Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at ftc.gov/complaint — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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I have seen this a couple of times. I can tell by their english. One guy, when I asked what he did for a living, he said I sell metal canned food. No salesman in the US would ever say that. This man was supposable from California.

Helen Christiana Terry is a name a scammer has stolen and is using it to extort money from men saying shes a nurse in Nigeria with UNICEF when I contacted UNICEF after she emailed me and I noticed poor english for a nursing student they told me she was a fraud she or whom ever is still using the emails to commit fraud

Please, I think my so called boyfriend is a Nigerian scammer. Someone help me. My heart is to invested. I don't wanna leave him .but I found out he is saying the same thing to other woman. I called him out n he . I need to know y they disappear on the week end please someone any one.

Hello Melanie, I feel what ur going thru, I met someone in EH and his voice didn't match the pic but to find out neither was the pic..in which came clean with but I still believed n him until he asked for my financial support..At that time everything about him I was Leary..I didn't send money and that changed the relationship.He is an African man who lived n LA but was doing "business" n Australia.. Even at time if connecting I tried to do research in him but hit a brick wall..he has a Facebook(I don't) but there is more of story and yes I totally understand how u feel but wanted to say u r not alone..keep ur head up,don't do ANYTHING u don't feel comfortable n doing

Hi Ladies:

I'm so sorry for your pain. These online scammers have no sense of decency. If you notice only one pic or this person escalates his emotions quickly - even before meeting! Then chances are he's a scammer. True love comes from meeting the person face to face, learning about each other in broad daylight - not over the internet!! Don't let yourselves be tricked into thinking these con artists are sincere.

Recently, I was scam by someone from a online dating for money. What do i do? I am lost and don't know how to get out of this situation.

If you gave the scammer your bank or credit card account numbers, contact your bank or credit card company and ask how to protect your accounts.
Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. If you sent money by wire transfer service, you can report the scammer to the company.

i am tera 22 reporting the name of LT.GEN.BEN HODGES i am talking to him every day and share a sweet words always and he is very sweet man i know a General can be.
he ask me to open an account to transfer money bank to bank a very large amount of money.and i refuse to do it he still talking to and ask to marry him and sending sweet image of heart all the time it sense like a real one
i meet him in accidentally i did not look for him at all the small message start.he give me email that i have been looking in fake email's and i cant till if they are fake because it is very privet and think it's real but i don't think it is.his profile is Government Army please respond the answer mam Bridget Small i need the answer Please..

Your story shows many signs of a scam.

  1. A person you do not know sends a message.
  2. He uses many kind words. Very soon he wants to marry you. 
  3. He asks you to open a bank account. He asks you to help him transfer money.

If you open a bank account, you tell the bank your name and your social security number. You will be responsible for the account.  
If this is a scam, the man might transfer stolen money into the account. He might ask you to send money to another account. He might ask you to wire the money out of the country. If you do these things, you are helping to commit a crime involving stolen money.  
You could tell him you will not open the account. You can stop sending messages if you don't want to talk.

Thank you so very much :Mam: Bridget Small that's i need it to know about i don't have any experience of any of this.your reply is so helpful to me.i thank you

I don't know which dating site u met this General on, but be aware that I have been sent 2-3 friend requests on Tango with this same name. They continuously keep changing his picture. I have never accepted his friend request. Unfortunately I recently fell victim to a romance scam online. These guys say the most beautiful things n tell u they love adore n want to spend the rest of their lives with you. Please don't buy it. They are scammers that do not care about u whatsoever. They will ask u for money. Most of them pose as widowed engineers with a child. They claim to be successful. What a joke. The name of the person who scammed for a little bit of money is name Patrick Nguyen. Not his real name. They will ask u to open bank accts n give them the username password n Q&As. They will try to transfer money into this acct, with ur name on it, via check. Rubber checks that is. Thank God my bank caught the check which had been altered. I called him out on it. Sure he scammed me for money but in the interim I learned a very valuable lesson. He will get u into serious bank fraud problems.

Jenifer , what site are you on ? I also meet a guy online and he asked me to send the money, I did send and now he is disappeared. His name is Philip Nguyen

I have been in same situation. His name used was duhon donald lee jr. Stated he was sgt in Us army. Widowed with a daughter. Stated wife died when stationed in SA and that his daughter is there in boarding school. Said did not have access to money. Asked if i could send money to nanny sister as she was going there. So stupidly sent money to new york for his daughter birthday.
Than he began asking for bank info. Stated he wanted to make a trasfer from his bank. He tried to get my ss number and acct number. Bank said he only neede swift code number. He transferred money. Bank said it cleared. Than two days later bank wanted money back. Stated dep. Made from stolen checks. He said it must of been an error and he would clear it up.
Please all beware of anyone asking for bank info. His English was very good when texting and no accent when talking on phone. I trusted him and awaited for him to get the bank straightened out. He than asked for more money for his daughter. At this point asked for his military email. He gave me an email with different name. At this point i blocked him.

Hi. My mother is going through a similar experience. She's not sure if the man she is talking to is real... robyn leigh steadman. Her story is almost same as yours, she has sent him a lot of money already, mostly for his daughter who is going to boarding school in Africa (or something like that) she also sent her money for a birthday party. he says he has no family just the family of deceased wife who is supposedly caring for girl while he is working overseas for an oil company as an engineer. When you say SA do you mean San Antonio or something else? Because this man states that he lives in houston but hasnt been home for a while. But I wanted to know if they sent you pictures of the girls party like they did my mom? They sure do make everything seem believable and I just want to protect my mom.

If your mother met someone online, and he is asking her for money, there's a good chance it is a scam.
Scammers often make up stories about their work and families and ask for money for emergenices, or to care for their children. Often the scammer claims he has money, but can't get to it right now because of a problem with his bank or business.
Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account and help them by depositing checks or transferring money

I too have been talking to a man on face book messenger. Promising me the same as all here. This man is Col john Nicholson is asking for money for his daughter in Ghana. He's stationed in Kabul afgistan.
I'm sure this is a scam, his supposedly 15 yr daughter emailed me for money sent Beto her. No money has been sent nor will be. Why would a highly decorated officer risk losing his retirement? Help this needs to stop!po

Gen.John Nicholson is married. He has two grown childern. His daughter is in the military. He does not have a FB page. Your talking to a scammer dear. I know for a fact! Google Gen John. He is in Kabul with the resolute support mission. I bet he told you his wife is alcoholic and has multiple affairs.

This Gen. John Nicholson imposter set me a Skype request. I never accept unknown requests but hit the wrong button by mistake. My first question was why anyone would send a stranger a request.
I googled the General while the imposter answered. I then proceeded to respond to his request to get to know each other while I caught him in lies. Hahahaha! Single father of a 12 yo boy whose mother died in a crash 4 years ago.
I posed my questions in vernacular anyone originally from the US would understand. He, of course stumbled and said he didn't understand upon nearly each of my questions. I had fun and even led him by saying "gosh, I feel SO bad for your motherless child and wish I could do ANYTHING for you but I need to go for now." When he said he'd msg me another time, I said "no, you wont.t I I knew you were not Gen John and just messing around for my amusement. Good luck with whatever your God does to you."
Now just looking for how to report him! Tee hee,

Ladies look out for Captain Samson Daniel. Says he is in Munich and retiring out in Feb 2017. From Cincinnati. Son Elii 14 years old. Mother deaceased. Loved me by second conversation. Led me from Facebook to Hangout
Although his english was pretty good...you could tell english was not his mother tongue. Picture is of handsome soldier 47 ans looking fine.
I knew he was full of ____ almost immediately. The way he talkedngabe him away.
Please beware

Hey do you happen to have pictures still??My cousin is talking to a man almost sounds the same details.

Wow your moms story sounds identical to mine, the only difference he told me he had no family his wife passed away in a car accident and had a son in boarding school in the UK . And he was an engineer in Dubai LOL.I picked up on what he was up too from the very beginning but I played along with him. He would tell me how much he loved me and hoods God brought us together blah blah blah. just two days ago he tomb me her had received an email from Stanley's teacher telling him he was very sick and needed medical attention and he couldn't leave the ship of course so he needed to borrow money and not to worry he would pay me back as soon as he got off that ship I think he said he had 5 wks left. Ha I asked for the name of the school -no response then he told me he would send me his phone # that never happened,we were chatting on messenger so if he was in Dubai his time would be different then mine of course he didn't know maybe it's in the settings same BS I asked huge much it is that he needed the amount was $1625.00 I simply said I'm sorry I don't work I can't help you out wish I could by the way the name was Ken Ovoke sharp looking man if indeed it was him.I would try to call him on messenger but he couldn't answer the phone was not allowed to ha ha ha we spoke a few more times once again asked if I can help I said no and that was the end of Mr.Ovoke

Omg Is the same guy I'm talking to him he said the same except he is a Dr and work for the UN omg and his son in bording school is Kely and his birthday is soon and he is upset because daddy is not with him he ask me for pictures of me and my son I send him fake one

I think we have the same guy! Heis a doctor that works in the huminatarian service in United nation base in Syria He scammed me thousands of dollars. What is his name? did you use viber with him He is a liar and to not talk to him. I am a nurse and he even does not know terms in medical vocabulary . He told me about his son"s birthday and I have to sent his son 2 i phones in Uk and i have to pay even Uk taxes to pay for his sons i phone . I reported him to FBI today.I hope they catch him.His mame is Wilhelm gerhard Krumwiede do not talk to this guy!

I think we have the same guy.He claimed he is a doctor working for the UN. He was in Syria the first 2 months we corresponded and now he is in Belgium.He Asked me to opened a chase account for him using my name.He told me his son who is in UK boarding school lost his phone and inhaler and need to get a new one.

do you have a picture of him Im talking to a man in Syria with a son in boarding school and he is a doctor

Yes I have a picture of him. To you have one? Let us exchange pictures

Wow this all sounds too familiar. Talked to a guy from Facebook stating that he a general in the armed forces. Said he is in Syria. Has a daughter in boarding school in New york. Sent me pictures and everything. Told me a story about his late wife getting killed in an accident four years ago. His supposedly daughter emailed says she needs $500 to go on a trip to Africa. Her dad can't get to funds because he is in Syria. Wow Says he was an orphan in the UK because his parents died, said he was raised by a priest.

Sounds like the guy I have been talking to. He says he is in Iraq, and he has no way to his money. Son is In Africa and his Credit Card Is not working.. Even though I told him my profession, he still was not getting it. By the way this one goes by the name 'ANTHONY BRANDON"

Pogi wowo, your story is exactly same as mine. Please send me address to report this to FBI. Thank you!

Pogi wowo, did the FBI caught this criminal? I want to know, please because I lost a lot of money dealing with this scammers. Their stories really sounds legitimate. Thank you

Sounds familiar but not exact. My scammer sent me a message from Match. Dylan Carson claimed he is originally from Austin, Texas but lived in Sydney Australia for the past 15 year with his daughter Ruby after the passing of his beloved Sue who died in a car crash while 3 month pregnant. He claimed he moved to Kitchner, Ontario, Canada while his daughter moved to Texas with his parents to attend university. Says he is a technical engineer with Estisilat in Dubai and travels constantly for work. He said he just got back from Dorset in UK and will have to go back in to complete the job. Long story short and too many facets to this story, I wired him over $300K and never got back a penny. I lost my house and all my savings and trying to build back my life. I never met him, but I will leave him in the hands of the good Lord!

I know how you feel. I was scammed by a guy Wilhelm Gerhard Krumwiede They have different stories some times the same person. All of them are liars. Ireported him to FBI already and to the police . This person is in the USA but use the address of foreign Countries. Maybe if you can share his pictures to me we might have the same guy. He uses Wells fargo and Bank of America so i have all the records of the transactions and the address of his contact here in the US maybe the police can raid that house and maybe the police can catch them.

I am writing for 8 months with a doctor who works for UN in Syria an his so. Is in Norway in school his name is Dr Michael Wooden don't know know if he is the same person.

I've been talking to a stunning looking young woman I met online. She said she was a student working on a project with WHO and got stranded in Nigeria. She needed money to get out and continued to say things like the money she had was stolen or the money was scammed from her. Her name is Elizabeth (Betty) Pugh.

OMG! This happened to me too! Thank you for posting this.

I too was corresponding with a UN MD working in Syria, fled to Turkey. Requested I put what's app on my tablet. Called several times. Then called from the "Bush" requesting money, his credit card wouldn't work! Immediately took off the app on my tablet and deleted him from Facebook.

I'm in it almost as bad as you. I feel alone and like no one in our government cares. We have so much information on these men that the ic3, ftc, FBI could use to catch them. But they don't want our information and say our crime is too small to spend the resources.
I'm out over. $100,000 but worst is I lost my reputation. I can no longer get a bank account, a credit card or any type of credit.
These men are a huge international group with people all over the world. I have information, pics, addresses, but no one wants that. Because these men are not going to be punished!
How can someone steal your life and you have no rights. All I want back is my name and credibility. Is that too much to ask for??

OMG, my story. How can those people be heartless

Devastated, We have same story. I lost all my monies and jewelries sending my scammer all in US Dollars. I realized lately, I was a fool. Thank you to the LORD I am getting back to life again. Such a life. God bless you

my scammer I met on OKC R Cudney if that is even his name. he said he was a baron from Bulgaria and when we getting married I'd live in his castle and become the baronness of 39 ppl. through out a period of over 3 yrs, yes 3 yrs I never met him. always excuses but I believed for so long as he promised to pay me back all money was sent via both moneygram and western union. said he had a daugther in Varna. I got so called emails from her they're both gone. I had a breakdown lost all my money. I am getting counseling and have to let them all in God's Hands for judgement. Just like I'll get mine for not being a good steward of God's money. It's all gone and I'm flat broke.

feeling stupid, we feel the same...as if I'm not a good steward of God's money. I sent all to my scammer who sounded legitimate. My savings of $70,000 I got from settlement plus bank loans and friends...I lost them all plus my self esteem...all gone. Now, I am left penniless. How can I catch these criminals? Im too stupid! It's too late reading all these blogs and discovering this site...had I know before I should have saved my life and future. I give it all tho the LOrd for HIM to handle.

