later he called back using a different name...I hung up.

they call me everyday

Anyone heard of international corporate brokers out of Texas? Recent calls with promise of sale but requesting an upfront 10% transfer fee for my puerto Vallarta timeshare. They are sending mr a contract , more to come.

brian- we also have been contacted by ICB , i am still looking for more info

My recent scam experience was from Sam baker at Bell resort sales out of Amarillo, TX. He said he had a buyer for my timeshare. He only asked for $175 for title search and a tax fee. His commission was to be paid for by the buyer. I was to send the money western union to their branch in Daytona beach, fl. He would then send me the contract by fed ex. I had already received a contract by email. Needless to say I took the bait. After he received his money the company website did not exist, the company address was bogus and he does not respond to his phone or email. Seems like there should be more to this scam than $175. If anyone else has experienced this please let me know.

Feminmk. I also received numerous emails from Mr. Baker and I also sent him about the same amount. Just like you, I haven't heard back from him and I he won't respond to emails, txt msgs, and his direct line has a "mailbox full" message. His company line lets me leave a voicemail but no return calls.

BEWARE INTERNATIONAL LUXURY EVENTS calling from 323 786-1958. How they got my HOME number is beyond me. A guy with the last name of Simmons left a message twice. I returned the call because he spoke so fast on the phone I thought is was from my UVC membership that I own. When I called back and told him I already returned the call and left a message, asked why he was again calling and why on my home phone, he said "It's time to pull up your big girl panties and take care of business". I am now online finding out what a piece of crap business this is. As an attorney, it is my hope that some protections will be provided to those sucked in by this fast-talking, disrepectful obvious scammer who would not even tell me the name of the company he was working for. I had to google the number to find them.

Also beware of Global Luxury events and name used was Mark Hammer.

Reply company called property connect sent me letter of intent to buy my Uvc membership gave me escrow company transfer group both out of Chicago gave me a contract told me no money out of my pocket at all still scared anybody have any good advice thanks

Hey Tommy, did you ever receive your money. I have had similar experience with Vacation Properties Intl from LA telling me that they have somebody to buy my timeshare......thanks, Y

I'm going through the same thing with property connect

I got the same thing. Property Connect LLC in Chicago. Guy called me then sent the letter of intent. I'm here investigating if this is legit. Trying to figure this out.

We've heard from them too. It's a scam. I searched their address and then came up with a real estate company who manages the building. Their address is a vacant suite. We got so far as speaking with their escrow agent who was insisting on us paying the transfer fee by wire transfer to a bank in Mexico. We refused saying we were willing to complete the transaction but on the basis that all proceeds, including the transfer fee that they agreed to pay, would be paid to our lawyer in trust. They have phoned and objected to this but still sound professional on the phone. The challenge now is to get them to stop calling.

I heard from Property Connect also. Found three additional companies online with the identical website set-up including pictures and testimonials. When I told this to the Property Connect people they acted liked it was a surprise. They said they would investigate and get back to me. Haven't heard from them since.

Trying to find out if Regency Consulting Group is a reputable company, they called me about selling my timeshare.

Watch out for offers to buy your timeshare from:
Laura Borchers or Paul Kelleher
They will send you a bad cashier's check (usually $2,900) and ask you to forward a part of the money ($2,400) to an agent Samuel Kaplan or Samuel Boas who is supposed to close the deal. You lose the money forwarded. Fortunately, I got onto the scam before sending any money.

A company called Property connect offered to buy my unlimited vacation club membership for $21,000 just this week. They know too much about my contract. Someone inside unlimited is in on this and giving out member info for this scam. I received a contract and was told a wealthy Hong Kong business wanted the membership. I just would owe a 6% fee. They must be stopped. It's bad enough I bought the membership, now it has introduced more scanners into my life. Who needs this stress

I have an offered right now going on!! so it is a scam?
they told me I had to pay 2700 for the cx fee from UVC!! some one please help me an tell me what is my best option!

My husband & I were contacted by a company in Ok, Property Management,ML but after contacting the State of Ok we found out they are using this name but they are not a real company. Many complaint have been filled. They are also using another Company Ross Financials in TX, there is No such company in the state. Buyer Beware if it sounds too good it is a Fraud!

Yes, Ross Financials is a fraud. Unfortunately I was a victim of this company as well as Managements Systems Inc.

What did you do when they got you as a victim? My dad recently became a victim of Project Mgmt ML. What can we do now?

A guy supposedly with Property Connect in Chicago has called me 3 times in the past week offering $21,000 to purchase my Unlimited Vacation Club membership. It sounded too good to be true and I suspected it was a scam but he has rather convincing answered all of my questions about why a company from Hong Kong would want to pay me double what I paid for the membership. Thanks to all of you who have posted comments about this definitely being a scam. I won't let him waste anymore of my time. I agree with Patty above, it is bad enough that I fell for the sales pitch and bought the membership in the first place. I sure don't need further stress about it.

Property Connect, Chicago and Transfer Group Inc, Carpentersville (Escrow company) seem to be involved in a SCAM. They offered to buy my Unlimited Vacation Club membership for more than I paid for. They definitely know all the details about the contract! Agree with Patty - someone inside UVC, or former UVC employees must be involved. These people MUST be stopped!! DO NOT wire any money!!! DO NOT believe them, even if they sound very professional and give you Broker License No., etc., etc. It is a SCAM! Please complain to UVC and also send a complaint to the Attorney General and to BBB. Let's stop them!

I got the same offer as patty. The salesman on the phone was obnoxious (high pressure). They keep calling me, but i don't answer. The offer is nice, but it seems to require 6% from me; conditions are unclear at this point (they have asked me to sign a letter of intent, which I have not done. Has anyone out there actually gone through with the offer? Did you get scammed?

Yes - my husband and I went through with Property Connect. It's absolutely a scam. We are now out over 10K. We're following up with the Attorney General and the FBI.

A brief update. My husband just spoke with James Ross (his contact information is easily located through the real estate company that sponsors his license)- he does not work for Property Connect and has never worked for Property Connect. If anyone else has been scammed by Property Connect, please call the FBI, the FTC, and the Attorney General. These people need to be jailed. Not only have they stolen money, but they have stolen an identity. This is not okay.

I got the same thing last week from Property Connect LLC from Illinois for my UVC membership. The agent, Candice Cole, even offered me their Illinois Secretary of State business license number (which exists). I got the whole story about the Hong Kong company and how I just needed to sign the letter of intent. My funds would be held in escrow until the due diligence was complete, then I would receive my money MINUS the 6% commission. Sounds easy. No cost to me. But, now thanks to this forum I know that they will tell me my money won't be released from escrow until I send some fees or taxes. I had been contacted the week prior by another company, Property Management & Advertising Consultants Inc. from Mobile Alabama. The agent was David Gomez. I had mentioned to Candice at Property Connect LLC that I had a better offer from David at MAC Inc. and she insisted that I should check on their business and brokers license in Alabama because she is sure they are a fraud. I checked. They are registered in Alabama just like Property Connect LLC is in Illinois. The Alabama outfit had the EXACT same story as the Illinois outfit; even a Hong Kong buying company and no cash upfront with commisions taken from the escrow final sale. They are all aggressive and seem super sketchy. So, we all know about Property Connect LLC in Chicago. Has anyone dealt with Management & Advertising Consultants Inc. from Mobile, Alabama?

Very interesting......and frustrating. I have been dealing with Property Connect and Transfer Group for the past several weeks -- trying to sell a UVC contract to a Chinese buyer. They have sent lots of official looking docs, including a form purportedly from the Mexican SAT (tax) office to cover a 16% sales tax, and an insurance invoice (on AIG letterhead) for a premium of $3528 to cover Banco de Mexico "underwriting" risk associated with their approval of the wire transfer of funds to me.
They claim that all this is being reimbursed by the Buyer and they are supposed to be sending me a bank statement today to verify the funds.