It's the same kind of situation i am in. This woman named Alina Baura she told me she makes 230,000 a year as an engineer and she needs me to help her with antiques crafts and paintings the shipping cost is 941.00 dollars and i ask her how much she haves she said she has 46,000 on her right now. She was playing me along too.

Oh my...I met a gentlemen on the app me. Sounded wonderful. He also was an engineer. He claims to be from Orlando FL and has a Orlando phone number. He was currently working in Israel finishing up a project. He had a building collapse and suddenly have to go to Nigeria. Of course he claimed to love me and said all the right things. After he was in Nigeria he claimed he was robbed so I sent him $1000 and then he turned around and asked for $4200 a couple of weeks later. He said when he went to Nigeria there was $80,000 put into his account but he doesn't have access to it since he was robbed. Once he completes the job he will get an additional $220,000. He has a normal routine and I know exactly when I am going to hear from him each morning. I just feel foolish. He said his name is Michael Williams which is very common.

OH MY GOD ! There's a name requesting me on FB...Exactly the name you have here. Thanks for posting

I am so sorry from the story you told seems who your mom met is a scammer. Hope your mom realize and not keep sending money for any reason he gave before meet someone in real and know well.

This German guy befriended me on face book says his wife is decreased daughter in an accident but just had a birthday, send money for her present. He's working for a company drilling oil as a engineer I know this must be a scam also. .

Hi. Please don't trust. I just found out the guy I have been sending money to is 100% fraud. His name is Shawn Piere Cazier. Can someone tell me if the police or FBI can do something? I want this man caught and I don;t want him to do this to another woman again. I am emotionally and financially distraught. I want this man caught. Please Federal Trade Commission respond to this. I am also afraid to report if this is a big ring operation. I fear that he might come after me and my family. I completely got fooled by this man. Even his fake daughter called me and we texted for months...I thought I had a future with this man. I never given money to anyone like this before. I am also fearful I will be in trouble with the police...I did not know until July it was a scam. Please let me know if it is safe to report. Thanks.

If you think you're talking to a scammer, please report it to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint.

Sheila - This german guy sounds alot like my scammer. What's his name? My scammer's wife had leukemia and daughter's birthday was June 14. The name he used was Clark Gibson but I've seen him use the name Huffman Alfred Gibson. Same guy??

I also started talking to a german man about the same time and the story is very similar

Did they send pic of daughter with her name on birthday cake?

No, one of the pictures I got was with him and his daughter in the car making what he called "Kissy Faces like fishes".

I had the same thing only i new from the jump i google picture search the firat day i let him work for me for 6 weeks lmao hahaha i had him in tears i had to school him buffalo dont play that will be the day i pay any man to come to me haha on what planet is a man ask a women for money okay in the end i really enjoyed the attention lonley house wife my hes im house lol now i had crying i even got his real identity pics and much more jackson Williams 1988 oh yes what a sexy accent and a picture to dye for well guess what he ia no oil rig bull cant get off the ship unless you pay his 30 thousand dollara to his barrister lol wow not sure i would pay that even if he was real lol

Hi. How is it possible to find his real ID? Please answer.

I just had the same thing going on for ew days only. The very handsome Williams Jack is using photo of a polish actor... He hasn't asked for monies yet though. Watch out girls

I feel very foolish that I fell for this scam. My scammer's name was Clark Huffman Gibson. His pictures are of a very handsome man. He is widowed with a daughter who is in boarding school. Because I refused to send money to Dubai or Nigeria, he requested I send it to one of his agents. I found out they would then send it to Nigeria. I found his 'agent' on Facebook and discovered that Clark Gibson was shown as her friend but as Huffman Albert Gibson. On any given day, there are approximately 20 men named Huffman Albert Gibson listed on facebook! Almost all are either widowed or divorced, approximately 50 years old and in the oil or gas exploration business. Out of all of them, only one shows friends - the rest have their friend list blocked.

Robert Derrickson is the name this scammer used. He claims to live in Florida and works in Dubai . He found me on match.com. Got me off the website quickly and began romancing the stone in his third email to me . His email is drrkbrt        Claims his wife died 8 years ago and his son is in Califormia in an institution. I could smell the scam when I couldn't find him living in Lauderdale in his house he owned. I asked him so many questions and got little answers. His email address is with gmail which makes his IP address appear to come from Mountain View, California . I'm sure he or she is in Nigeria. Just today, after not hearing from him in a week, he emailed me the bombshell. He wants $3,500 to get his paperwork ready to leave Dubai. No way Jose. Advice to ladies on match is not to give your email address so easily and check out him name thoroughly.

I met the same guy, he used a Chinese profile with name Ritchie Cheung. He said he had both lived in mountain view, ca and Jacksonville, Florida . He even shown his family pictures, his son with him, I'm sure he used other people's. Key words: pipeline, self employee, mechanical engineer, Thai land, have you eaten, how was your day, never call you name...  I'm luck I knew he gonna ask me money since he mentioned his dad died in Hong Kong and left him 11M, hahaha. I played with him couple of weeks util he asked money 3000 from his Thailand project, which he was granted a couple days after we met online, a multimillion, hahaha. Actually I like the profile he stole, who can tell me how I can find my real dream man in that picture?

Found another scammer from match. Goes by the name oh Kelly Ozill. Great pictures and he has an aol account using his so called name Kelly Ozill. Claims he lives in Florida and works on an oil rig. He has texted me, but won't call. He just sent me a long love letter stating his wife died from cancer three years ago and he is claiming his true love for me. This is the second scammer I met from match.
Lesson learned is when a man from match claims his account is ending soon and he's a widower, just delete or contact match right away.

did he say what oil company he worked for and that he had a child in boarding school?

I started talking to a guy says he works overseas in a oil company has a daughter in boarding school. His wife died. He says his home base is in OK. He want to send me money so I can order a part for his job.I know its a scam . His name he uses is Walter David. I am not doing it.

im in a mess. i cant belive how dumb i am. i fell in love with a man i know hes not real but god he makes me feel alive, i have never talked to him only by email, hes very good of convincing his love for me. i feel like he is my missng piece of my heart, and he says the same thing. i have sent him money. i just keep praying he is real. how do i find out for sure he is a scammer. i know he has all the sighns i dont want to believe it. i love him. im such a fool.

I wish I could believe you WERE A FOOL! Your story is almost identical to mine. I am crying now as I reply. My heart is so fragile as it is. I believed too that he is my perfect match, directly from God Himself! Part of me wishes I'd NOT find this site. I want him to be real with all my being. I'VE spoken with him via skype WITH video so I know his real face. I thought I knew his real heart. I've not sent any money - I don't have any! But I have still be very much scammed as far as it sounds from this site. I"m going to bed now so I can cry myself to sleep. I really thought I had my guard up enough to catch such a game. :( If you have read enough stories on this site, you have no option BUT to believe he is a scammer. Tis clear we are not the only ones.

Oh, Devastated, I am so sorry to hear your heartbreaking story. His story, his girlfriend of 7 years cheated on him. He is on a peacekeeping force in Ghana, West Africa. He lives in Miami and also lived in Michigan. I was joking with him when I asked his heritage when I said your are probably Polish or German. There large populations of both. He was actually from Poland came here when he 11. Yes, he told such sweet things. I split the $$ on a phone card. He texted me almost day and night. I sent him more $$ for a more expensive card. I am out $1,300. Same as you, I fell in love with him. After the money, he keep it up. I told him last night, I trusted him, but I can't send him more $$. He became angry. BLAH, BLAH BLAH. I have not heard from since. I really feel sick to my stomach. He sounds so wonderful, like your guy. I pray to GOD, that he not a scammer.

We have the same situation and I understand how you feel. I was just recently scammed by a fake US Army soldier Name Frank Edward base in Syria. I lost a total of $14,000 US dollars part of it was applied for the loan and the rest are my savings money. I can see all the signs of a scam but because I fell inlove with him I don't want to believe that my guy is a scammer. They are evil in reality once they got the money they want they will stop talking and chatting with you. Right now I don't know how to pay off the loan with a high interest rate. and I lost all my savings from the bank. Don't let him fool you again. They are all scammers with an ugly faces behind the pictures he is sending to you. Im totally broken hearted and broke. to the point that I have to cut off some of my bills and luxuries in life. I am so dumb I trusted my life with this man and promised me of getting married once he came back to US but he never show up they are not gonna show up but they will just keep their facebook accpount opened no emails and nothing. Don't let him fool you again and don't send money anymiore.

I want to tel l our story. Almost a year ago Richard Walker contacted me, he said he was an FBI agent and recovered the money I was scammed out of a couple years prior. So the past 11 months we have been chatting. He was bringing my money to me. I had to pay the fee's. He hit me up for taxes on the money 3 times, it came from S Africa. He had to return to Africa twice to get some certificate that had to be with the money. I had to pay for that. Every day there was something. I had to pawn every thing I owned. I lost my car and our apartment. It cost us everything. No i never got our money. He claimed to be stranded at our airport for 4 months now. I have to keep paying for him to stay there each month. I had to pay the security on the money etc. One BS story after another. I keep trying to call it quits but he won't let me. He claims to still be at the airport with my money. So he decided he was getting an inheritance his dad left him. He said he owed $1,000 left in fee's to pay then he gets it. He is supposed to be getting eight and a half million. He said it will give us enough money to last us forever. He wants me to send $600 to the attorney on Oct 1, 2016. He gave me the email address for the attorney so i can contact him about sending the money. I emailed him and he replied the next day. The email had all kinds of mistakes in it. He sent a copy of the inheritance certificate. It said his father was 59 when he deposited the money for Richard and the date of the deposit was 2011. There is no way, Richard said he is 54. So I googled the attorney and got his number and I called him to verify that he wrote the email. He DID NOT email me. I told Richard no i wouldn't pay the 600. OMG All hell broke loose, He has been calling, texting and emailing me. DEATH THREATS. He said if I don't pay the money on the 1st so he can get his money he is going to have us killed. Several people have been emailing us and threatening us. All the cops we contacted, the FBI all say its a scam. They have me so scared that they are really here I call the cops several times a day, I keep getting told its a scam and the SOB's are in S. Africa

Richard says he is in love with me and won't leave here to go back to NY. That's where he says he is from. He sounds African. I have changed my # and 3 days later he was calling me again. He claims to still be in Stockton Ca. He says he and a friend of his are watching us. The text I got last night from his friend/boss? He is very mean. I have talked to him a couple times on the phone. He also sounds African. He says my daughter is the target and he knows every place she goes. He also claims to be here. We are both scared and don't know what to do. We don't want to die. Last month I got a credit card in the mail with a $10,000 credit limit on it so they know our address. Also they said that card was a government card. They wanted me to buy 10 $600 cell phones Apple s6. They tried to make me use the card. My Ex cut it up and threw it away. They said they would arrest me. I asked for what? Not using the card and getting stuck with the bills? I did Not use the card. They are controlling my life. The hell with the money even if it's real...I no longer want it. I just want them to burn in hell for all they have done to us and leave us alone. According to the text I got last night Fred said we have till Friday to sent the $600 to the lawyer or we both die. I don't have a crystal ball so I can't find out where they really are or what is real and what isn't. I'm afraid that they really are here and they will get us for not sending my money to them. We have been to Stockton PD so many times and talked to officers. Last week we spent 3 hours there waiting to talk to someone. That cop wouldn't hardly give us a chance to say anything. She said it was a scam. The cops have been here two nights this week to talk to us. Before when we would refuse to send them money they acted psycho but as soon as I gave in and agreed to send them the money, they were nice again. But it was never enough money for them. Every time they picked up the money gram they demanded more. I'm disabled and need my money, I don't get much but they usually end up with all or most of it. This time I refused, I won't give in they keep saying they have plans for us and are waiting till Friday Sept 30th. They say we are going to suffer for not sending our money then they will kill us. I am so scared I think they are really here and they will really kill us. They all claim to be FBI agents. What the hell kind of cops are they to kill people just because they want to keep there money. PLEASE HELP, We don't know what to do, we don't want to die.

You say someone is threatening you and your daughter over the phone and email. You can choose to stop communicating with the people who are threatening you. You can block them on your phone, email and social media. If you think you are in immediate danger, call 911.
You said you got a credit card that you didn't apply for. That could mean that someone stole your personal information to get a credit card. You can call the credit card company and cancel the card, and it's important to go to IdentityTheft.gov.
IdentityTheft.gov is a secure federal government website. You can report that someone got a credit card in your name. You will get tips about what to do, like how to put a freeze on your credit, and how to check your credit report.
You can report a scam to MoneyGram (1-800-926-9400) or Western Union (800-448-1492) Tell the wire transfer companies what names these people are using, and the locations where they pickup money.