I have already wired $1750 to Transfer Group, which is supposed to cover a 10% transfer fee to UVC, and an additional $1850 to cover a portion of the 16% SAT tax. Now they are asking for the insurance premium mentioned above. While I would love to get rid of this contract, I don't feel very smart right now! Anyone else?

Exact same thing for us. Don't send any more money.

Tom Tom: Sounds like a carbon copy of what I just went through. Everything you said is exactly like I experienced. I wired over $5000to these idiots and now I am fighting to get them back. I had another company call last week from Minnesota and I told them to go scam someone else.

I think they will call back and offer you more money! - same happened to me. These people call under different company names and they change their own names frequently. I got calls from a James A. Ross Property Connect LLC in Chicago. I checked his Broker License no. and it exists…?? Got also calls from a Tim or Jim Clarke, Property Connect LLC. Don't know anything about Management & Advertising Consultants, - but received calls from Mark Mendoza of Mid-West Global Advisors several weeks ago with a similar offer. According to other comments on the internet, they might be involved in the same scam. A note to Unlimited Vacation Club (UVC) members; Received 2 calls from an apparent UVC agent last week inquiring membership details, etc. Called UVC to check if they did initiated the call, they said NO.

I'm in the middle of the same deal with Property Connect and Transfer Group. It all sounds too good to be true (they're offering double what I paid for my timeshare). It was supposed to be no money up front, but now they want the penalty fee that I'll be charged for selling by UVC, which they claim they will reimburse to me. This thing has seemed fishy all along and given the thick accents and clearly fake names the reps are giving me, plus the sketchiness of their company's physical presence, I'm going to pull the plug. Too bad I already spent $600 on lawyer fees to check this out before they asked for money up front.

PHONE NUMBER BEING USED BY PROPERY CONECT LLC IS (872)225-0748. I agree with they must be calling so many they can't keep their info straight. They do call persistently. Hong Kong company is legit but probably doesn't even know they are being used. UVC insider sounds correct as they have every bit of my info. I had researched earlier but not found this blog. The last call sounded to be overseas and the information was confused, so it was time to check further. Thanks everyone..didn't lose a dime to this and with my way of speaking they won't be calling back after our next contact. They are criminal it's no holds barred now.

Thanks for the information. I have called UVC and they said that the owners of the membership is public knowledge by law so Property Connect can get your information by requesting it. I looked at the
Property Connect web site and the bbb of Illinois and there was nothing about them positive or negative. I am glad that I did more research and will not do business with them. The last thing I want is to fall for a scam. I am wondering if there is any place to sell my UVC membership without getting a scam.

Here is the wesite for Property Connect LLC

We won't post the websites, per our commenting policy. But, you can file a complaint online with the FTC and provide all the information you would like to report, including websites you believe are promoting fraudulent practices.

Same, Same, Same- I did sign letter of intent and then was sent contract. They refer to two deposits- one purchase proceeds and one "reimbursement" of commissions. Who pays sales commission before the sale? I was so looking forward to getting out of the UVC contract. Oh well.

For the last month a David Gomez of Management and Advertising Consultants, Inc. of Mobile, AL has been calling with an offer to buy my membership with no upfront cost but with only a 6% commission withheld from the sales price. Too good to be true? Also, when I asked him how he got my name and number he was vague in answering.

We have been dealing with the same sort of thing only the company name is MAC inc. and the individuals name is Victor Torres.
He did address some of my questions. There is a time frame that they have so this all needs to be done quickly.
No cost to us at all. The buyer will absorb the cost for the balance we have owing on our UVC membership (that was not such a great move).
I had replied to an email and yet he stilled called persistently.When I told him that I sent him an email he said that he had been too busy to read all of his emails because so many people were taking advantage of this offer.
After reading all of this, it must be the same idea just a different company.

Too good to be true I guess it is.
Guess we will just stick with the membership and try not to get sucked in again.


I have now confirmed that the official looking docs that were sent were fake, including an invoice on AIG letterhead (also confirmed by AIG fraud dept. to be a fake). I have told them that I know this, they are not stealing any more of my money, and not to call. Hopefully the FTC and the Illinois Attorney General will take it from here.....and shut these thieves down.

Thanks everyone for posting! I was skeptical so I google Property Connec and buying UVC contract and found all of you! Haven't done anything but sign intent form! They do make the contract look promising... although they didn't ask for money upfront and do mention the 6%, after reading all of your comments, I am going to send back not interested in selling! Thanks all and I hope I can help others not to get scam... twice!!!

I had the same issues with MAC INC from Mobile, Alabama. I sent them an e-mail with reference to and timeshare scam. I have not heard back from them. The e-mail was sent by RICHARD THOMPSON

"Thank you for considering the re-sale of your vacation membership.

Attached is the sales proposal we spoke on the phone about. Please read it, sign it, and attach a copy of proof of ownership.

This can be the front page of your contract, a maintenance fee, or ownership certificate.

Please make sure to write across it (void non-negotiable) for your own protection then email or fax it back to us as soon as possible.

Thank you, I look forward to doing business with you."

Then, they sent a PDF with a "contract", etc.

Thank goodness for Google. They have morphed into another company called Estate Exchange Group LLC out of Chicago. Selling Unlimited Vacations Club membership is a scam. My calls were from James Strana from Estate Exchange Group LLC. There are typos on their website, which looks like it was set up overnight just to look professional. This is an Unlimited Vacations selling scam. I am so glad I was able to read other people's stories above and avoid the pitfall. If it sounds too good to be true...

Same here. "The Estate Exchange Group" is a scam. My calls were from "Katie", a woman with a British accent.

We have been contacted by Estate exchange group as well concerning our UVC package and offered a tremendous deal. I have told them, I wil not send money to them, in order to receive money and who can I speak to at the destination where my money would be going . He told me it was not an individual, ok, what bank? Didn't know, company in Mexico, on and on with his passing the buck.,I spoke to and individual in CANCUN at the resort where we stay, (not even thru UVC, because it's much less expensive to stay at this resort than the fabulous deal we thought we were getting ) he said if they ask for money from you up front, do not do it, it's a scam, he is to put me in contact with a legit company that will purchase our UVC package. I wasn't really falling for this, however , so glad I checked this forum!!!

Just curious...what company did UVC put you in contact with? I just received a call from Estate Exachange Group (along with an email with qualifying offer attached). Now I know it is a scam but I still want to investigate selling to a LEGITIMATE company.

James Strana was the guy at Property Connect that I was dealing with.... I doubt that the Chicago address/phone is anything but a call forwarding number. I suspect they are all in Mexico....enjoying our money!? Glad I could be so stupid if it helps anyone else.

I am so grateful I checked. It seems that I have also fallen prey to Property Connect llc and James Ross, Broker. Their timing was perfect. I was just wondering how I was going to manage my debt load when I got this fortuitous phone call offering to buy my time share at Dreams part of UVC. I'm excited about this offer! Well negotiations have been going on for a while. The first time they called they told me the value was 36,700, next time they told me it was 37 500 and when they sent the letter of intent it said 32,000. After yet another conversation with Lucy, James Ross's personal assistant, she said I'm just going to send you the contract, sign it, scan it and email it back to me. Well I had trouble with my scanner, (1st obstacle) I asked a friend if she could help me with the scanning (2nd obstacle) So I went to Office Depot, although they could do what I wanted they couldn't have it until the next at 3 P.M. (3rd obstacle) They told me to go to another place around the corner, I couldn't find it, (4th obstacle) so I went home. My plan was to go to the P.O. and fax it to them. I had to look for their fax number. (5th obstacle)

I just want to share that I am not usually a suspicious person and I'm not one for details or checking. The next part is kind of interesting because for some reason when I came to my desk I decided to check into them. There it was. The first thing was a report on BBB Illinois. Hmmm I thought to myself, "all these obstacles were for a reason." Now I'm just so grateful that I checked and that the "obstacles" were there for a reason. I think my intuition kicked in and I was saved! Thank you Universe!! I'm so sorry some of you got caught up and lost money. Once again the warning of "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true." prevails. These people have gone to a great deal of trouble to come off as legitimate, obtaining a Brokers License and all.

Thank you all for your constant updates. Estate exchange group Ltd contacted my boyfriend via phone and sent me the email. All sounded too good to be true so I Google them and nothing came up. After digging a little further I found this trail. I got the email on Oct 8th so they are definitely on the move under a new name...beware all.

I too received a call from James Strana Of Estate Exchange Group LLC in Chicago. He emailed me a letter of intent which I signed and returned. I'm expecting the same progression as all of you, but thanks to Google won't get scammed in this deal. I'm actually quite happy with my UVC membership, but the potential of selling it for more than I paid was intriguing. Luckily I'm suspicious enough to do some homework and glad I found you.

I have now received two phone calls and an email from Estate Exchange Group LLC and one from Vacation Resort Experts. Both companies actually had the audacity to call me in the same day. When I told the first one I wasn't interested he insisted on sending me an email. When I told the 2nd caller that someone else had just called me she said that was from an imposter company but they were legit. When I continued to grill her on how they got my contact information the caller, simply put her hand on the receiver instead of putting me on hold and said to someone beside her "she's asking me how I got her information and sh*t like that". The person beside her said, "don't worry about it and tell her you will call her back". Received the 3rd call from Estate Exchange Group today and when I told him I was currently reading about him on the internet, he denied it was their company. I hung up on him and he called me right back, claiming the call had been lost. I told him I hung up and he was not to call again. He still continued to talk right through me about how the offer for my UVC membership was a once in a lifetime offer that I shouldn't refuse. I just hung up. Don't get sucked in!

Vacation Resort Experts called me too. I actually went as far as talking to the "attorney" in Mexico. It sounds very legit. EXCEPT the "Mexican Lawfirm's" website was all in English - no option for Spanish. Strange...
I couple days prior to VRE, I had a "broker" From Investment-Entreprises call me with a similar deal. He had a current broker license and even gave me the contract info of the title company. Amazingly enough, both the investment company and title company had similar websites.
With VOIP, phone numbers from different states are not hard to get.
I am glad I did the research.

I recently recieved a call from Vacation Resort Experts offering me $5,000 more than what I paid for my UVC membership. I went as far as speaking to the "lawyer" in Mexico. They wanted a 10% transfer fee plus closing costs which equalled almost $2,000. I googled scams and came across this thread. Thank goodness I found this. I have since blocked all their numbers on my phone. I will be calling UVC as well to let them know.

I was contacted by the Estate Exchange Group LLC who also sent me a letter of intent for a little more than double what I paid for it. On top of that I got a call from another guy on Friday from Chicago named Yvonne that was a broker looking to buy time shares both within a couple days of each other? Must be scamming is good right now.

That Guy hit the nail on the head! Go look at the Website for Property Connect LLC and Estate Exchange Group LLC. They are practically identical. Thanks for the heads up!

Am I glad I found this blog! Got a call today from Estate Exchange Group LLC and decided to check them out. I also looked at the website for Property Connect LLC. The websites are similar and the text is identical. Clearly the Letter of Intent they want me to sign is the first step of a scam. Has anyone had experience with Mercury Property Management in St. Louis?

Stay away from MPM. I have been dealing with them since November 2013 and after 16 months they just told me that my property was overvalued and they would not continue representing the resale.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. We've had 2 conversations and have a contract in hand they sent. All the same and matches everything you've shared, but a different company name...International Trading Group. Illinois. Thanks for saving me money and more heartache talking to them!

To add to the thread, I was called out of the blue and e-mailed a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Estate Exchange Group, LLC for double as well. I've been investigating since. The company is an actual LLC in IL, but don't let that fool you! The Broker is named on the LOI; mine was Timothy M Clarke. I went to the IL Dept of Financial & Professional Regulation website and searched for his license under the Real Estate Board. It exists, but when I called his Sponsor listed in his profile, they stated he is not associated with the company. I wasn't the 1st to call either. I recommend going to this website and calling the Sponsor of the Broker listed on your LOI. They were happy to have me forward the LOI to them to further investigate; also, it's good to let a licensed individual know their license is being used fraudulently.

You must have called Baird & Warner right after I did. When I called, Desiree took my information, then called me back like 45 seconds after we hung up and told me Tim Clark informed them about one year ago that he had been the victim of identity theft.

I just posted, but I didn't think I could include links. It looks like just commercial links are not allowed, can the link to the IL Dept of Financial & Professional Regulation be included? it is

Doesn't look like original post got on. It referred to me getting an offer from Estate Exchange Group LLC for double what I paid for my UVC Travel Club Membership. On the Letter of Intent was a broker's name, Tmothy M. Clark. I looked up his license on the above link and found an active license. However, when I called the sponsor listed, they stated he is not involved with the company at all, and his name is being used illegitimately. I recommend looking up the license of whomever is on your Letter of Intent and let them know their name is being used.

I'm reading through all these scams and they sound very similar to a call I just got from a company called Corporate Event Planners. Any one else receive a call from this company. Story is the same ... they have a buyer and will post money to an escrow account in my name. Haven't gotten any further than that yet. I noted that several of the phony companies discussed are from Chicago, which is the same location for CEP.

I am also being told that someone in mexico wants to purchase my timeshare.i am going through capital management corp on new york.they are willing to pay me a large sum of money for my timeshare,the only thing i sent was a letter of intent.and they sent me a contract which i have not sent back.does anyone one know if this is a scam.PLEASE HELP

Had several calls from Corporate Event Planners too. Received offer and procedure via email. Promised to close quickly and get my money within one week. Researched my resort on timeshares for sale and found numerous similar units for a fraction of what I was offered. When CEP called back I suggested they were a scam and with no argument at all they simply hung up.

Shame on Property Connect LLC, supposedly purchasing for Cheung Kong Holdings, Ltd.
It's obvious we know your game, time to run before the Feds catch up to you.

I got the same call and letter of intent from Estate Exchange Group, LLC. James Strana, Frank Castillo, Timothy Clarke...check, check, and check.
I separately got a call from Houston International Title Transfers. They offered me about double, they knew what I paid for my UVC membership. They haven't asked for any money up front, but I would pay 5% for transaction expenses after receiving the payment. I've been searching for any information on Houston International Title Transfers and/or Henry Lopez. Has anyone dealt with them? Is it a scam? Are ANY of these real, valid deals/companies???

I just started to research that Houston International, did you sing the contract I am concerned I want to sell the timeshare but they want money upfront for the tax

If you own a timeshare, be cautious about offers to help you resell it. Be skeptical of companies that require you to pay fees upfront — even if there’s the promise of a “money-back guarantee.” A request for a fee upfront is often a sign that it's a scam. Read about buying and selling a timeshare.

We received a call from a company out of New York called C.R.M Realty & Investments with the same type of offer, that a Mexican businessman wants to buy our vacation club membership in the D.R. Anyone else been contacted by this group?

Has anyone gotten a check from these guys? I am getting calls and can't believe it's legit.