Maltipoo's2, we have the same story. I met a man and claimed to be a US Navy Captain base in Yemen. He requested me to receive his retirement card and send for his son schooling in NY because he has no relatives to receive his card. Of course I refused but he pleaded but he kept telling about his son who needs financial assistance. He said that his card is now ready to be sent to me with $4M on it. I really refused and that made him threatened me telling his voice is being heard and he will send someone to kill me even my country will suffer. To cut it short, I agreed to receive the Master Card. After I agreed, I was asked to email his bank and th bank demanded $500 USD for the shipment. I sent thru western Union. Then after they received my $500, I was asked again to send $4,500 because the diplomat carrying the Master card was held at airport and need clearance for the documents allowing them to bring the card to me. OMG ! when I was not able to send the money at the given date, I got a lot of threats from this fake US Navy named Capt. John Martins. It terrified my whole being unable to eat. This was happened in 2 years ago. I blocked him off and THANKS GOD ...NOTHING HAPPENED TO ME. I give Glory to God.

Oh My God, crazyann! we met the same guy, Frank Edward..Fake US Military stationed in Syria. He found me on Fb..as we went along and built a relationship he asked me to send $3,600 to the UN for the processing of his vacation leave to meet me. I did not send any because I dont have any. LOL ! since then, he didnt talk to me anymore.

crazyann, I met a fake US military named Frank Edward. He met me on FB sending me good poems and alway called ,e "my Queen". He promised to come see me and marry me soon he gets out of the camp. He told me he needed $3,000 for his leave so that he could come see me. After I wan not able to send what he wanted...he was gone. He also sent picture of his house that he said no one is living in there. He is a scammer. Thanks for your post

Haha!! This man has changed his name to Aaron Anderson. He is so busted!! He tried to scam me and I called him out on it.

This sounds similar to me. My future husband!!!!! Not. Now says he needs money as his son was in a terrible accident in Africa and has no way of getting money, even though he works for the UN. He is a widowed General too! I want to get to the bottom of this, i am so angry. It makes me feel so stupid to think he koves me. All the songs and pictures he has sent make me think he is very clever. And he looks good too.

I have been talking to somebody since july. Before him a scammer. This guy was on facebook with same name and I called him out. he said I am the real person my identity was stolen. he lives in new York. but then had to go to Alaska on a rig. he calls me everyday 2 hours minimum. sends me songs and pictures. son was in accident needs surgery and help to get him home. wants to be with me . I am so confused. is this happening to me again?
he also says he loves me and plans to be here end of month. the other one was 7 months talking to . this guys says any man would not wait 8 months to see their girl. HELP

We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable information to work on. You've done an impressive job and our whole communitry will be thankful to you.

Please do not send money to him he is not real.Cut it now before you lose your money.I was involved with this kind of man he won't stop asking large amount of money until all money is gone.Then he will leave you broke and emotionally distraught.

WOW! Really sounds exactly like the situation I am in.....he is saying he is in the army his English is perfect! But we have not spoken on the phone, he says he is widowed and his daughter has a guardian...........says his daughter went to vacation in India and she got malaria...needs money to help her because he cannot get to this money..... Asking for a small amount!!! OMG its amazing how emotionally invested we can get into these things. I have been telling him that I will send the money..and then I told him I didn't believe him and he got very annoyed with me when I told him this...Said he was or is a high ranking military man. Sounds like the same person!! Did he say his name?

I think I am dealing with the exact same person as you would you be willing to FaceTime or call me on the phone I was really wanting to get to the bottom of this ? If yes email me and I will send you my phone number Thank you Jeanna

We don't publish personal information like phone numbers or email addresses on this blog.

Pls help me if iam a victim of scammer? I met him in waplog site and continue our courting in fb then invite me to make an account in gmail, he told me he's a commanding general in us army and was assigned in Afghanistan, his wife died in a fatal accident and had a 14yrs old son studying in boarding school,to make the story short we became boyfriend and girlfriend promising me a bright future. After 3 weeks he's asking me for a financial help for his son's field trip for the reason he can't access to his account because they We're restricted to access in their account,that time I begin to doubt and think he's a scammer, his name was general Stewart Morgan 52 yrs old with a son Andre morgan Pls hep me how to know if he's realmor not

This could be a scam. These things warn you that someone could be a scammer:

  • he meets you on a dating site, but soon asks you to chat off the dating site in private
  • he say he's from the US, but he's traveling outside the US
  • he says he has money, but he can't use his money right now
  • he says his child or family member has an emergency and needs your money.

If you send money, you probably will not get that money back. He might tell you more stories and ask for more money.

I was contacted through a dating site by a Man in the Army saying he was based there and as a special unit and unable to send new pictures due to cctv being on base (red flag) but he is very good and even sent me a screen shot of his supposed bank account back home saying he could use his money in Nigeria (where he is based). This is after he told me the Army and Nigerian government was providing bad food for them and he was staving because he couldn't get to his money there. I was convinced it was a scam and when he sent his financial security officers info it was even worse. Name: Name: Brendan ****, country: Nigeria, zipcode: 23434 Here is my financial secretary info. I was like wow he's good. So avoid Harris Randy

What if they ask you to wire money for their own account to another account for say a plane ticket home.

If someone you don't know asks you to wire money, he might be trying to get your bank account number. Or, he might be trying to get you to help with a crime.
A scammer could transfer stolen money into an account, and then tell ask you to wire the money. If you don't really know the person, you can't know where the money comes from or where it is going.

Bridget - I met someone on Match a few months ago. He says he's a pipeline engineer recently moved from the UK to the USA. He says he is a widower with a daughter. He has professed his love and everything seemed above board until today when he told me he is short $38K to pay for shipping on supplies he needs for a job he is working in Alaska. He has had me helping him work with his supplier in China, his banker in the UK and I have seen his passport. The red flags went up this morning after the request to help. How do you know if someone is real? I have a copy of his passport, but how do you even know if that is real?

Unfortunately, when you communicate with someone online, you can't know who he (or she) really is. You might get texts or see pictures, but you can't know who is sending them.
You spotted one big red flag: your 'sweetheart' asked for money because of an emergency. If someone you don't know -  and never met - asks for your money,  it's probably a scam. If you send money, you're probably going to lose it.

What name is he using and what's his daughters name

Was. His name Mark and daughter Clara????

My friend, my story is similar. The guy is from Facebook. He messaged me first. Says he is a widow, wife died having another child that died.he has an 11 year old daughter. Everything was wonderful until he went to turkey for a job.he supposedly owned a business & had money.he sent me tons of.pics of him & the daughter.he is supposedly coming to visit me in august when he returns from his job.when he got to the job his credit card didn't work.he asked me for thousands of dollars. So I decided to play him.i sent a very.small amount. Before he got very angry at me & was a different man. Then after I sent him a small amount, then he needs more money for his hotel room where he is staying while working. He claims he is a pipeline engineer. He want get anything else from me.not only did he get a small amount of.money but he has broken my heart. But when he calls again I will ignore him in the future. I am done!!! Ladies & gentleman please don't send anything to anyone.

This story sounds very similar to one a friend of mine is getting from a man that contacted her on FB. He lives in Houston, owns a building company, widower with a daughter (has a pic), going to China. Did your scammer have an 83 year old father?

Yeah I got scammed by a guy in Houston .I should have known but was low at the time having lost my Son. Goes under the name Daniel Robinson. Confessed his love for me and wanted to marry me so took retirement from the us army . He was based in Kabul . Wife died has a daughter. Then the requests for money started . The latest request I saw the light but a little to late after a year of scamming me.

Sounds like DavidPaul28 . scammer

what sort of passport was it? what was the china supplier's name if you can tell me, sounds similar to what im dealing with.

The story sounds like mine. The guy said he is from Texas and now working at Dubai To convince me, he sent me the driving license and usa passport. I guess those are fake documents.

This sounds just like the guy i'm talking to ...we need to talk omg

This sounds like my guy who scammed me for 50 grand. Only I don't have a copy of his passport. What name is he using?

I reported Shawn Pierre Cazier (most likely not his real name) to the police department. I have given the police department all the information I had on this scammer. I hope the police and FBI catch and stop him from doing this to anyone else.

Hi Bridget, I just found out my fiance of 9yrs & father of my 3 kids agedr7, 4 & 6mos special needs baby, has been talking to a girl from Ghana! I looked thru his phone cuz I had doubts about why his paycheck was gone in 3 days. I found out he sent her $114 which cost $54!!
Everything you say to watch out for I've read, they text & talk in the app hangouts right after they started talking she's saying she loves him, he's her "forever husband",then she started asking for money!! He doesn't make a lot and I'm home with our 2 youngest kids so his parents are already paying our bills and have been for a long time. I should've been suspicious when our infant was aproved for SSI and he got upset that I'm the only payee and I refused to have his check direct deposited inmy fiance's account.
But some intuition told me to protect my kids and myself. Well we've had problems about the 100lbs I've gained from 2010 til now & yes he's cheated before but I desperately wanted to believe in him this time after our baby almost died at birth he swore he'd changed that his family was everything to him, what a fool I am!!
Last night something told me to check his phone for the first time in over a year, I noticed Hangouts and started reading. Shocked and sickened doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. He sent a total stranger money "for food" because she's skinny & hot and works his ego, while our house is empty of food and I had to have his mom bring me milk for the kids & water for the baby's formula!! I wish I knew her name all I know is the user name Priceless Love also I'm going to try to send her picture to my phone. I believe he's being scammed, which he deserves, but it takes food awsy from my babies. Please let me know if you've come across her screen name and same story please . Thank you from a desperate stay at home mom.

I'm sorry this is happening to your family. Scammers use many different tricks to persuade people to send money. If the scammer is getting money by wire transfer, and you know the name the scammer is using, you can report her to the wire transfer company.
Sometimes a friend or family member can talk to a victim and help them understand this is a scam. Maybe you could share some of the stories from this other blog post about romance scams.
You may be able to get help paying for food for your family. This list from the federal government has links to state agencies that can help families with children and people with disabilties.

How do you report a scammer to the wire transfer company?

Call WU Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492, or MoneyGram Customer Care Center at 1‑800‑926‑9400.

I am really unsure of what to do. I know my sister is being scammed on Facebook. I'm very sure that he is asking her to open up new accounts and/or transfer money from one account to the other. He uses Western Union as well. He has promised her a ring and says that he will marry her when she finally gets to meet him in December. She is so very vulnerable at this time because of a very traumatic divorce. She won't listen to me at all when I tell her there is something wrong with this situation :( .

Could you show your sister some of the comments people wrote on this blog? Maybe seeing how other people werer tricked by romantic scammers and lured into financial schemes will persuade her that something is wrong.
Scammers develop online relationships and ask their "sweetheart" to use their own bank account, or open a new account, and accept money, and transfer funds. Law enforcement calls the victims of these scams money mules, because they're carrying money for criminals. If someone gets involved this scam, they can lose money from their bank account, lose personal information, have their bank account closed down, and get into legal trouble. This blog tells more about money mules.
If you have information about the scammer, you can call the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492 and explain the situation.

That is scam.scammers are very skilled at cheating.

I have a friend who believes a man name josh really loves her. She won't be live is grooming her. How do I convince her

hello, the same thing happen to me, a person had stolen the name and bio of LTG Fredrick B H Luckily, he did not get any money from me and when I challenged him, he blocked me.

i also fall inlove with a nigerian man,but when he start to ask me told him its over.most of them want south african papers and i dont fall for tht crab

I have him too,he needs 48,550 British ponds for his retirement certificate,i have played him for weeks,just to get info.i now have the bank details as to where to send the money.Result,report him now

He's a scammer...you need to stop talking w this person immediately. I have been scammed by smaller amounts like 50$ a month, but always there were excuses and not being a blessed to talk on Skype. If they say for security reasons, ect log off immediately no matter what their pictures look like. I was even asked for my bank account numbers....trust me their out to hurt you using LOVE as a pretence

I met a guy in social networking for about a month now who claims he is Captain John H Wilson and is 40yrs old. He is currently deployed in Iraq. He said he is widowed with a son who lives with his granny in Alaska. He even said he will be retiring and coming home in October. He says he is religious, wants to be my husband and marry me, etc. He completely ignores everything you say. However, if you didnt reply back right away, he just harassed you.
Today was were I drew the line and stopped all communications when he told me his " computer was affected with a virus and wasnt working anymore" In the meantime he is telling me this through a computer. The next second he is asking me to get him a computer through the military store at this website Us_army.s  @USA.com. Very bogus website and is a HUGE SCAM! I knew something wasn't right from the beginning but because he was coming from the military background, I figure he needed someone to talk to. I cut ties with this person before he could scam me. Be Ware ladies!

Is the name my guy used. From NJ mechanical engineer, UN peacekeeping mission in Nigeria, widow, daughter in UK scholarship. Met him on tinder but moved to Viber. Luckily for me it lasted 10 days, but I'm disabled with no money. I figured to play him till he asked for money but I have better things to do. My friends called my attention to the scam. Good luck.

Beware Tera hes a Scammer trying to test you by saying lots of Sweet n Loving Words to you to do what he wants to do get his phone number and investigate him. GOOG LUCK

My husband feel for a Nigerian romance scam. After several months, the scam artist gave a sad story about her mother, inheritance, etc. They wanted him to open a PayPal account and a checking acct. They were sending $1700 to his checking account. Except it went into our Wells Fargo account.
He doesn't believe my daughters and I that it is a scam. So he went ahead thinking he is helping her mother in Brazil. He used MoneyGram as they told him to do. The bank hasn't contacted him yet for the $1700 bounced transfer. How long does it take for the bank to receive notice from PayPal? Will they continue to ask him to transfer money or will they just steal money from our checking account?
I am one step ahead of this criminals. I changed our checking account. Closed it at Wells Fargo. Opened a new checking account at Wells Fargo in my name and my daughter's name. What happens next? Cut him off?