My husband and I were contacted by Estate Exchange group a few weeks ago, received the contract, and gave it to our attorney to review/investigate. I too, like UVCMember, made calls to check on the Broker. I was told they were informed about one year ago that Timothy Clark was the victim of identity theft and to be very skeptical of anything with his name attached. Today I have been investigating the information about their title/escrow agent and can't find anything that makes sense. I am a former Real Estate Paralegal and currently a Realtor so I was skeptical from the very first call.

My first comment hasn't posted yet, but FYI to all who have posted here about Estate Exchange Group:

This is the email response from the registered owner of "Estate Exchange Group":
Thank you for your call and email. I do have an LLC with that name in Illinois, however, we do not have a web site nor do we deal in time shares. I did a Google search and found the site which apparently is referred to in your email and on the FTC link. I would report this suspicious activity.
Best of luck and thank you for the heads up on this other entity.

And here is the response from the owner of Title Authority Inc, which is the title company that EEG supposedly uses:
Carolyn, We are the Registered Agent for a company called Title Authority, Inc. which is located in Downers Grove, Illinois and which to my knowledge has nothing to do with the time share business. I am alerting our client in regard to your warning. Larry Gold

Folks do not get involved at all with Property Connect or The Transfer Group. I consider myself fairly intelligent and usually I am suspicious of things to good to be true as I was with these offers. Long story short I feel for their scam lost thousands of dollars and never received a penny!!!! If they call you DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!

Does anyone know anything about a company called Recovery Investments, LLC from North Carolina. They offered to buy my vacation club in Mexico and knew all the details about it and me. Called the Attorney General's office in North Carolina, but they have no complaints, just know they are calling people.

If you're thinking of selling a timeshare, take a look at this FTC article and find tips on how to handle a call from a company offering to resell your timeshare.

hi, this is exactly what happened to us!

Zachary Hoffman of lakeside escrow in Cleveland oh. and Anthony tornatore of Overland Park in kc Missouri. Tornatore initiate the process with ph call and later Hoffman called. Promised buyers ready. Cash in hand. All I had to do was pay Mexico VAT tax and later a property luxury tax. Hang up if Hoffman or tornatore calls wanting to buy vacation weeks. And whatsoever do not send them money!

Here is our letter:
Thank you for considering the re-sale of your vacation membership.

Attached is the sales offer we spoke on the phone about. Please read it, and attach a copy of proof of ownership.

This can be the front page of your contract, a maintenance fee, or ownership certificate.

Please make sure to write across it (void non-negotiable) for your own protection then email or fax it back to us as soon as possible.

Thank you, I look forward to doing business with you.

Angel Diaz

Thanks for saving us huge $$$$$$

I got a call out of the blue from Vacation Resort Experts. They wanted to purchase my Unlimited Vacation Club timeshare--something I would be happy to unload to the first taker. I guess I asked too many questions, because I wound up speaking to a "supervisor" named Eddie Von. Twice, in fact. He told me that they are buying up these timeshares and reselling them. No one ever mentioned a thing about fees, or commissions, or about my having to hand over a penny. Has anyone else had the pleasure of talking to those guys?

So here's the real question: is there a LEGIT way to unload an unwanted Unlimited Vacation Club time share? Where do you go to do that?

I am just curious if anyone has had any experience with a company out of Chicago IL which is wanting to buy our uvc membership for much more than we have paid plus what we still owe. Does or has anyone had any experience dealing with International Group Trading Inc.

It's a scam, don't but into it!!!

I just got this call from the same people. Actually Investment Group Inc in Chicago. I think it's a scam.Too bad.

I learned a difficult lesson after being scammed by a fake company called Goldstein Funding over a year ago. Recently been contacted by Estate Exchange Group LLC and a company going by Property Management. Same old story...ALL SCAMMERS!! And there are many more listed in this many are there?!! Terrible.

Estate Exchange Group LLC and Title Authority, Inc. are scams. As mentioned above, they are based out of Chicago and are pretty much using the same technique to take your money. It starts with a non-binding contract you must sign and it also has the signature of Tim Clarke. Then they approach you about wiring the 16% sales tax to Mexico, then AIG insurance. All the while insuring you the buyer will reimburse the fees. It's a scam and don't buy into it!!!! If you've sent funds, DO NOT send anymore!

Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims of timeshare fraud while vacationing. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

I've contacted by Vacation Resort Experts (actually they have called me more than 20 times). They want me to sell the timeshare I have with UVC. They are asking me for the sales contract but I'm afraid that this is not legit. Anyone knows about this company? I've forward the email received by them to UVC for some advise or if they know about that company and their advice was not to provide my personal information.

I am getting many calls from them as well. I fear that they are a SCAM. I was called by the lawyer in Mexico apparently representing UVC. I checked out the law firm and no one in the area know of them. UVC do not know of these guys either.

I've been getting calls also. Pretty sure it's a scam as it sounds a lot like the other messages. I received a call late last year from a different company making the exact same promises and sales pitch. I assume the previous fake company got made and changed there name to vacation experts

Got a call from a Chicago number, a girl with a British accent asking if I'm interested in selling my timeshare with UVC. I said, "Sure, I'd be interested." So they sent an email with an attached letter of intent, just like those mentioned above. And, like those above, the offer was for slightly more than twice the purchase price of our timeshare.

Suspicious, I googled "The Estate Exchange Group" and looked at their website. I then called UVC's membership services to ask if this was a legit request. The person with UVC said, "This is a scam. We are investigating it. Do not respond to them."

Curious about these things, I decided to have a little fun and call The Estate Exchange Group directly, using the number they provide on their rather generic website. The person answering the phone acted surprised by the call, and then tried to play it off that he was the secretary. I asked a couple questions and he was very dodgy, so I hung up.

This is a scam all the way. If you've been offered this deal, UVC asks that you contact them and send to them the letter of intent you received as part of their own investigation into what's happened here. Obviously their member information has been compromised.

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Seems like the recent name of the callers is Vacation Resort Experts in Illinois. Names used are Steven Wood and Kevin Ortiz. Also got a call from the alleged lawyer representing the AM Resorts, AVG and Assoc. in Guadalajara Mexico. Asking for $2450 upfront to cover transfer, fees, taxes etc. BE AWARE!

I found out that AM Resorts has no idea this is going on. I was told by VRE that AM Resorts wants all units to be all inclusive and not private. They are getting good.

UVC Member | Jan 6, 2015
Another caller wanting to buy my UVC Membership, from 1-708-669-0372

I got 2 letters following the call from

Steve Wood President & Founder Vacation Resort Experts

Part of their letter:
2. Scan and Email or Fax a copy of your original sales contract of your vacation membership. Please note; we do not need any sensitive information. Should your original contract contain your social security number or credit card information, please black that information out before emailing or faxing.
3. Once we have your information, it will be forwarded to a licensed title company who will perform a soft inquiry as to the current standing of your membership. E.g. Membership balance, maintenance or any outstanding fees currently due.
4. Upon receipt of your membership inquiry, a purchase offer is then drawn up and forwarded to you for your approval. One of our agents will contact you and review the terms of our agreement.

I also got calls and letters from MAC Inc in 2014, wanting to buy m UVC Membership for $28K - I didn't pursue it since he said UVC Mgt lies

I too received a call from vacation resoet experts. Area code, 708. Offering to buy my membership all I nees to do is send them my membershio number and or front page of contract stating owners' names. I am doing my research because it all sounda too good to be true. UVC has never heard of them and advised me to not proceed.

June 2013 my daughter and I went to the presentation. Tim and Tom were the young boys that gave us the Playa de coco lounge pass and coupons and gave us a discount for the Coco Adventures. Spouses were suppose to attend together. Mine wasnt there. To good to be true. They served us mimosas and talked a great game. Todd Richards was our second guy (think real name is Todd Dehn) (picture attached Todd Dehn and Fernando May) the pressure guy. Dan Shade? was the guy that had breakfast with us. My daughter was with me not my husband. We loved the place but I wish I wouldn't of gave them money. We got 1 registered week and 5 corporate weeks I had paid 8,150.00 (1,000 admin and 1,000 to Amerashare Annuities with Hong Kong address) and pd 699.00 to Mercury Property Management.

That same day I wanted to cancel and they said I couldn't. I went back the next two days crying and begging. I was scared. In another country .

Mike Flores Mercury Property Management to rent them at 2600.00 week for 5 years. This is the only reason we signed up. They would use the weeks for marketing. We werent going to use for 5 years and get all our money back then some. I came home I cancelled all my cards after reading everything on the internet. I emailed them back begging to let me get out of this. We have not seen any rental income. I have read Redweek and Pissed consumer and Travel Advisors and they are still doing this scam in November of this year. Now I hear that Bahia Turquesa is claiming they never set up with the rental company. I talked with them (Mercury Management) who knows maybe they were upstairs in the office) on the phone standing on the balcony on the hill at Bahia Turquesa. They are all liars. I called him but he didnt call me back. I need help!!!!!!!!! Now Logistical Services Group called and said they are working with Las Palmas to take care of the clients that didn't get what they were promised through Mercury Management. This is the recovery scam. Jonathan Rinaldi sent me a rental contract to give me 26,456.00 for my 6 weeks. Said I needed to pay the maintenance for the weeks. I had to give it a try so wired 2,370.00 to some bank. I got an emailed receipt from Las Palmas Travel Network showing the received the funds(fake of course). Now Jonathan has me talk with Alex Perez the accountant and now they want 16% taxes paid before I get the money. This is the point where I wont fall for their s again. Asked Alex if I can talk with Jonathan again and he said it wasn't possible anymore for the file is now in his hands. They say the taxes are $4,050 and they will pay 49% of that so I just need to send 2,000 or something and they will send the money in 5 days. Right?? So I am out $10,905.00. I still owe on the vacation club membership(was suppose to be a fractional ownership in very expensive places and low costs and cooks etc etc) of course that was Todd Richards talking to me and when you see the actual contract is says nothing of the sort. It's a vacation club membership. The flim flam artists. I remember him saying when I went up to that Chantel Matthews office "Don't mention the re-sale of weeks, you want to get that money" I cant believe how stupid I was. We loved the place and we were there on my moms Interval International exchange. She bought the week for us. I thought they were legit, so why would this be so screwed up. How can Bahia Turquesa have these sales/developers on their property and not know what is going on. I am going to contact Las Palmas and send them the receipt supposedly they received the fees. I is amazing how many companies name are involved in this elaborate scam. We need to get to Enselmo Baldini. I will email my contract number and other info next.

I too have been contacted by International Group Trading, Inc., out of Chicago, Illinois offering almost 3 times what I paid for my UVC Dreams contract. The catch, I think, involves the 6% commission "held by the title company" until the funds of the sale have been verified by the seller. I've got a pretty strong feeling that one would never see that 6% again or the illusory proceeds from the sale.

My contact was one Venessa Rodriquez.

Thanks to all who posted on this blog.

SCAM!!! This is a scam! CAUTION!

We must all be in the same boat. Got a UVC package and now trying to unload that and get a call from Estate Exchange Group. So not wanting to be duped twice, I checked and this is what I find. Thanks for all of your comments. 'Too good to be true" is still the rule.

Estate Exchange Group in Illinois has been hijacked by scammers...the website is a sham...steer clear!!!

Has any one had any dealings with Recovery Investments LLC out of Raleigh, North Carolina?

Received a call from Revel Event Management, wanted to buy our vacation club. They provided us a contract, which all look legit. My question is, we were told that there is a tax that has to be paid to the Mexican Secretaria de Hacienda Y Credito Publico, which look to be similar to the Mexican version of the IRS. Any info, it sounds like a scam.

No money was requested up front. We were told there would be a commision for the sale, but we had to pay the taxes directly to Secretaria de Hacienda Y Credito Publico, to release it us from the deed.

Does anyone have any information about this company, or this type of sale.

The same scam is now operating under the name Investment Affiliates Inc from Stoughton, MA. First, a phone call from Joe Garcia. Then the letter of intent and a .pdf contract from Stacy Webb (admin asst.) on behalf of Peter Costa the broker. Double the price that we paid and only 6% commission upon closing. Don't do it!!! I'll be filing my report asap to the FTC since this appears to be a new company name, also in a vacant building for sale when I confirmed the address.

Hello, because of your warning I have told Joe Garcia to take a hike. I own several time shares and heard about scammers like this but never really experienced one. you are right. he says he's an expert and that he has a buyer to purchase my time share for near what I paid. I know that time shares are like a sink hole. there's no recouping the money you paid. Thanks for the warning!

I am a private investigator in Chicago who is working this right now! The companies offering these "SCAMS" have hijacked the names of real companies, they start up sham websites under those companies names, use very similar addresses of those companies registered agents. They are using an off-shore bank and eventually have the funds transferred to a bank in Mexico. This is all a big scam!

Has anyone heard of Third Coast Group? I have received calls and unbelievable offer for our UVC membership. Received market analysis worksheet and intent agreement, neither of which I have sent back. What makes me leery is that every time I call, I only seem to speak with one person, David Williams. If it is too good to be true, probably is, right? Just wondering if anyone else has heard/dealt with this co/person and whether or not to report...

Hi, I received a call from them last week, and then an email today. They made a decent offer, but I am unsure if it is a scam too. Have you had any other dealings with them since your post?

If you're thinking of selling a timeshare, take a look at this FTC article and find tips on how to handle a call from a company offering to resell your timeshare.
Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you’ve had a chance to check out the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if any complaints are on file. You also can search online for complaints.

Hey there! I also received a good offer from this company. I am skeptical tho, hav yous made any contact with them since or heard any bad reviews about third coast??? Thank you

I have received an offer from Third Coast Group out of Houston as well. I have done some research and it is a solid offer, but not out of the range of value. So far they have not asked me for any money, but have only received the offer and have not agreed to go any further. I have not been able to find any negative feedback on Third Coast online...does anyone have anything they can share?

Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you’ve had a chance to check out the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if any complaints are on file. You also can search online for complaints. Take a look at this FTC article for more tips on how to handle a call from a company offering to resell your timeshare.

I hav also had an offer from this company. Can't find any negative feedback yet, but il thinking they could just be starting up there scam. I am awaiting reply from Houston attorney generals office, will leav feedback wen I hear from them.

I just received a letter from the attorney general office of Texas, they said they have received 3 complaints in this past two yrs about third coast group, im thinking that's pretty good number for a two yr period!!? thinking of going ahead with the sale,,, anyone else anymore feedback??

It seems that they are now using the new name Third Coast Group for the same old scam. Just a naive person like me to send money to them. Now I asked to cancel and they are so greedy that they are asking for a cancelation fee. Don't trust them and don't send any money.

use a lawyer

Third Group want you to pay a Mexican tax up front ,approx. $3000-$4000. They say they will reimburse you this amount. Why can't they pay the tax themselves? Trust or don't trust. We didn't go through with it.