If your husband tells someone your bank account number, they can withdraw additional money.
You may want to warn your husband that if he deposits a bad check into his account and transfers funds, he will lose money and can get into legal trouble too. Some criminals develop relationships with people online, and then use them to help transfer funds through banks in the US.
It can take weeks for a bank to discover that a check is fraudulent. A bank may make some funds available on a check within a few days, but that does not prove that the check is good. This FTC article has more about fake checks.

Thank you for replying to me. My husband believes this person. I do have everything covered. New acts only in my name. Now waiting to see what happens next. The bank is aware of of all this. I have alerts on the acts.

Ma'am Bridget Small, It's too late finding this site and reading all blogs because all my savings gone and went through bank loans and even getting loans from friends. OMG! I'm dead and totally broke. It's my fault believing a total stranger. His name is General Houghton and a certain attorney and a banker. I realized ...it's a group. Please pray for me so I could handle my life after this devastating experience. Why the authorities coild not catch these criminals? Thank you !

Me too by a woman supposedly from Russia, menlysena for users out there...asks for personal email right away, sends a lot of pictures, tries to get info about me and my family and what I own...she just wants you to send her money, and take advantage of...

I know it's difficult. Break it off he is not the person for you. Trust me my scammer broke it off yesterday cause I never gave him any money. I must say I was a bit relieved but yet heartbroken because we started relationship. November 20th of 2015 and it ended yesterday January 28th. I just knew all along that something wasn't right if I had fallen for him I would have by now given him at least $8,000 counting all the different request that he asked me for thank God that I didn't do that. Please run while u have the chance. It will be worse off for you later if you don't cut it off now.

What was his story... I just start talking to someone on the 28th and he is asking me for things as well.

Be very careful don't disclose your bank account or credit card pin,be very careful maybe he is a potential scammer xxxxx

Please I am also in love the worse is I haven't been able yo talk yo him a soldier deployed in west Africa he can't call now he needs 300 for his leave form to come live here he's says he is not on mos code so they don't pay for him I called a scammer he upset I said I don't care who u r I love u u need money bi will still send it he still professing his love for me and he's coning home how can I know for sure. Anyone help please I feel like I can't get away like I am brain washed

US soldiers do not have to pay for leave forms. The US Army has many warnings about scammers who pretend to be soldiers.
If you never talked to the person on the phone or saw him in person, you can't be sure who he really is.  You take a risk when you send money to someone you don't know, or tell them about yourself. If you tell him your bank account number or credit card number, he could take money from you.


Do not send $$. I am a 49 year old single man been had 3 times, I am sorry but you will never meet him, his leave will be suspended because an "escalation in security measures" code orange or some rap like that, he got reprimanded because his bunk was not made properly, boots not shiny enough or he got into a fight...
All boo hoo stories, "how unfair our love has to wait". Please don't fall for it because he will change the subject every time you mention the money and a week later some catastrophic happenstance will bring him to ask you for more, larger amounts, and you end up with a dent if not no savings or defaulted on important payments.
First one only got me for $70 before I found her photos on(use the site, run his images), second got me just under a grand before I found her and third one $2500 for a plane ticket+ other. Look for words like " babe", "food stuff", " have you eaten today ". I beg you, do some searching, don't send anything or disclose anything personal and if you don't comply, knuckle under, watch his messages demeanor change to near violent but only a couple because he doesn't want to scare you all the way off, he just wants you to think you could lose him.
Believe, he has already psych profiled you and he will twist you up, wring you dry and you will not only feel betrayed by the entire male gender those heart aches take along, long, time to fade and then because of Your suspicions you might miss out on the real deal when he opens a door, meets you in a store, offers you a hand with something, we do those little things when we are interested or attracted (boys are wired differently than girls) nice guys are very subtle and cautious because we don't like getting hurt either. Please, search, report and forward everything he sent you to the FTC, FORWARD HIM A LINK TO THIS SITE and CUT OFF ALL COMMUNICATIONS, change your email, phone number. I am SO SORRY.

As I read your post I realized just how severe myself son was taken,he not only believed everything this person told him but alienated all his friends and his family.
The person that took advantage of him was a random "friend" request on FB....which turned into "I love you, I want to be your wife, send me money, barrow money, pawn or sell everything you have and I will come to you foe the rest of myself life", money for airline tickets x at least 5....after every dime sent he was sent excuse after excuse as to why she didn't show up, or pay my bills so I can keep in communication with you (lights and Internet $500 a month), I'm starving and have no money for food so I have to sell my blood....on and on the stories go.
I warned him from the second I heard that this was a scam but he totally believed literally everything she said. I checked and found I think 5 different profiles with the same name, from the same city in the same country... Quito,Ecuador! She has been "red flagged" through Western Union and then changed the name to send money to.... he has had messages forwarded to him that were emails to a different guy saying he was sending her money and the amounts with tracking info...he believed her "hacked" story and sent more money.
She has told him she has "raw gold" she will smuggle into the country sell it and they will live off that....also she has told him she needs all the money to prove that she can make it in this country, but they will refund it when she gets here. She threatened that if he fails her she will kill herself, and so on which gets even worse....he believed it all. My son was taken by this crook or group of crooks for more than $20,000.00 which is insane since he sent her the money she demanded without taking responsibility for his own bills. Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there in hopes it will help someone that's not as trusting and gullible as my son.....
I did have enough and sent her an email stating I was reporting her and her scam to every official I could with all documentation, demands, promises, etc....to this she sent my son a message saying I threatened to "kill her"...absolutely pathetic....her name is Cho Marie, Marie Misseh, Cho Marie Misseh....and the new name she had him send money to is Berroa Perez Mabel....and another A Soh Virgine???? I'm so glad you caught on before being totally taken....

this same woman is trying to take me now. she has all the stories to tell and everytime I subject. I asked her to send me a picture of her with her grand mother and she did. for somebody being so poor she sure live3s in s nice house. what alerted me to the scam was that she felt I was her soulmate and she would love me forever. kind of odd for someone to say that if we never have met. your story confirmed ny suspicion. same name berrao Perez Mabel. Thank you you saved me a lot off aggrevation. now it my turn to mess with her. I want to see how long she will play this out without me sending any money

Thanks for your reply, I still can get my son to stop falling for her bs stories...maybe seeing that this is happening to someone else in their words might help. He totally believes everything this person says....even "as soon as I get there I'll give you your money back....

You could also share this FBI article that describes how romance scammers work.
The FBI says the scam usually starts when you’re contacted online by someone who appears interested in you. The person might have a profile you can read or a email a picture to you. They might chat back and forth for weeks, even months, to build a connection. They might send small gifts. But eventually, your new “friend” is going to ask you for money.
The FBI warns people that you could get caught up in money laundering if you cash phony checks and sending the money overseas, or re-ship stolen merchandise the 'friend' sends to you.

Hi!My name is L., I have almost the same experience:on the 11 of April, 2016 I "met" a man, Major A.M., from one camp base in Iraq who in 3 weeks proposed me, but asked for a request of early retirement because the situation became dangerous in their camp base. I was asked to pay 2,700 dollars for his form of that "early retirement"...of course, my heart is broken now but I saved my money. Thanks to my friends, they helped me to "recognise" the scammer.

I met a man wanting the same amount of money. I am sure it is a scam!

I met a guy name David Robertson I need to know if he's a soldier or not cause he says he loves me and miss me and his son so can I please get some help here please soon he said he be home before Septembe

The US Army has warned people about scammers. Scammers pretend to be soldiers and tell all kinds of stories about themselves to get people to send money. Sometimes they say they have children who need money.
Don't send money to someone you never met.
The US Army says:

  • If you never talk to the person on the phone, or he says he can't send letters or get letters, it could be a scam. Even when soldiers are outside the US, they have an APO or FPO mailing address.
  • Military members have an email address that end in ".mil." If the person you're talking to won't send you even one email from an address that ends in ".mil," he probably is not in the military. The ".mil" will be the last part of the address with nothing after it.
  • If he says the military won't let him use his bank accounts or credit cards, it's a lie.

Look I am former military and military people NEVER I repeat NEVER have to pay to leave or any of the other BS these con guys are trying to pull. The military get's them there and get's them home... They issue their gear etc. Don't fall for these loser guys whining stories.

This is happening right now to me. I met this person online claiming that he is in Military station in Kabul Afghanistan he goes under the name of Dave Soto and told me he has a daughter and widowed.
Long story short we started chatting and and get into relationship Im so fallen for him. Now his asking for money because he said his daughter has broken her legs while she was in the park with friends. In the very moments I stand with what I believe is right I told him I will not send any money to him and now he is not replying back on my messages so its clear now that it was a SCAM! Ladies please be guarded your heart and money.

My friend started getting emails from a person on facebook who talked her into setting up a gmail account (it's more private he claimed). A Sports Doctor that went to college in Austin,Tx named Robinson Carter. He gave her a clinic that he claimed he worked at, we called them and they never heard of him. He sends all kinds of pictures none of which look the same to me. Works for UN, widowed wife killed in car wreck and one child named Ella sister/nanny/lives in UK can't keep story straight. Wants to get married, claims has all kinds of money. Just now coming up with after several weeks trying to get her to write or call the UN to get him out so they can marry! Yet never gives her that information, still won't come forward where he is located. My friend has tried to trick him up so many times and has, but he starts copying stuff out of books, and sending love songs instead. He has all night to do that..but can't write or talk on the phone....

Here is the kicker...he can't talk on the phone-write or receive letters-or tell her exactly where he is, no gmail address on any gmails. We are thinking the hammer is coming down today, suddenly UN is all but keeping captive and he doesn't want her asking any questions...Does anyone know this person????

Thank you for the information. I have been talking with someone for over a year and a half. He claims he is in the Army but there is a lot of red flags. I call him out on them. What makes it confusing we rarely email when we have it reads at the bottom of his message military computer. What throws me off we have spoken on the phone a few times as I really don't like talking on the phone to my surprise has a German accent. He has asked me for money I have sent him here and there. When I choose not to no big issues he will try again for his phone. Like I said he can get it disconnected. I don't look for him and he looks for me. I have googled his picture and nothing comes up. How do I know if he is real?

Members of the US military have email addresses that end in ".mil." If the person you're talking to won't send you even one email from an address that ends in ".mil," he probably is not in the military.
The ".mil" will be the last part of his email address with nothing after it. The ".mil" is in his actual email address, not something written at the bottom of the screen, or included in the signature or added as part of the message.
It's wise to pay attention to red flags. If you meet someone online, you really don't know who they are, and if he asks you for money, it's probably a scam.

What is the soldier's name? I have a soldier telling me the same thing

I have a guy saying similar stuff. His name is Reynolds Wood. He is supposedly in Kabul Afghanistan. Wanted me to send underwear, game controls for ps4 and Fifa Soccer, tank tops and some other items for his birthday. When asked his address it was to Ghana to courier because no one can come in or out of base except the courier.

This is too funny, the guy that sent a friend request on facebook also wanted , perfume ( which I thought was odd a guy asking for perfume not cologne}, then he wanted boxer panties { which even sent off bigger flags}, then he wanted 2 iphones. He also wanted $1200 to give to the orphanage in Kabul as he has no access to his bank accounts in Newark, Ohio. If I got these things to him, his general would let him out of the service quicker so he could see me....LOL then once he gave me the address to mail to in Ghana....I questioned him on it. He said it was his agent for his late fathers business. I asked what kind of business and he said gold and diamonds. The name that he used was Sargent Thomson Snow. Be aware !!

these scammers are so sick is a bloody shame


It is very simple. The guy is a fraud. there is no investment on his part, so you have nothing to lose. Just block him. I had something similar on EH. A woman was 29 (I am late 40s) and she was telling me that she was instantly falling in love with me and that age is just a number. Then she asked me for money for almost the same reasons you listed above. I immediately cut it off because I knew it was a scam. Don't feel bad. It is actually kind of funny on how blatantly clumsy they are in their scams.

Call me 912 xxx xxxx I have been investigating this group for several months. They are from the United States

As stated in the FTC's blog commenting policy, we do not publish personal information, like phone numbers, in blog comments.

I do have on victim to this scam. I met this young man on Facebook tennis age was 41 very good looking very clean-cut we struck conversation and one thing led to another after that I'm sixty years old I like the attention I was getting and unfortunately it was all a scam I didn't know that at first until my daughter made me see the light and understand what I was going to she literally had to put his picture up online you tell me that the person that I've been talking to is a good person PTI asked me if I could send him money for the papers to come home and be with me fortunately I did not send him any money but now I don't know how to get out of the situation too and I need everyone's help please help me in this matter thank you.

Hi.i guess i am a victim too of these scumbags.. i met this guy on FB.. he gave me a name FRANCIS DARREN. we started chatting sin feb 22.. i was skeptical but i continued to talk to him coz he seems so nice and gentle and sweet. an american guy from texas he said but currently in Ghana to claim a " nanny Will" to cut it short.. we chatted and eventually fell for each other even by not seeing each other yet. now , he wanted to marry me and get the nanny will so we could start a life. the problem is he couldnt process the nanny will from Barclays bank coz the bank is askin for money to process it.. so last nite it came to a point where he asked my help.. hahaha voila. i knew it.. when i refused.. he said i broke his heart. and made him sad. . the funny silly thing i did back then was i sent nude pics of me.. but latter part last nite .. he wasnt able to pesuade me to send him cash.. now i blocked him on FB..