I also received a call from David Williams from 3rd Coast Group. He told me that they would find the best offer they could for my timeshare. If I agreed to the sale, they would close on the property, wire the money into my account and I would only have to pay their commission of 5%. He took very little details about the timeshare and then sent a contract with a high price and almost no details contained on the contract. I followed up with them and received a call a few days later that I needed to speak with a closing agent. I called the agent and she read her sales pitch to me. She basically said I had to pay close to $4,000 before money would be released to me. I asked her where the funds were located and she said they were being held by the Mexican government. The buyer was supposedly a large bank in Mexico (Banco Grupo) but the funds were held by the government? That made no sense to me. I thought it was a scam in the beginning but now I know it is a scam. Stay away from this company.

i also have received what i think is an offer too good to be true. I asked them (via email) if there was any monetary requirements up front after i signed the agreement (which looks pretty simple/ and hardly any info on the agreement)before i sign. They said no so.. if i sign the agreement/contract and they THEN ask for monies do i have to legally send it? what i find interesting is that the BUYER is "Grupo Bimbo, S.A.C.V.". Mexico, FD" = Mexico City. i "googled" "Grupo Bimbo" and the only such company that comes up is a BAKERY in Mexico City . What does a Bakery want with a timeshare unless maybe money laundering??!!! no dates of my purchase, no contract # not even my address on the agreement???
funny that this seems to be happening to a lot of people in the same time frame suspicious?? you tell me!

That is the exact same thing that happened to me. I filed a report with the FTC. The "closing agent" Kelly Taylor told me that the Mexican Government was in possession of the funds and they would be immediately released to my bank once I wired close to $4,000. I reminded her that I was told by David Williams that the funds would be wired to my bank first, I would pay their commission and then transfer the property. I said, "You are telling me that the funds are not held at a bank and are being held by the Mexican government. That makes absolutely no sense." There was never any mention of taxes in any of our previous conversations. I knew when they sent me the contract and it had almost no details regarding my property that it was a scam. But, I followed up just to make sure. I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that it is a scam.

Do not listen to David Williams, Kelly Taylor or anyone else from 3rd Coast Group. It is a scam and a waste of your time even if you don't wire money, which you should obviously not do.

Vacation Resorts Experts is s scam (Kevin Ortiz 708-231-1018) thanks for your posts, saved my wife and I from learning the hard way.

Mt wife was called today and as I looked into the Estate Exchange Group I found this feed. Thanks for all your posts! Saving one consumer at a time. Sad that this kind of scamming happens.

How do you know it's a scam has anyone tried it

I am going through a similar experience with a company called Waterfront Property Group. They seem to be out of Seattle and call from a 206 area code. All of the same tactics as explained.

Got a call from a Preston Ford regarding buying my Bluegreen Points of 20000 for $36000.00, checked on the address where the Liberty Fincinal title group was houses and it is just a office with a redirect phone. Call an attorney that does law suits on this type of "scam" to see if it is legit and he said "RUN"...I had paid a company over 3 years ago to sell the points, and this guy called 3 plus years later with a great story....he calls from 407-694-3224 which is Florida, but title company is in California.....I am still RUNNING...YEAH


Hello, Iam going through a similar experience with a company called 111 Capital Management Corp. They are in New York and call from 212-8459388. and with trustee Services inc, in MO, 314 450-7987 All of the same tactics as explained. please be aware.

Got a call from Vacation Resort Experts, Steve Wood (President & Founder). I received a call yesterday to purchase my UVC membership. They said a huricane destroyed the resort so a new developer was purchasing it for reconstruction. I called UVC and they confirmed the huricane story and the devistation but said to be very careful because the resort is not being sold (to his knowledge)and asked me to send the email I received and they will forward it to their fraud department for investigation then they would get back to me with their findings. In conclusion if the offer is genuine their will be no rush to finalize the deal so take the time and contact your resort for confirmation (AND) do not delete any corrispondance as this may be needed at a later date because if these people got your information as they did mine, they my be able to steal your identity, the emails they sent you may be your only proof or evidence to cover your ass. Today I received an accual contract but as I am not a lawyer I will need to thread causiously and have it looked over by some one smarter than I. Better to spend $200 to be sure then to get screwed for $22,000 in the end. Good luck to all. Cover your ass-ets, have a lawyer look it over before you sign anything and hit SEND.

We too were contacted by Vacation Resort experts wanting to purchase our UVC membership. What did you do? Scam?

Has anyone been contacted by Corporation International Financial Partners Inc out of California, Broker- Daniel Boyd. Sounds like same scam. Tx

Yes, I have received a call and paperwork from Daniel Boyd with International Financial Partners Inc. and my husband was the one to say, "DON'T DO IT!!!" as I was planning on going ahead with it!!! I was planning on taking the papers to our lawyers office, but my hubby figures that, that would just be a waste of money, as he believes that it is a scam and I am now inclined to agree with him, after having read several things regarding this kind of scam, AND, not being able to find a website for this corporation, let alone any reviews - GOOD, OR BAD!!! Ticks me off that people think they can steal other people's hard earned money and that they don't have to TRULY EARN THEIR OWN!!!

I received a call from a Mr. James Mason (foreign accent) representing a company called e.timesharepro services claiming to have a buyer for my timeshare. He needed me to wire $1,000 to some account in god knows where. He had all of my information from previous conversations with another bogus company as well as the names of the people I had spoken with. His phone is 702-421-4775. I looked up the number and it was out of Las Vegas which he admitted. Funny part is each company has asked for different dollar amounts ranging from $800 to $1,200. He sent me a contract with the account number and name I need to wire the money to. This has been going on since Feb. 2013 (no money from me). I looked up the location the last time and they wanted me to wire the funds to some location in the Caribbean. Think I will forward to state attorney general office for the heck of it.

My husband and I just wired money and is waiting we been dealing with a company. But we do reach him every time we call and when we called they said problem with wire transfer we will receive money back which we did. Then we had to resend. I am a little concerned seeing all these comments though

what is the name of the company you are dealing with?

I had the same experience with Property Connect and Transfer Group from Chicago. It began in July 2014 with the same story: did I want to sell my membership in Unlimited Vacation Club. I wanted to get out of my membership and I was sucked in badly. Tim Clarke was one of the names; also James Ross, Steve Griffin, Brandon Rogers and others. Then in January a Paul Wilson phoned from New York and said There was fraud in Property Connect and I should deal with him to settle the amount owing to me in the supposed sale. I am out several thousand dollars. This week I received and email from Vacation Resort Experts saying a development company wanted to purchase my interest in Dreams Los Cabos. I am in financial trouble.

Got a call from Preston Ford from Liberty Financial stating he had great news....they have matched us with a buyer. Great, but we aren't selling. I've been dealing with these scams for 10 years and almost became a victim when we were first contacted years ago. No matter how sweet the deal may seem....ITS A SCAM people, period. I must admit, I like messing with them when they call. I let them get all excited and run through their pitch. When they get to the money part and say something like for $1995 down they can start the process. I respond with, man for only 20 bucks, let's do it! Then they say no,no one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. And I say I know, I've been playing the whole time to keep you away from some sucker that would fall for this crap. Then I hang up.

Did anyone get a call from ALLIANCE REALTY NETWORK INC??? Please let me know.

I got a call from Alliance Realty Network. They didn't ask for money yet but I suspect that it's a scam just like the rest. Anyone have more information on them?

We have recently been contacted by two of these groups. One is Pentagon Management Property out of Chicago. The other is International Brokerage Group, LLC out of New York. Each offered us 4x and 5x what we paid for our timeshare membership. Basically the same Scam that most everyone has mentioned. I knew it sounded a little too good to be true, so we've been doing our research. Glad to have found these posts, so my suspicions have been confirmed. I sent them both an email and told them not interested.

Do not deal with Vacation Resort Experts - Angel "Andrew" Santos 708 231 4199. The only thing they are expert about is scamming people. They contacted me about buying my timeshare at UVC, talked to their so called lawyer Orlando Ramirez with AVG Associates. I was asked to pay all kinds of Mexican fees, taxes. After I paid fees, Andrew Santos won't even return my phone calls or answer my email. I sent letter to their President using address in their website to complain but came back to me, address unknown. Address in their website in Alsip, IL does not exist. I reported them them to BBB, even BBB cannot contact them. I also reported them to Consumer Complaint Agency and Office of Atty General State of Illinois.

What's the update of getting your money back. I've sent @6k and now they want me to pay $1900.00 for closing cost. Please reply back and interested in how to get my money back or stop them for scamming.

You can file a complaint online with the FTC and provide all the information you would like to report, including websites you believe are promoting fraudulent practices. You can also contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the company is located.

Hello scammed: I have been dealing with an Alex Garcia at VRE and nothing after I had wired them some fees. First wire was for "closing costs, taxes and now registering the unit" Did you get your money back?

I, too, was scammed by "Alex Garcia" and Orlando Ramirez at AVG. They took me for over $6,000. If the FTC isn't going to investigate this, there has to be a way to hold UVC accountable for giving out the personal information of its members. God only knows what other information these scammers have about the UVC members. Perhaps if enough of us complained to UVC, they would be willing investigate, and perhaps, compensate members for their losses. Anyone else have any thoughts?

If you haven't already, please file a complaint with the FTC at Blog comments don't go into the database law enforcement uses for investigations.
You can also file a complaint with your State Attorney General's Office and the Attorney General in the state where the business is based.
This FTC article has tips on how to handle a call from a company offering to resell your timeshare.

Has anybody heard of Driftwood-Inc out of Detroit, Michigan. They have a web site that looks very good but new. They have offered to buy my UVC membership. Their offer has gone from $52,000 to $93000. This sounds like a new location for existing an scam company.

I received something like that today. Guy called me and I thought it was actually associated with UVC and then I get the email telling me I could sell my membership for ~3X more than what I paid for it. Maybe it's why UVC keeps on sending out emails telling it's members not to give out any information about the membership to unknown parties....

Received a phone call yesterday with such a poor connection I could not make out much. Thought I heard something about "your UVC membership." Other than me saying I could not understand the person I said nothing else. Now today I received an email from David Miller from Driftwood Inc. out of Detroit, MI. offering $29950 for my membership. Like others, glad I read this blog. I will be reporting this company/person.

Do not deal with Vacation Resort Experts - Angel "Andrew" Santos 708 231 4199. The only thing they are expert about is scamming people. They contacted me about buying my timeshare at UVC, talked to their so called lawyer Orlando Ramirez with AVG Associates. I was asked to pay all kinds of Mexican fees, taxes. After I paid fees, Andrew Santos won't even return my phone calls or answer my email. I sent letter to their President using address in their website to complain but came back to me, address unknown. Address in their website in Alsip, IL does not exist. I reported them them to BBB, even BBB cannot contact them. I also reported them to Consumer Complaint Agency and Office of Atty General State of Illinois.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. These are useful details for a complaint. Please report your experience at Unfortunately, we can't address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I've received several calls from 2 different companies with the exact same approach. They indicated that their buyer was Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V. out of Mexico. Corporate Event Planning out of Chicago and Prestige Property Group out of Las Angeles. I let them send me their proposals and when you lay them side by side, several of the pages are identical in their format, content and border. What's the chances that 2 different companies from different sides of the country would be using the exact same document format and approach? Corporate Event Planning in Chicago has been mentioned in this blog but I did not see anything mentioned about Prestige Property Group. I'd stay away from both these companies.

I have been dealing with the same people from Prestige Propery Group from Los Angeles. I contacted the legal department at Grupo Modelo. They said that it is a scam and that they are not involved in buying anything from this group. I also checked with the bank that they supposedly have the escrow account with....they gave me references too. I talked with one lady...who had to call me back, and she said that it all went smoothly. She sounded fake. These people are scammers. Don't give them money. They will keep pushing you and they sound so confident that you want to believe them. It is all a lie. If you want to discuss this on the phone I will be happy to chat with you...are you dealing with Michael Langford?

I am dealing with the exact same group and did my research. They are away from them!

I recieved a call today from "liberty Financial, LLC" 520 Broadway St Santa Monica, CA. Had a buyer that was willing to pay $25,000 for my week/points in Orlando. I did give them my email to send me their contract just out of curiosity. Company is not a licensed real estate co. Like everyone else they needed $2100 from me wired to their bank for processing fees.. Said they could close with this buyer in 90 days. Said I would recover the $2100 at closing or if the deal falls through and that I would also recieve the 5% down that the buyer was supposedly wiring to their account within the next hour or 2. Said the buyer was really wanting to close by next week. Said he usually sold 2 million dollar houses on the beach but that his clients were in the market for a time share. LOL! The man was very nice, sounded very legitimate, even told me to have a blessed day. Haha. Although Ii did not send any money nor sign their bogus contract, I really did feel that maybe it was legitimate at first. I told him at one point that I really felt he was going to take my money and disappear. For a few seconds I could almost hear crickets chirping and then he laughed and said "oh no. We aren't going anywhere." I asked him how he got my contact information and he said through public records in FL where I bought the timeshare. But he had my new husbands phone number who was never a part of the original purchase & my current phone number which I did not have when I first bought my timeshare. I would really like to know how they get our information. I will be filing complaints with FTC and Attorney generals office in CA but I am sure many more people will be scammed or at least waste their time like myself even talking to these scammers.

Hummmmm... Here's an example of a letter of intent. Thanks for this string. I think I just saved my self a lot of grief by reading up on this subject. Names changed to keep me out of trouble.



The purpose of this letter of intent is to outline certain terms and conditions of a purchase offer of the Vacation Property named below, by a qualified Buyer that has signed an agreement with Gentagon Nanagement Droperty.

It is anticipated that the offer to purchase the Vacation Property will be consummated upon acceptance of this letter of intent, as agreed by the involved parties.

Terms of Purchase Offer
Purchase of Vacation Property: On the Closing Date, the buyer will purchase from the Owner certain assets identified in the “Guaranteed Resale Agreement”, which is forthcoming.

Purchase Price: Buyer will assume the assumed liabilities and pay to Seller a purchase price equal to the sum of $37,589.00 USD The purchase monies will be paid through an Escrow Agent chosen by the Buyer and delivered to the Seller on the Closing Date.

Commission: Gentagon Nanagement Droperty will charge 8% commission to the Owner at the time of closing.Subject to a formal contract, the Buyer is prepared to offer $37,589.00 USD for the Vacation Property and is prepared to deposit the full amount into a secured escrow account, subject to confirmation of the below listed description:

Resort Name: Belas Ballarta
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Weeks Owned: 1
Unit Type: 2 BDRM (inaccurate)
Maintenance Fee: $100.00 (inaccurate)
Use: Annual
Additional Benefits: RED Season
Purchase Offer: $37,589.00 USD

If you find this offer appealing and decide to sell/rent your Vacation Property for the authorized offered amount, please sign this
letter and return it to us via fax or email along with your coversheet contract of your Vacation Property, and we will submit a formal contract purchase/rental agreement. This authorized offer is contingent upon the Owner providing proof of ownership.

Keep in mind by signing this document, you are not committing nor obligated to anything you are expressing your desire to sell/rent.