Oh mine did you ever see him? Is he a young black guy? I guess he wants to marry everyone he chats with LOL. And of course it all is because he is madly in love with you and needs help. THEY ALWAYS DO. When he said he was sad - and you broke his heart - well he might be the same guy that scammed me - did he ever mention a brother? Where was he going to get married? Did he ever say in Ghana?

Be careful! Search the internet and check to make sure he didn't post your nude pics anywhere.

I did not have any nude pics from when I was there - he did though was low enough to give it to someone else there and then claimed he hadn't at the beginning so he has already done that from the beginning. But all I can expect is someone saying: Oh .. is that my friend.... And if they ask me then I will explain to my friends they know me and they can only see the scammer through his actions. And since you are answering to this how would you suggest I would disseminate this information all over the web and other places? Somebody suggested renting a billboard in each city. That would be expensive though.

i give someone i met from fb he is from turkey ,5000 usd by western union and then he bloc me..what should i do to get my moeny back???

When you send money by wire transfer like Western Union, it is very difficult to get it back.
When you send money by wire transfer, it is like giving cash. After the money is gone, the company cannot get it back. You can report the person to law enforcment in your area, and report him to the wire transfer company.

i sent someone 12,000Euro to assist him and after much communication he was a scamm but his details where real and he later opened up to me that he has already fallen in love with me i doubt and felt heart broken,when i told him i was heart broken cause he dissappointed me,he scammed someone else cause he had already spent all i gave him and he told me he was coming to me,yes he did come to me,the problm was he had no job when he came we paid the money back to the lady he scammed it from she is happy he his from liverpool we are both togehter though he his 53 and am 63

Are they only U.S. or are they a mix of Ghana and US?

How can we talk? It could be beneficial for both if it is the same people / group. Im on fb also -

What group is it that you've been investigating ? If the phone number I call os a real Nigerian number that person is truly n Nigeria .. yes ?

No - when I was in Ghana I observed that getting a phone in Nigeria somehow it keeps on showing from Nigeria even if you are in Ghana - the thing is that those scammers have not only one phone. I used to communicate through whatsapp and he would put my picture on the "DP" - well that is because they have various numbers and I guess there is a way of opening various kinds of accounts with whatsapp also (or something like that) in order to fit a lot of women's pictures and convince them that their pictures are going everywhere because each of them (us) is the only one they are romancing and they want the entire world to know you (and me) are their true love. So coming from Nigeria it could be any place in Africa I imagine that's possible. They have a lot of contact so they can have people still have their accounts in different parts of Africa. They can even make the phone appear from the U.S. The only thing is that sometimes when you call then you will hear that is a service phone of Google or some other internet provider.

I know. they are from United States because their phone no. are from United states and their bank accounts are from here they Use BOA and Wells fargo Bank. I now becauseI was scammed by the person by thousands of the dollars. The person who says you break my heart and I am sad uses the name Wilhelm Gerhard Krumwiede and now he is using the name Frances Daren. Do not give him money.

I met on date site. Good looking man, with 19yr. old son. Wife died when son was 1yrs. old. He said he's 68 , says has no family. Got off site. Email an texting only. Said in Dubai now working. Will be there for a few months. Supposedly has home in Florida. I'm not sure but I think he's in Ohio, working a scam. How do I find out if he's real? I am elderly lady.

When you communicate with someone online, you can't be sure who he really is. You can look for information about the photo he's using, but you don't know if the photo is really him.
One sign of a scam is when the person wants you to get off the dating site and use email or texts to communicate. Many people have written comments about scammers who say they are:

  • Americans working overseas on construction, oil rigs or other large projects
  • widows or widowers, with children who need money, gifts, computers or cell phones
  • coming back to the U.S. soon and want to see you.

Don't send money to someone you 'met' online, and don't do favors like let him use your bank account to transfer money, or open a bank account for him.

There is a new twist with this oil rig romance scam - the oil rig worker is a gay 57 year old widow . . .wife died in a car crash 13 years ago, 17 year old son is in French boarding school in Benin (West Africa) . . .needs money for a French trip to decide his final grade . .. father, son and guardian all correspond via email only- haven't sent any money yet - would like to scam the scammers. But gosh, the dad can write lovely emails on those lonely days out in the Irish Sea . ..my police officer brother ran his CA driver license - not legitimate of course. I'll keep leading him on until we tires of not getting money sent to his son.

I think I have been communicating with the same guy. Says he's 68 and from match. Wants to communicate by email. Claims he's working in Dubai and will be back to Florida in a few weeks. He writes me love letters about us being a couple when he returns. Claims he lost his wife in a car accident and his son is permanently injured and living in a medical facility in Ca. He goes by the name of Robert Derrickson.
Just waiting for him to ask me for money. I researched him and couldn't find anything.

I sure would like to no more about this one they are a big ring of them in the states and Nigeria and Ghana I sure wouldn't mind seeing pictures if available.

Your story is exact as mine...he's from London and he went to nigeria to work, needed money due to goods at seaport.we been talking since aug.2015 I sent him up to 4000 and recently I was sent a check for 1,780. I cashed it and western union contacted me to get money back that I was check scammed I put money back in bank and all turned out ok thank god. we still talk and tonight he ask for 1000. To help him renew travel papers to come be wth me

Sounds EXACTLY like the guy I met online. He was "short on Goods Customs" in Lagos Nigeria. He went by name of Charles?? Just curious. He also asked for various other amounts because his son who was only five years old whose name was Dave supposedly was in the hospital. When I Googled the name and nothing came up anywhere which right there told me scam and he just recently broke up with me February 28,2016 because I wouldn't send him money or give him my bank account information. We met end of Aug 2016.

What phone number does he use ?

what's his phone ?1 402-892-1309

I would love to see the pictures of this man. I believe I may have the same thing going on for a shipment but it seemed so real it's freaking me out. His story really checks out! If it's easier to email the pictures to me oh good lord please don't think this is a scam... My email address is:
I am literally sitting outside of the store about to do a MoneyGram second-guessing myself..

We don't publish personal information like emails.
If someone you don't know contacts you out of the blue, wants to be your friend and then wants your money, there's a good chance he's a scammer. If you send money, you probably won't get it back.

I think you and I have the same Facebook friend. Only a couple pics on Facebook and has sent a few "from Nigeria" to keep me hooked. But voice and the person in the photos just can't be the same person for various reason. But it looks like they keep track of the details they tell you. Three small details mentioned in our first (so far) phone conversation. Seemed on purpose almost. I wish some of the "fake pictures" there out there that we could browse to see .

You can look up photos on Google to find where else the image has been used/posted. You need to use a computer and from Google you select Images and in the search bar select the camera icon and upload your image and it will search for that image. I have done this and it works. It has helped to confirm a scammer who is using the same photo setting up other profiles.

Don't do it. I have been scammed a few times. One was supposedly a marine captain in Afghanistan and got $3000 and an expensive iphone.

I met a guy on Christian dating site and we communicated every day and I then started texting - he even had. "Daughter" email me as she was concerned I was going to hurt her father . His story was he had a job in Dubai with a big payoff but his tools were stolen and he needed 14,500 but he had most of it only needed 2000 from me - I blocked him and put his email to spam . Quoted bible verses wrote poetry for me ., his name was Henry Dailey but it was more likely a fake using mr Dailey picture and name . Sad

I feel I may be communicating with the same person. His name is Paul Smith and is working in Nigeria. His daughters name is Mary. Lived in Jacksonville Fl. but originally from Ireland. Sound familiar?

this sounds like adam ledet or ledet adam has a daughter name lisa who will text you about concern over her father suppose to be from irland this man man has a kind smile gray and black beard friendly face I think its adam ledet beware

What's his name and description?

Omg was his name John field Micall ?

Right....u fall in love with someone who dont exists ...false photo...fake profile...sharing their problems they r from uk or us and stay in south east africa following tourism programme. ...ha haha.
they have no foodstuffs and ask u if u know about western union etc...

Don't send money again,go to your bank and complain if possible change your phone no,email and any ways you think he can still get access to you ,

I had one and reported it to the police now there looking into the scammer I had

Hi there can you tell me more about this situation?

Which information do you know about the person.contact me and lets track him down

I'm in the same boat he keeps texting he needs money now it's $1,500 . I also need help

I feel the same way how do you get out of it

Just tell him you know they get paid and you are not sending money. And do not send it. I don't care how much he says he loved are cares for you, a real man don't ask for money, just scammers.

ayala, I'm in the same situation as you are. I was scammed by thousand of $$$ and even pawned un able to redeem my jewelries. I have accepted the reality and maybe it's my destiny. I cant recover my loses anymore. I was dumb but I gave it all to God for HIM to handle.

I dont know if i am being scammed
He has not asked me for money but Is sending money to me he claims to be a general force command u.s. army. He said His wife died.and now that he met me
he Had sold his home to relocate to be with me he has hired a military lawyer to do all transaction he has been doing alot of traveling for meetings and the money from the sale of the home
he wants me to handle to buy a home where i am located I had confronted him about being a scam he got angry and said he is a noble man He said he dies not want his name stained but tonite i saw a photo of his wife wearing eyeglasses with the year 2017 On them
and the date posted was december 2016 if you go to google his biography is thier i have met him in persone but very much confused what do i do

This sounds like a scam. You noticed that something isn't right about the photo of his wife.
A scammer might not ask you for money right away. He might send you stolen money and ask you to deposit it in your bank account. Or, he might send you a bad check and ask you to deposit it. Scammers don't always ask people to send money, sometimes they use people to transfer money from one place to another. If you get involved in a scam like that, you could lose personal information and money. You could get in legal trouble.
If this doesn't feel right to you, you can stop talking to him or block him.

Sorry for that...just dont think about it,it hurts try to hangout with friends,do good things thhats not you..lets start with that and see how it goes

Barry Nolly is the name of the person that tried to scam me but I got him told him that he was a lie and that the police was on to him and his friends and that they will be arrested in a matter of days so he never called back again.

How do I tell my story I don't know how to get this to stop my husband is being scammed by the picture Raven Riley he thinks she is real she is on skype and call or messages him all the time I want him back with out this scam ruining our lives someone please help

Hello my name is Terrie, and I'm writing this with a broken heart. I meet a suppose to be a us army soldier in Afghanistan. His name is Bernard Stephen. Promise me the world, and it all was a lie. Ladies watch your back and don't let your guard down. December 21. 2016. Please be careful.

What if you have done a video chat with him and his face matches the pictures he says he is a business man but his customer can't send his money direct to him so he needs you to open a Bank account I feel this may be fraud

If a scammer wants to send stolen money, he looks for someone to do the dirty work.
Some scammers develop online relationships and ask their new sweetheart to open an account, or accept a deposit and transfer funds for them.  He will make up a story, and send you instructions about transferring money.
If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

I am curious if you have a picture of this person, I am talking to guy claiming to be from UT but is on business in Australia as well and am wondering if same person

Wow this sounds famiar. Nick juarez sound famikia?

Same here but says he's in Malaysia needing money for A shipment to get through customs. He even sent Me a customs tax form etc via e-mail. I know he's fake It's very evident. Wish I could share a pic on here.

i meet some guy he had his daughter and son email that he was working in Maylasia name is George Smith.. he told me he lived in AZ but he was going Maylasia for work. That He need me to send Laptop Because His broke..And That he couldn't get any money for air fair and now that he need money pay the taxes

Mendez27:do you have a picture of this george smith .. cause my mom has been talking to a george smith that says he is from the army and he is in dubai and he separated from his wife and he told my mom he was 40.:( i dont want my mom to be heart broken cause it sucks...he also gave my mom an email that says soldiers-off-duty.gov@consultant.___ and he told her that if she needed to contact him to email him there.

If you meet someone online and they ask you to send money or gifts, that's a sign they might be trying to scam you. The US military warns people about scammers who pretend to be soldiers.
Scammers tell many different stories to try and sound legitimate. They might say they're in the military, or travelling for business, or have kids who need financial help. They ask for money, or gifts, and promise they'll see you soon. If you send money or gifts to someone you never met in person, you probably can't get them back.


What is his name? As I'm dealing with a guy also who is supposed to be from London but just got a contract in Malaysia and is needing money for the custom.His name is Alexander Robert.

Is he an Engineer for Premier Oil & Gas and his wife died about 2 years ago ? OMG He didn't ask me for money but pledged his love for me every single day.

Do not send money I am out 219k to a scammer I am pretty sure working as a contractors trying to collect his 1,560,000.0 chech his name he is going by is andrew Markus and other names involved luke yin sung as a bank branch manager another name is lin lu hu or Morgan Mathews beware never send money to anyone I met Andrew on dating website. Would not meet me before he went did the set up a bank account and many other things but as I sit now all my savings is gone and I am in debt

Im in the same situation. Pretty sure I have been scammed.mine is also a contractor stuck on a ship and can't leave until he pays for flight and freight charges. His name is Ronald reaves. Even sent me a picture of his contract award and his cheque.

Was Alexander from Norway but brought up in England, parents died early, no siblings, he is widowed, Engineer with oil contract in South Africa? The person I have been talking to is Ronald Alexander, met on Facebook.

You and every other victim are dealing with the fraudulent governments of Nigeria, ECOWAS Economic Communities of West Africa and South Africa. They are the rich "entrepreneurs/traders" and mainly the Igbo from Nigeria. Don't also be deceived by such as "Italian/American/British" accents because these SOB's are from the rich royal families/kingdoms in Nigeria that send their brats to the best universities in the US and UK to become scamming doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. They are greedy filth living overseas in expensive properties, cars etc and huge bank accounts

I was scam by this new Yorker to he was a romantic he spoke every word that was kind to me he respectfully talk to me over Five months in states he was a enterpuer in treated me that he was taking me to court after he scame me he place money in a banking account in then he scam me he states he was a widower in he has a daughter she was a 16invade was living with family in how he wanted to come in live in my state and have a life with me women don't be decieve!