______________________________________________ _____________________

Owner (s) Name (s) and Signature (s) Date
Gentagon Nanagement Droperty
Address redacted
Toll Free Redacted
Fax Number Redacted
www. redacted

This is exactly what I received. Salesman was Michael Milano. I went one more step after this doc and they send you a semi-contract asking you to pay $3125 up front. Red Flag. I've passed on his offer.

Just got call similar to those already mentioned saying there was a buyer interested in our Grand Mayan timeshare. What was interesting was that he asked where this particular one was located and did not know what type of unit we had. If he had a buyer, wouldn't he already have that info? Gave his name as Albert Salazar from Vacation Properties and Consulting--713-597-6220 x3623. He will be emailing all details--ha,ha.

Hello :A simple word of caution : never send money up-front to so-called 'time share re-sellers" Any money you send will be un-retrievable. This is especially important if you are asked/instructed to do a bank-to-bank international wire transfer.

The dollar amount involved will exceed $5000 and you will not be able to get your monies back, even if you contact your local police or state's attorney. Time share re-sale is always a scam. Think of it this way - if you don't want your timeshare...who does? answer: nobody

The thieves are sophisticated and learned everything they need to know to scam you by going to the local recorder of deeds office and researching everything about the unit that you own; the date sold, the amount paid...everything is public record and can be researched for free.So don't be fooled by the thief knowing "all about the unit and the resort" -

Also, the thieves search google earth to pick a building in a US city to pretend that they are a real company in the US. They also use caller ID spoofing technology to make it appear that they are calling from a locale in the US.

Think: there is never a time in a real estate transaction where the SELLER (meaning you) has to pay taxes, or fees, or down payments or any of the other BS these thieves tell to get you to go to your bank and wire monies to a place where you will never be able to retrieve your money from.

Do not fall for the fake timeshare resale scam.

I wish I would have seen this before I tried to sell. Sadly, I really like my timeshare and the resort. I use it every year and just wanted to move on if I could.

Has anyone heard of a company called Stone Oak Resorts. They say they have a buyer for my timeshare in Orlando. They don't want a lot up front but want it to go through Western Union. I think it is a scam.

Just got a new "scam" caller on "selling" my timeshare... SS Advisers..215 550 5330 Pennsylvania number. Guy was a bonehead.. told him i would be happy to put them in touch with my attorney and title agent to process the sale.. tons of dead air after that... then he said he would call me back later

Just got a call now from this exact number - laughable. They are going to email me the letter. Can't wait for their call back to use the lawyer line. Messing with these guys is so much fun!!!

I received a similar call from K.C. Realty in Matteson, Il. Has anyone ever heard of them?

Have you found out any more information regarding KC Realty?

Haa anyone ever heard of First Choice Brokers or National Federal Financials?

Hahaha I received the same letter from Michael Milona and his co worker Emma Morreti. I have engaged with them up to today when they asked me for a 10% binder fee to be reimbursed to me in my final payout. Ridiculous....tomorrow I I'll contact the federal authorities in Illinios. I hope these guys are shut down soon.

Check this out. We got a call from windy city property management. Wanted to buy our timeshare or rent the weeks. Sounded too good to be true. They sent a contract and everything. Then they were like you need to pay the 4k for maintenance fees and wire the money down to mexico. LOL. So we have not sent them money and have signed a bogus contract. We also called our timeshare and they said to watch out for these people and DO NOT give them any money. Thanks. Hope this helps you.

Has anyone heard of Owners Finanial Firm? I got a call from JB Davis 5404336486 claiming to be a disgruntled owner of the same timeshare we own at. He said he had spoken with Ethan Stanton from Owners Financial Firm who supposedly works for an asset management firm who had negotiated his contract in half and guaranteed him no more maintenance fees for a fee of no more than $800. The same night at 8:30 p.m., behold this Ethan Stanton calls to essentially tell me what timeshares I owned, weeks, payoff of my contract, etc. he told me he could cut my payoff in half and I would have no more maintenance fees. Sounds wonderful! Wanted to email me forms, I told him to mail to me instead so I could have my attorney research. Sounded too good to be true PLUS who calls ME instead of me calling them PLUS who calls potential clients at 8:30 at night??? I googled the company, nothing found, googled his name, nothing, googled phone number 6782837869 and it was a cell. Definitely sounds like a scam. Anyone else talk to him?

This FTC article has information about buying and selling a timeshare.

Unlimited Vacation Club: do not try to sell your UVC membership through Title Authority Inc (escrow), Investment Group Inc (broker) located in Chicago. It is a scam. They will present you with a regular contract, you will need to pre-pay for assignment fee, Mexican taxes, large account banking fee and closing costs. You will not get actual closing even though you get it in the contract. Do not wire any pre-payments to a Mexican bank third party (they will tell you the bank is there because the timeshare is there). When the time comes for you to get your closing date/ funds you will not hear from them any more. They use the company that has a good name but is no longer in business (but still active)- thus you will not find anything suspicious on Illinois Attorney General against them or Better Business Bureau. Clean website and all.... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM if you want fulfillment of the contract. You will not be able to get your money back from the bank either. Beware.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please go to and report what happened. You can also report this to your State Attorney General's Office and the Attorney General in the state where the scam is based.

!!!!!!!!!! These people got me! I sent $13,000 total, what do I do?!!!!!!

If you have given your bank account or credit card account number to an untrusted source, contact your bank or credit card company and ask what to do to stop any more withdrawals or charges.
This FTC article has tips on how to handle calls from a company offering to resell your timeshare. You can file complaints with your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Does anyone know of a legitimate company to contact to try to resell a timeshare? Has anyone had a good experience?

If you're thinking of selling a timeshare, take a look at this FTC article for tips on how to handle a call from a company that offers to resell your timeshare.
Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you check out a reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if there are complaints on file. You also can search online for complaints; enter the company name and the word "complaints" into your search engine and see what comes up.

Beware people have stolen my companies identity, Investment Properties, LLC. They have a hispanic accent, and have set up a website using my company name and address. They claim to be in the timeshare business, and are scamming people with this fraudulent activity. Investment Properties LLC has absolutely NOTHING to do with time shares, and I DO NOT have ANY employees. Please do not fall victim to these con artist.

Thank you for sharing this information. Please file a complaint about this misuse of your company name with the Federal Trade Commission, your state Attorney General’s office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Just got a call from Richard Rios and his buddy Jeff Morgan. They say they are from Wilson County Abstract Co Inc. in Topeka Kansas. I throughly checked this company out and it's Bogus. My story is similar to all of yours. Appears to be very ligit but be aware, it is not.

Wow, are so many scams out there! I wonder if there is a truly legit resale company. I was contacted by Third Coast Group out of Texas a few weeks ago, promising no upfront fees and has a buyer willing to pay us !8,000+ for our Westin Time Share. They tell us it's a big Mexican company Goupo Bimbo that is looking to buy 5 timeshares for write off and incentives for their employees. Feeling a bit suspicious, but if no money out of pocket, what can it hurt to check it out right? So we accepted offer to move forward to closing, they promised a quick closing. They sent us a form from SAT, the Mexican IRS. They tell us that the money is sitting in an account, but in order to release money that we have to pay 16% tax which comes out to $3000+ and they the company will refund us when we close. Now I'm really starting to get suspicious. They give me everything in writing and guarantee that we will get our money back. But don't know if that means anything if this company is not legit. Anyone delt with them before? They say if we don't feel comfortable, then we can sell it locally in the states but value is only 3-4 thousand. sigh.......

If you're thinking of selling a timeshare, take a look at this FTC article for tips on how to handle a call from a company that offers to resell your timeshare. Be skeptical of a company that wants you to pay fees before you get your money.
Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you check out a reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if there are complaints on file. You also can search online for complaints; enter the company name and the word "complaints" into your search engine and see what comes up.


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