Hi. I having been talking to a guy who says he is from New York (Long Island) and he is on a business trip in Turkey. I just found I out from the bank that the money he transferred was fraud. He has a daughter who is 14 now. She left me a message to thank me for the Itunes gift card. I fell for him and he was a sweet talker. There was always something wrong after the first month. His business needed a new piece for his drilling machine, hospital stays and not having money for food. I feel ashamed and I feel like a fool. I saw the signs and somehow he promised it will be fixed. He says he is French and has an accent. He told me his wife died from cancer. I texted with his daughter or God knows who fro months until her phone broke. That's so funny. Once I got a call from the bank I texted him and told him never to contact me again and I blocked and deleted all of his information. I am wondering if anyone else had a similar experience talking to this scammer. My family knew and told me to stay away;but I didn't want to believe it. I feel relieved it's over and hurt and sad by this gruesome experience. I would like to communicate with anyone with this similar experience. I believe nothing he told me was true.

Sounds like mine.. three days in, he supposedly lived near me, moved here from Texas 4 years ago, is 58 and an engineer. Had a wife named Jane who passed away, a son John (19) and daughter Marcella (23). He is using the name James Rollings. But when I do a search on him, or his company, or any of these names, I find nothing. I even pulled a report on him and couldn't find strong evidence, so Spidey senses are going off. I've insisted we need to meet, but magically, he's working overseas as well in Turkey and will be coming home in 2 weeks. Told him great, when he's back in the states, we'll meet up, but until then, not doing anything more. Wish he was real, but oh well, the dude got nothing from me except my real name, and I'm putting lifelock all over that now... Daters beware.

I started talking to a Man who sent me a friend request on Facebook. I called him out immediately and he sent me a copy of "his" passport. We continued to communicate via Facebook , emails and phone. After a month of talking it happened. He was a Maritime Security expert pulling into port and this was his last mission , flew to Port of Cyprus which he has called me from a Cyprus number said he was being detained due to a large sum of money(client paid in cash) and a firearm he used for his job. He stated he was from the UK and had even called me from a number listed in the UK. I sent him money and he then asked for a larger amount , which some how I've managed to resist sending. His name was Axel Gate, anyone heard of him. I can't find any of his pics on the internet but have managed to locate his email address with limited info...            . I have been in contact with "his attorney" via email.He has went to great legnths to carry this out. A website for the attorney and for Axels business. Part of me still wants to believe.

The situation you describe sounds like a romance scam:

  • someone you don't know contacts you out of the blue
  • he asks to be your friend
  • he claims to work overseas and to be in several different countries
  • he wants you to send money

If you send more money, you probably won't get it back. Scammers usually ask you to send money by a wire transfer or bank transfer, because the transfer happens quickly.

Guy on plenty of fish, using name George Willy except george is spelled incorrectly.... He set it up from beginning, he was trying for a big contract, day we were going to meet, he had to pack because he was leaving in 2 days time to go to Cyprus.... His daughter lives with family in New York/George is supposedly Dutch... This guy is calling me from a local number... He has a health condition which will require a special medical flight home...$6000. But he only needs $1500. I have called him a liar, I have told him GOD may strike him for swearing he will pay me back. I even asked him how long was he going to continue this farce ? Today I shall tell him I will loan him the money. So, I will begin recon on this house to figure out, just how they are involved. I have an ear for accents and dialects This person is Nigerian. So whomever is writing responses from the FTC on this site, better contact me before I get to these people.......

The guy I was talking to is also located in Cyprus or near Cyprus. The number he called me from originally was New York and then business took him to Turkey. I am wondering if he is the same person using a different name. Is he bald, blue eyes and has a possible french accent. He sent me pictures of him wearing a cross. I also got a picture of him and his daughter. I would like to communicate with you because I think we might have the same guy. From what I'm reading regarding scammers they change some information out and are even able to get overseas phone numbers. I also feel the same way, he is still denying the truth and parts of me still wants to believe he is telling the truth. However, all the red flags are there. I asked to see a copy of his U.S. passport he did not respond. I told him that this is another sign that he is a scammer. I don't know if we are allowed to talk to each other via email or phone. I will hopefully, get the response via this comment if we can communicate if it is O.K. with you. Take care.

I was talking to a guy for the last 45 days, goes by the name Chris Morgan. Says his daughter is in the hospital and needs surgery right away. He has asked me for $10,000, then $5,000 then said his secretary came up with $3,500 and all he need now was $1,500.00. He has sent me pics of himself and his 2 children, several times.

I would like to know if he has a daughter and son. The guy that I have been talking to in the last 4 months has tattoo on one of his arms saying Daddy loves you Taylor his son's name is Blayne tattooed on the other arm, a tattoo above his belly button and the name Jenni tattooed on his right rib cage. Please contact me at . Just to see if it's the same guy. Do u have any pics?

I think I have the same friend. I know he is a scammer as I've done much research on him. Says he is from Utah. Traveling now to Malaysia on business. I'm just waiting on the "send me money" request. I did a image identity search and that came up as someone else and when I checked his fb page, there was a comment about his photos were being used by someone else. The person who I'm talking to goes by Robert L Neufeld. I have 3 phone numbers he gave me. Claims he lives in Salt Lake City. Has a 8 year old daughter. Has sent me pics of him and daughter, but they are pics of the person and daughter whose pics were stolen. Do you think this may be the same person?

Update on Neufeld. This was very interesting. When I would not give him money, he closed his FB account. I have been watching for him to come on as a new person and sure enough, yesterday, he started building a account. He is now, Neufeld Robert and is the CEO of Philanthropy. Guess what, that is what I am. He is raising money for the Indonesian Red Cross. Today that has changed and he is raising money for Asia, Manchester and Jamaica. I'm amazed at how many identities this man has, however, most of them have the same city, state. Utahn, Utah. He also goes by the name of Neufeld Robert L, a US Lieutenant General, living in Fallujah, Iraq, but from - Utahn, Utah. There is also another Robert Neufeldl, who claims to be in Ramadi, Iraq and from Utahn, Utah. Upon doing a google image search, these photos were stolen according to      There is also another Robert Neufeld, who says he works for some lottery. I just got an invitation to connect with a Scott Williams, that when you google his name, is also a known scammer. Suddenly that request has been taken down. I'm wondering if they are not all connected. Please be careful. You can always copy their photo and do a google image search. Beware of those named Robert L Neufeld. I find they have used different variations of the name. Neufeld Robert L, Neufeld RobertL, Robert Neufeld, Robert L Neufeld. Thank goodness I did my research.

Roxie, thank you for the tip to look for the scammer by copying photo in Google. It work. I found my scam there and I was surprise to read how many names he has: Evans Benito, Steven Carlos, Frank Griffson, Tomas Dijoux. I was in one piece. He is a great lover. Say he lives in San Francisco, CA, but now I dont know. He has the same story: flight for business to London for and then flight to Ghana to complete the business and one day he needs money...... He is a huge scammer.

I got a friend request on Facebook and accepted it. We started messaging back n forth for 2 days. He said he lives in New York, but will not say where. He says he is in business in London. He had his friend call me on private number and in a threatening manner. Both asked for bank acct, didn't give them one because I don't have one. The one that called wanted PayPal passwords. I didn't give it to him. Threats of hurting my family and the guy said he knows where I live. I blocked the guy on Facebook and phone number. I do not know what to do.

My dear Susan, they no nothing about you. Its just a mere threat . Be strong okay.

Hello im in the same situation I met a guy in a dating site saying he is deployed in nigeria and looking for a wife...I gave him my email and yes he sent photos there and I gave my whatsapp number ..later he was asking me to send money thru money gram I said I dont have cash im going home next month..he said if I can send money cuz his internet is about to expired....I said I will send when I go home...then it came to my mind why not I search in google about this guy and his name is john diemel I did search and found out he is using alot of facebook accounts....but I gave my bank name..is it possible that he can steal my money? Pls help I need answer

If you give someone your name, your bank's name and your account number, it is possible for him to take your money.
If someone asks for your bank account number and says he will put money in your account, he might take your money instead.

Yes dear,I had the same thing happen to me.You ask about help. I am looking at photos on the internet. You can do a photo search that will pull this man's pic up for you. I'm doing it mainly to let this man know his I.D. and pictures are being used. It would how ever be such a remarkable thing if I could end up meeting with the real man and him not be married but if he is, So be it. I'll still be happy. Thanks

Can you tell me what site you use to do a photo search. I became Facebook friends with someone who started messaging me. His Facebook is sketchy with few pics and only a couple likes from other single females spread throughout US. He also sent me a couple pics from there but no way to tell for sure if it is him or someone else's pictures from Facebook. Would love to do a photo search.

Just curious what this guys name is that friended you on Facebook? It sounds exactly like the guy that I've been emailing and messaging..! A few pics from him, but he has no friends on Facebook and never posts anything.. Very skeptical..

Yep me too I have figured out the same thing u can tell how established they are by lots photos and friends but not always I had a supposed to be military had two accounts . He also said his dad died in Army and mother killed in auto accident on her way for vacation to Italy and he was an only child. On the other account last name was different same guy posing with his brother in military uniforms with last name different he goes by Nicholas Johnston on one and Nick Millinger on other claims he's in Afghanistan working as civil engineer making $30,000 a month but could not get access to his account to apply for a leave which raised a red flag I knew that was not true because I had brothers who got their checks and sent them home to save,0.
He never asked for money because he knew I was on to him. I really liked him and much older so I said he could be my Godson and so it was we discussed the Bible and he told me how much he loved me an wanted to meet me and be a part of my family. I texted him fb and told him I found out he has lied to me haven't heard from him since I outsmarted him and some others who were scammers and now I won't accept friends unless I know of them or know them especially men all this fairytale love at first sight is bogus as I have always said u have to meet and spend time together to find out about them so don't let go of ur money if they need money u don't need them

Where do you go to a photo search to check out the guy that started chatting with me from the online dating website I was on. He only had 1 pic on the website but when I asked for more pics of him...he sent them to my email and they are the same person. well b4 we could meet in person he had a got a job in Malaysia to build a bridge and he has sent me pics of that also.. so if you could please tell me where I can go to do that photo search. Thanks

Ya the samething is happening to me i met this Nigerian on this dateing sites but what i found weird was that when i want back to the dateing site her profile was gone

I surfed the internet and went to a country music site and found a woman that was beautiful. We talked and I fell for her, I told her I had feelings for her, and she said the same. I sent her money when she needed it, I sent her money to come to my home. I live in Ohio and she in Illinois, Well excuse after excuse she never came, this went on from March 2015 to October 2016, I lost my home due to sending her money instead of paying the house payment, then I told her I had to be out of the house by the 30th of September, and had no place to go, and I had to live in my car. Well I lost over $24,500 and guess what I have not heard from her at all. Her money source ran out.

Is this mans backstory that jos wife died and he has s little girl . Wife died of lung cancer , in the crude oil business , and worried he won't have enough to care for him anc child in Nigeria since he sent. Any home to Norway.

I have one who wife died and has a aliitle girl, in oil dig business in Cambodia, move from New Jersey, home from Norway? Need money fix net work problem . I search all phone number and email and picture from scam web site , try to find a list , but didn't find any natch to him. Any one similer to me?

I too was scammed by Nigerian man called Collette more blessing know as Olaitan blessing he told different stories said he loved me I too fell in love ❤ but I cant find him now

This guy I met on this site he said he love me and if I help him out he said he wants to marry me and scam me out of my and he said he need money to eat on because he was in Africa I was Stupid he never pay back

Please think about yourself..and shut the door and run..U will find real love in time

This is what I'm dealing with....what name is he using

he is using the name "James Bongani" and owner of "Construct It" is using the Viber app as a way to communicate away from the EH website..I hope this helps you in search

Please, please, please, take the time to enter a complaint in the IC3 web site at https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx This is the main site where international police can work together to get these rings and stop these types of gangs. If we all pool our information, we can help law enforcement find these people and stop them. The other thing we can do is share all the names, phone numbers, email addresses FaceBook profiles and other identifiers here and other Romance Scam sites on line to warn others. It is not only helpful to yourself, but it might save someone else from losing a lot of money. I am with you. I have lost a lot--including my self respect, but I am determined to DO SOMETHING NOW. 2016 is OUR YEAR to FIGHT BACK.

I agree, please enter a complaint with the IC3 website. Also file a complaint with the FTC. Forget about the embarrassment, the shame and the guilt. Do it for yourself, your loved ones and friends. Don't let these criminals get away with stealing another dime.

I have been talking to a man from brikama Africa. He started asking for 500.00 and now he is down to 100.00 I feel it is a scam but he tells me his family has no food or money for food. I haven't sent any yet but he sure is trying toake me feel sorry for him. His name is lamin darboe he has a facebook account and I found out recently he has several Facebook accounts.

I was taken by a man Ugoeze Marvelous from Ghana..what a fool I was

Accra maybe? Do you have a picture of the real man?

I been preyed on by a so called RUSSIAN woman I met online.I haven't sent no money yet, but am being pressured to send for a tourist visa. She says she has no phone or computer I guess I'm being scammed???

I was married to a legitimate Russian woman that I met. I have been through the visa process for a K1 visa and I dont think I ever sent her money for that. But I had met her in person flying over there previous. You do not need someone if they cannot find a way to even pay for basic filing fees. Do not let yourself get sucked in. I have these people try and scam me all the time and I just play with them till the inevitable comes. Be careful...there are real people out there but a lot of scammers.

I agree in that there's scammers,but yet not every man or woman is.Sad to have to say that Ive so far already been approached by 2 different men that contacted me by using Facebook-both sending "friend requests"&messaging me.1st one went by the name Hilary-though I cant recall the full name unfortunately.The 2nd &most recent one is Wilson Joshua Charles who showed on his profile that he is from Arlington,TX which w/just sticking to chatting, he'd also said he was from Texas,but w/work he's currently in W.Africa.Then came the jump to saying things like hopes to see me in person,quickly saying words of love&being together.Followed by the same general things the 1st guy Hilary said.Asking if there's either a Money Gram or Western Union near me because if his Uncle could send me the money he's needing.Because of course his Debit Credit Card has a limit on how many times he can pull money out,or use!So if I could just give him my information to have his Uncle send me the money,&then I send it to him using either Money Gram or Western Union if I could.I of course told him that neither one is something Im able to do.He definitely is looking for any way possible to get me to do this,because he asked if I have a PayPal account.I write this,in hoping that others read this &recognizes the names,maybe remembers them & is of some help.I feel bad for those of which had unfortunately gotten scammed of your money,along w/got your heart involved as well:(...

its a scam

Be careful, if they ask for money right away, they are scamming you, I just went through it my self and wished that I would have been more thorough. Check ip addresses, I had one from mountain view California that claimed to be from Russia. She sent beautiful pictures and professed her love within a week, she then proceeded to ask for money for a visa, sent 300, then she asked for airfare, 760, she did not plan on visiting she just wanted the money wired to her in Russia, she went by the name Ekaterina Bybina. From Salsk, there is no person with that name when searched, she uses the email address menlysena it's a gmail account as well as a yahoo account. I went through this site and had seen there was another user on here also scammed by her. Never send money! They are looking for people to prey upon, do your research, I wish I had.

Can you handle this website this blog because my friend my best friend she is being skinny see how he has been for the last month he did not bring it to my attention for approximately 3 weeks she started saying that she would need to help the family the family needed help they were little and she started asking for money collecting money and stuff and I kept saying okay I can't help thinking it was your family thenIt started escalating further were two weeks later she comes to me and tells me she needs $10,000 I'm like what's wrong so she starts telling me and being honest about it she met a man named Henry Clement. Off of FacebookHe befriended her and offered her a job first looking for homes saying that you to buy homes in the town that she lives in so she said all I got a job and as a friend on Facebook alright I know this person was a recommendation from somebody else so that she started looking around next thing you know he started going out on a romantic all even though my best friend is married he started saying things about helping her family giving her family lots of money and stuff like that she's started feeling like maybe this guy really careObviously he does not and that was the skin okay so we found a way to get to her and then he started feeling well I sent you a package the package is in Malia got all your information stuff and she said she told him don't send me anything I don't want anything from you I don't know you I'm married and he said he's too late is too late it's already on its way I need your information because I spent all my all the stuff in a jewelry iPad money he didn't tell her Money at first when he told her earlier so she got panicky and she sent over all the information her birth records or passport driversLicense ID the whole shebang little bit you know that they were getting information so they could run the scan on herThen a few days later a company called euro British global courier service based out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia said they received the package in customs took itWhen they scanned it through the scanner they found money in the package so they said that it was against the law of course it's against the law and my friend does not did not know that there was money she didn't even know about the what was in the package they emailed her a true blue looking contract and they have a website the whole works they have it all set up for it to look it up OK and they said this is your tracking number this is where its at butThe customer says you need to pay so much such and such amount of money and you need to pay it now they said this is how you do it and she started panicking because they told her that she could get in trouble the police international police to custom the whole world of course they're going to work on things like that especially when you're not even you don't understand what's going on in OKSo of course she started panicking animals a lot of money she did not have the money she could not tell her husband because her husband would just basically disowned her we do not want that guy she's happily married okay but now this is the thing that she said they said one of mouth so she sends at him out and they say okay I will give it to customs now the Customs has the package will take the money to the package in the package will be released to an agent and the agent will bring the package to you in the United StatesThat seems very fishy already She did not tell me any of this because she was scared and embarrassed okay so finally they started extorting more money from her he said that he sent his drivers license his credit card in the package so she has to pay for it she he's working on her and she's like okay okay okay well I do hes like here's my friends you can call see if they can help out of course they're all the same group of people it's a big scam she didn't know when she finally told me I'm like oh my god what have you done we have got to find it I investigated and new was a scam my shoulder everything about what was going on she still didn't believe me she wanted to believe this person online did not even know the person never seen his face he said they Skype but she never seen what I look like ok the picture and in the website does not look like him his name is Henry Clement locate on skype it's Henry Clement when I put him in Skype he has over 20 different Skype addressOn facebook it is Henry Clement 9256 / 52 or Facebook / 9256 what is Henry Clement he says he's from New York City he is not okay I'm telling you its not the same people.I am sorry because I am very angry because she has spent over $15,000 and they still keep harassing her to this day I have reported it to the IC 3 international crime for the FBI that's got a report we're waiting on something we've got so much evidence and they still keep calling me that so many phone numbers I've tracked this guy all over the place. Sometimes they truly think that they are above everybody else and they think they're smarter than everybody else because they can keep harassing and keep forcing the way they do it is they force you to get mad and and and beat on you a little bit then all the sudden a nice and then they beat on you all the text in the emails that my friend has is really bad and it makes me upset that people go through thisI just want to say watch out they're out there international fraud parcel package. Thank you I'm sorry for I talk so much.

Scottyspd, what a similar story I got from you. I man befriended me on FB named Adam Joe. He is from UK. After a few weeks he told me to send a gift but I refused. He insisted sending a gift. He sent pictures of the items he put in a brown traveling bag...all items were expensive...rolex watch,jewelries, MK purses. perfumes, ipad, iphones. He got my address and I gave him too.He said that I will receive in 4 days because it is express. Yes, after 4 days , a custom agent called my office that there is a parcel for me and will deliver to my place in 45 minutes but I need to pay tax of $700. I send the tax to the bank account indicated because I was promised to receive the parcel...but to my surprise the custom agent called me up telling that there is a money inside the parcel in the amount of 45,000 pounds and plaved inside red bos which is a violation. So I asked what shall I do. I was demanded to send tax of $5,000 so that the parcel will be delivered. Adams Joe sent the receipt of the parcel sent to thru OVERNIGHT NEXT DAY DELIVERY. It looked so real and weighed over 30.11 and content of the parcel indicated as shown on the picture sent by this person whose address at UK. I called him of what is happening and said I cant find $5,000 additional tax and he got so mad. I lost $700. OMG ! Is this a scam or real package? Pleas , I need answer. Thanks

This sounds like a scam to get your money. The scammer said he would send expensive gifts, but only showed you a picture. He pretended to send you expensive gifts, but he made you pay before you could get the gift!
It sounds like he was trying to get you excited, and then take your money.

Bridget Small-FTC, it really looks real. Is there a way for me to get back my money I sent to the bank account? The name of the account holder and The location of the bank branch is indicated in my deposit slip. When I called the sender of the parcel that I am asked to pay additional $5,000 tax because of the money inside the parcel found by the custom, he got mad at me when I told him I cant raise the tax. As I am reading all blogs on here I realized it's a scam but it is too late. At first, he pleaded that I need to pay the $750 so that his gift wont be lost so I paid...but I was not able to pay the additional $5,000.

If you sent money to an individual person, you could start by contacting that person. Or you could ask someone at your bank for ideas, or contact the bank you sent the money to. If someone tricked you into giving them money, it might be something to report to law enforcement.

Bridget, if I transferred money from a Wells Fargo account to someone else's Wells Fargo account, and later found out I was scammed, is there anything I can do? I filed a complaint on the ic3 site, but haven't heard back. I provided the bank checking account information for the person who the money went to. Do I have any recourse?

If that person knows your account number, they can take money from your account. Talk to your bank about protecting your account.
Depending on the details of what happened, you could make a report to local law enforcement, or to the online site where the person contacted you. If the person used the US mail, you can give envelopes to your local post office.  You can also report to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give the FTC goes into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement use for investigations.

MaCing, It started on February 20 my story is exactly like yours! This person also befriended me on FB by the name David Warren (single father with an 8 year old daughter ,wife died of cancer 2 years ago ) saying he is a marine engineer from U.K but works on a cargo ship going to Finland. Few days later he tells me he wants to buy me gifts when he reaches the seaport which I refused because I didn't know him. He kept insisting he wanted to shop for me. ( I have no romantic feelings for this guy, only accepted him as a sincere friend) Stupid me, I gave in and told him just send me a scarf and gave him my address. Next day images of Gucci watch, Rado watches, Coach bags were sent to me along with what looks like a legitimate air way bill and information on a shipping details. Express delivery of the package total of $1,500USD shipped via route Finland-India-USA. I don't know much about shipping routings but with expensive images that he sent me I didn't have a good feeling about via India and express delivery? The package was sent out on February 25, expected delivery was 27 February by 11:43am indicated on the air bill. Today February 27 at 10:00am he texts me to say hi, at 10:04am I get a phone call from India not thinking about the package, I automatically thought about all the telephone scams that's been going around I ended the call twice on them. I then tell David, my so call friend about getting a call from India and told him I just blocked the number. He insisted that I gave him the number which I did, no more than a minute later he text me back and says "there is a little problem"
His exact words were,"They said it took a transit to India and they are requesting for Customs clearance and diplomatic hand over charges" I asked how much do they want? He said "We have to pay 500 dollars" i was silenced for a minute and the next text he send is," are you going to pay for it ?" I told him "I need to think about this first, $500 is a lot of money. I immediately looked online to see what I could find out about online scamming that's when I came across this website. As I looked back and try to compare the scam warning signs it was all there . Meeting on FB then asking to talk via WhatsApp, sending expensive gifts, single father with a daughter or a son. Says he makes 70,000Euro a month but can't get to a bank because they don't have banks at seaports. So I have to pay the $500 first and he said there is money in the package he sent me. Who sends money in a package?? On the air way bill there was a box that said X-RAY SCAN RESULT: Non- harmful Content (negative). Wouldn't you think they saw they money?? I then went back to look at a picture he sent me this morning he said he was eating breakfast on the cargo ship with his friend. In the picture he was eating his breakfast and someone did take a picture of him or supposedly of him, but I guess he must have forgotten to tell the camera man or woman not to include the female maitre d' because as I am staring at the picture, she is staring right into the camera! In the background. Must be a luxury cargo ship. Please everyone be careful! I might not have lost any money as many of you have, but through my acceptance as friend via FB he might also be trying to scam other friends as well.

Hi Georgia,
I was too a victim of these dating online fraud. I met this girl from OKCupid.com on December 2015 name Brittney Retorick, (she's in the Army) and she said she's in Nigeria. She sent me picture of her couple of times...so I google her name and came up on Facebook with same picture (looks pretty legit to me). We exchange private email as we chatted. To make the story short, she started saying she's a single mom and her daughter is being taking care of by her Aunt in New York. Things are not doing so well on her end she said and telling me sad stories like how her dad died in Army and her mom died of cancer. And she started asking me for money this and that....So, on December 23 2015, she ask me to send her money of $2,000 to help her fly back to the US from Nigeria as she was stuck there. She as if I could send it to her Aunt in New York name Christine Kara and send the money through Western Union which I have never done before in my life sending money thru those means. As I tried to send money to her with WU....Western Union keeps rejecting the money I was trying to send as they told me I never met this woman. So she asked me to try MoneyGram...with MoneyGram it went throuh....I decided to email Brittney Retorick on Facebook and not through personal email....it turns out that the real Brittney Retorick was being used by this fraudster. The real Brittney doesn't know she was being impersonated by someone from Nigeria. A day later my bank called me about fraud that my $2,000 was taken away.Please beware of sending money to this person: Christine Kara 65 Lincoln Blvd East Moriches, NY 11940

Hi Georgia, I agree this is our time to fight back, I was almost a victim of this, I met a man online and he has has asked me for for money more than 3 times, his story is that he lives and works in dubai, he is Nigerian, and he has filed a complaint against the company he works for because of bad conditions they have let him go because of this and now he is running out of money, he has a Facebook page but only a few pics I have not and will not send him any money, I want others to aware of him his name is Moses ganfo or Moses Ebikepiri Ganfo

U can tell they are fake a man named Dennis veiri freinded me an after a week he loves me an wants to come to my hometown hes in the middle of the sea for two weeks an of course he can't get to his bank account so he wants me to send his nanny in north Carolina three Hundred for his daughters party its really sad people can't tell when they are fake they always use am here am going to work thisan has called me I called the number. Back an of course he doesn't answer he is an American but has a very solid accent his excuse he's been over seas for years but is ready to retire an marry me so me an my cousin are playing along just to see how many times he falls for my excuse of not sending the money

I have a David that is in love with me after a few weeks, and is in the middle of the sea. He cant get to his account and wants me to send $700 to his daughter for a school trip she needs. I said I couldnt, he just keeps insisting I try!

Please dont let yourself get scammed , it took 3 times before I relized what was going after getting a man passwords that he gave me minus. Some numbers I logged onto his account there was a number of women he is scamming he meets them on Facebook, I was scammed for thousands of dollars , they prey on women who are down,it took Finding the letters he was sending to other woman and pictures for me to turn away they learn your soft spot and play it , there are to many eeal men out there

please tell me his last name isn't Gillespie

Am chatting to a man on FB who claims to love me and keeps telling me am the missing piece of his heart he goes by the name Jack H Gillespie could we have the same guy

Debbie Am still in chatting to Jack H Gillespie and he tells me he loves me and is coming to see me I have spoken to him on the phone and he has a very strong accent and sounds younger than he is suppose to be I have pictures would be interesting to compare

I met a guy name Delroy Jack in 2014 whow started off asking me for money. For his son for a school trip. He claims he was a widow and work for Exxon Mobile I said no then he started out asking for small amounts. He always claim it would.be the last time and he was coming to marry me. I was ready to give up everything and live this fabulous life with him. It never happened I quit my job and got my retirement out and gave him 8000 dollars and after that he ask for even more for this that and the other. I finally decided after giving him 16,000 total that he was scamming me. After he didn't show up this year. He ask me for money last December. That was the final straw with him. All the talk of a business deal,marriage, I love you and I coming to the US, was just a pipe dream he.sold me. He ask me to ask my family members for.money I would never do that. I did borow from a loan company once for.him $5000 and again he ask me for.more.money. when I first met him people tried to tell me that is.all he wanted which turned out to be true. We talked for.2 years. I would call him. He changed numbers frequently. He was supposed to have retired and living in London until he return to Albany NY. He.claimed his son.was sick one time. They will they you anything to get money except the truth.

I meet a man very similar story but he was a ships engineer who was from Dubai. Widower with a son. I feel your pain. Almost lost my home over the whole situation trying to help him. Needless to say lessons learned. Never send money to you have never meet face to face. He and I did video chat and call each other so I know he was a real person. Now I see him on google with the same name looking for new women to scam. He has blocked me cause I posted that he was a scammer and I Contacted a few of the people on his contact list

I met man online through Match he had a local phone # however was working "out of the country" in Malaysia, an engineer. Spoke with him daily, he texted...proclaiming love etc. I was a recent widow.Guess I do not have to tell you the rest. Name used is Joseph Rupert. Stolen photographs, fake passport, DL and social security number. Not only did I learn to care about him, he managed to take almost 200,000. from me. You think it cannot happen to you. I did all of my due diligence. He is currently on OurTime it is impossible to keep these vile people off the internet. I hired a private detective and filed a complaint with the FBI. Not one call or email from the FBI. Be VERY careful.They are always widowers with children. I worked in fiancé, I knew the signs of what to look for. These people are highly skilled at their trade.

Don't send him anything. I just ended a "relationship" with a Freddy who was madly in love with me before ever meeting, said he was in a military mission, asked for money. I denied, and he tried to manipulate me. I looked up his IP address and his pictures, and found out he is a scammer. Thank God I never sent anything to him. He broke my heart ...

How do you look up the ip address and image search?

How do you find IP

need to know IP

I'm getting similar from someone called Stephen who asked for 700 dollars as his daughter was burgled in college in Canada - he is New York - gold broker currently in Qatar - you any pics

Please tell me is he name David harris cropt from Liverpool and he is from instanbul turkey he has his own company he is strangle in Ghana with his son

I met the same guy, the same story... He broke with me when I didn't send him money to can fly back in England from Ghana. That was 2 years ago..

I was contacted through FB on Jan 27, 2016 by a David and he has been messaging me since. He claims to be an Stuff Sergeant stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, widowed and has 6 year old son in Indiana staying with maid from Canada and he has no family. Claims account has been frozen by US due to terrorist and I believed him. Now he has been needing money for son. I have been stupid and wired money through Western Union to Ghana and to Indiana and now he is requesting more which I will not send, I keep making excuses. I have requested a military eemail address and he says he will get in trouble if he gives it out and I have read up and this is a lie. I ask him to call so I could hear voice and have asked Jim to take selfie in his camp to send me and every time an excuse as to why he cannot. I asked why would money go to Ghana and he bad other reasons for this such as diplomats take care of this. We may be dealing with same guy. Funny how you were contacted same day by a David. I am not sending anymore money but still playing all g with his game. He has even ask me to marry him when he comes home in May when he is retired. I am not holding my breath. I K ow he has to be a scanner.

I met guy online dating site 3month ago before xmas2015. I totally crush him so much loving but several time ask him APO yes he told me deployment since last on summer(he said Augast) and he been to there almost 5,6 month when I stared chat time. He said he in Iraq but and sent me pic too .
He had divorced and has one daughter whom take care caregiver in long beach CA. Last month he asked me suddenly" my mom jewelry designer have shop but she went in Germany. But she want to take jewelry stone but something trouble Germany charge her before left Germany. But I'm in base outside USA I can't use money here help me send her money which she gonna use buy fright ticket back to state" when I hard first I after became suspicious then asked him mil email and his hometown his mom name. All he answered but but something I felt whatever I was stupid so I wired transfer then sent $1400 but when currency higher than £they recived might be less than it.
after he told me when he was night patrol got shot then winded few days ago he wasn't come to talked me he said he was coma.during time his Capt talked me what's happened there. I felt so nice and kind to act for me even I felt something .when he woke up he told me what's happened his mom denuded couldn't on board so if she can't comeback state she can't sign on his name and contact mil then he want leave there that he said.
After asked me against need money when his mom at airport she fought with his stepdad he said mom pay to him take carring him his stepdad can't do anything even their. That's so strange stories for me.after fought their mom damaged something German autolitize charge her pay this all damage before she leave. That's cost about$10000. That's he asked me help again. This is too big money for me. I'm single mom have one son and not full time job so nobody can't rent me money like state women.
Only dark dangerous money shop will help me if I tell him he said agree. Each despise send me he said like $3000, $4000. $3000. I couldn't belived he speaks big money number then ok to rent money kind dangerous loan shop? Then I realized this is something behind .last night I asked him tell me APO or BPO. Usually we chatting by skype he never tell me mil address. But he told me BPO. Then soon delete cause told me if use skype then leave any ID another ISIS trace this.... He works ISAF in Iraq somewhere. Wesley that his name. Well I can't make kind big money so I just thinking how he show me up next attitude.

My mother has been scammed over a 2 year period.I have recently seen how much he has scammed out of her(Tens of Thousands of Pounds). I had to make her see sense (The Lie sounds far better than the truth which has broken her heart).It was a supposed USA soldier named David.She is devastated when confronted with the truth & I wish I had sorted this ages ago ..She was brainwashed & in denial.It hurt's so much to see someone take advantage of her on a "Nuclear Level).Now I have proven to her it's all a scam it hurts to see her so unhappy.She feels Ashamed,Gullible, Stupid Etc but I suppose you can't help who you fall in love with..The authorities who deal with fraud have explained there zero chance of getting any cash back,as all done thru Western Union. I have her corresponding with Action Fraud UK at the moment.So Hopefully they can help her see sense

Hi,I believe that we have encountered the same David. He's working as an architect out in the sea in Texas but he lives in Florida and his son lives in North Carolina & his needs $2000 to get his car fixed. And like you he does take no for an answer & he keeps insisting that I try to get the money. So, instead of going in circles I blocked him from all means of conversing with me.

Sounds like the same David that calls me! His daughter always needs something.

Dennis who? Do you have a middle name and last name?

I also got scammed from a Man in Dabai I met him on a dating site 12 months later and a lot of lies I have found out to late. I sent money gram to him money he said he had caught malaria over there and was really sick. He needed money to get back to the states for medical treatment

I just told this guy (James ) I had no money and would not send him any so don't ask. He said he was from USA and was In Nigeria watching over his crew mine jewels then he could not cash this check yesterday I said well it's a holiday being American he should have known this. Then the day goes on he said he just got out of customs and he needed money now. I told him no I'd never send out money so he replies bye I replied liar and erased all communication with him if he was even a man.

Ann, I met the same man with the same story. That was 3 years ago. I just thought about wondering if he was still there or did he get home. He's a scammer. He lives in Texas. He has 2 boys and a daughter. He must have a computer that will alarm when any of his women he preys on. He sent me a picture of supposedly his family. You never really know who you are talking to online. Hope this helps you to know someone else was scammed to.

Was his name James Odom?

Wondering if this the same idiot I'm talking to now. Every time I tell him I'm not sending money he says "okay bye"

this is the website Rodney White uses and he wants money from me to get his passport to come see me. I am not dumb he is on facebook. No friends works supposedly on exxon oil rig

Ok, now I'm awake.. I am at the end of a lengthy divorce and been chatting with a girl in Ghana, South Africa, and she wants to move here to be with me. Great, she is gorgeous but there have been some money things come up in terms of buying her an iPhone and medical expenses for her mother etc... Many photos have followed but haven't sent a dime. Probably is a fake but would like to think differently. Probably cause I'm coming out of a really bad divorce. She texts me even after I say I have no money to give. Every day it's just seeing how I am. Told her I wouldn't send anything and she appears to be ok with it. Any advice is appreciated..

I met a woman kind of same story. She has money due her and will deposit it in my account. I will send her money for a plane ticket. I don't think this is fake we text and have been on skype for over 6 months.

If someone you have never met in person wants to use your bank account, or wants you to open a new bank account for them to use, it could well be a scam.
Some scammers create dating profiles, and after they spend time forming a “relationship,” they come up a reason to ask for your help. A scammer can transfer stolen money into an account that has your name, and then ask you to send them some of the money. It may seem like you're helping out, but you could be helping with a crime. When the bank investigates, it will find the account is in your name.

AWESOME! I appreciate you saying that...I HAVENT read ANYWHERE someone saying they ask to deposit money into your account....AND IT is STOLEN.....HOW come all these dishonest people, seem to find the honest ones... is there a hidden mark on my face? haha

I think that girl could be a man - or the wife of a scammer. They will keep on working you - the phone request is a giveaway. They want the best phone and they I bet want an iPhone 7 or a Samsung (probably edge) - Ghana, West Africa - they work you and work you and until the end when they will start telling you all the catastrophes they are having, they get sick with malaria, typhoid, and everything else in the book and then they will tell you what about me I need medicine to survive and then probably their house burns down (that's what they say) and in the end you will end up giving them (or her) thousands of dollars - you will kick yourself for it at the end because you won't even know how all of this happened - how could you give in, but they are really good at it. They play you like a guitar, they play your compassionate feelings, will send you pictures of little boys that have been burnt in a fire telling you that is their / her brother and you will give in. And then comes the regrets. They also will start asking you to lend them the money, is not like they are asking they say to give to them, is just a loan. You never see your money again.

Those gorgeous pics of her probably belong to someone else. She is just priming you and stringing you along for awhile until she can get closer to you and then drop the guilt/ money thing on you. DO NOT SEND HER MONEY OR SHIP HER GOODS!

Georgia, is it possible that I can recover my loses if I will write to ic3.gov? OMG! I lost all my savings and loaned much, pawed my jewelries just to send to that man whom I trusted a real banker. I wanted to end mylife because of the loans and embarrashments and guilts. Please reply. thnak you and God bless us all VICTIMS

Never send money until you see them on cam...no excuses...also some scammers use video loops of other people too so be careful.

I would not trust the cam thing either. I lot of these scammers now are "independent contractors. Not always a big boiler room operation anymore. It only takes one or two Americans to make them rich in the countries like the Philippines, or Brazil... where the monthly income is less than $200 for an average worked.

They know how to do the scams just like the "professionals" Except they have cams, cell phones, and are real people. They will carry on a long distance love affair, it becomes their job to chat you up a few times a week.

I would suggest you NEVER send money until you have actually met the person (and be careful about that too) and you "feel" the love and sincerity like you would any relationship.

I also had this guy wanting me to send him money because he said his daughter needed a phone he said she is 19 years old and in college this army guy is out. Of California fake pictures of him his house suppose to own a boat plane wants to spend the rest of his life with me and he will be home for Christmas of this year nope not gonna happen
Calls his self capt

This guy is the same one who is asking me for money but in this case he is using diferenthe name cuthber b stillinger.he already with his lías got money from me until I find out that . He was a scammed .

Hi.. Im from the philippines this was long ago but just sharing that even people from Philippines are bictims of scammers too.. Met a CEO from eh.. Not much attraction and falling in love with him is not yet much.. He later ask me to assist him buy an expensive gadget amounting to 600 to 800 dollars for her daughters birthday. Poor english is there i noticed he doesn't show of on camera and all those stuffs.. Yes you are right minimum salary in our country is 200 to 300 usd.. But even us whose earning big wants to find love too.. And even people like us experienced being scammed as well.. Its all over global

Hampton hasn't asked for money he wanted me to send a letter to the army to get to talk to him. Hampton said for me to buy a calling card that cost $191.00.

Look, the bottom line is the US military takes care of their own. A real soldier or airman will NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER ask you for money for housing, food, clothes, or transportation. We get our troops to their duty assignments and unless they are MIA or POW, we get the back the exact same way. We don't need to use other peoples bank accounts!! Prior to shipping out or being deployed, we must prove our banking situation is squared away. Do not ever believe any one who says they are military and stuck and need money. We have our chain of command and in emergencies, we have the Red Cross. Hopes this helps!! God bless our troops!

i have one just broke up with me today. because i didn't send him money for his dying Mother i,am not giving him money that he keep asking me to send his Mother in Istambul Turkey.his Name is SGT James Rogers US Army from Maimi Florida.i meet him in face book last Feb 2 2016.i never meet him yet but? i do not agree that man well ask help from the woman if he had shame him self.if you guy's know's how to make them realize that not all woman can be stupid.Please... don't let then full you.do.not give then money.if they are a real military they have chain of command and they can also ask help with their command post for help.especially family problems.i have a picture of him that i keep in case.

Emergency leave , the army will still pay for this up to 3 month leave ? Also , will there always be an army plane , or commercial flight ? I have so many questions to ask.


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