It’s the IRS calling…or is it?

Here at the FTC, we think about scams all day long. What are the scammers’ new angles? How can we keep ahead of them? We hear from people about the scams they see, and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams.

But scammers find FTC staff, just as they find the rest of America. My colleagues and I have even gotten calls on our work phones, offering reduced credit card interest rates, or claiming to be tech support calling about problems with our computers. We also get the calls at home. In fact, someone claiming to work for the IRS called my house just last week:


This has all the signs of an IRS imposter scam. In fact, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment, won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away. Have you gotten a bogus IRS call like this? If you did, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.


Why not play along with the scammer and set them up with law enforcement?

I have been receiving calls from 866-253-0374. Claim to be the IRS. I knew it was a scam so I spend a few spare minutes each day robo calling them to tie up their line. They recognize my voice and either laugh at me or say something ugly. I am still waiting for law enforcement to come to my house to collect the money these jerks say I owe! I wish these numbers could be tracked!

If you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls. It sounds like you have useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at

I received a phone call from some clown attempting to pawn themselves off as the I.R.S. I called them back several times and the party always hangs up on me, or I get a buzzy signal. I have a funny feeling the people who pretended to be the I.R.S. are sorry they ever attempted to swindle money out of me.


Got a phone call today from 347-927-4986. Said I had an outstanding warrant for back taxes for the past seven years. It was a woman with a thick Indian accent. I told her I didn't believe her after she said she sent me a letter in the mail and I didn't receive it. She told me to contact the USPS and take it up with them. When I told her how do I know it's really the IRS, she said I can deal with the police when she calls them in 30 minutes. Don't be a sucker. They knew my address, but that's easy to get.

I received the same call, called back to waste their time, told them that jail would be better, a warm dry place to sleep and three meals a day...

Got a similar call to from 5055691040 said they were the Internal Revenue Service regarding they were FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST ME!

Got 3 calls this morning from 347-983-0181 and was told that I'll be arrested for taxation fraud and I just laughed at her since clearly it was a scam they are trying to pull. Just wanted to post the number in case someone else gets the call from them.

I received two calls and left messages on my answering machine stating that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and for me to call 404-936-3498 to review my case. This is the phone number they ask me to call back.

I got a similar call from a "Robert Miller" saying something about an enforcement action from the U.S. treasury Department I contacted the FTC>

I got multiple phone calls/voicemails from this number213-447-2709 and saying the same thing.

Just want to get this out there. My caller ID states it's originating from NY. No. is 646 632 1180. They are threatening to file IRS lawsuit and asking to call same no. for details. I reported it to FTC complaint website. I hope this helps.

Voicemail from 213-309-0083 citing same IRS lawsuit. I called back and Mr. Mike Jacobs (heavy accent) stated no letters mailed because nobody home to receive them!

Just got a call from a 931-842-5866 saying they are the IRS and they will file a lawsuit against me if I don't pay it was a recording. That is a scam people

I just received a call saying I was on a list for tax evasion fraud and that they could send a lawyer out to me. They asked my name and address. I gave my name not my address. I told them I would contact my own lawyer and they tried to pursuade me to let them do it. I also said I would give the police their number and hung up...716-902-1565

the call i recieved came from a private number. the message was that the irs is filing a lawsuit against me. How do I know if it is real

If the IRS needs to reach you it will send a letter.
The IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment. IRS staff won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away.
If you get a fake IRS call, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

Have received 7 such phone calls on my answering machine. 3 in one day. Filed a complaint with the FTC. When I called the police they told me to file a complaint with the FTC. Caller ID says they are wireless callers. Hope the FTC calls all those numbers I gave them.

recieved same phone call same exact day as u.they have been calling twice a day for past few days.everyday with a diff # usually a 305 area code.i know thats miami.but im sure its india,or elsewhere.we all do.we have brains.they are robotic calls,because they are avoiding their accents being detected.duh.and the scams keep coming..geeze.why dont they get a job,and leave AMERICANS alone!!! oh ya,did i mention i also won the african lottery 3 times this year.and have multiple emails of people that have money for me to

I received a very bad quality voice mail on a Saturday from 469-754-0747 stating there was a warrant out for my arrest for tax fraud. I called the number on the following Tuesday and the number was not in service. I was looking forward to speaking with them..They are messing with the wrong person!! I cannot stand people that scam hard workers out of our money instead of working themselves!

I know me too... Like if i hanged up there will be a police at my door...and that have tooo go to court, etc....

I called them about 40 times yesterday (213.509.4389 irc scam) and finally someone answered and cussed me out.. I went off the rails man..I mean...straight up taken. "I WILL FIND YOU" Felt good to yell for about 5 minutes straight. But im starting wonder if they call is just routed through that number.

I rec"d a call from 347 560-5212, claiming to be the IRS and that I owed $4829.00.Stated that I was going to be arrested unless I could pay today some of this money. Name the woman used was Jennifer Snyder. Be aware of this scam.

I just got a call from 347-441-0988 leaving a message stating if that the internal revenue service is filing a lawsuit against me. I didn't answer nor call them back, but I thought I would state the number on here so others would know. 1-25-2016

Please report this to the FTC at, so that law enforcement can see the details.
Blog comments don't go into the database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I've received several calls from a (207) number claiming that I am going to be sued as a result of owed taxes. I called the number they gave me back, when I told the agent I did not owe any taxes, I was hung up on. When I tried to call back several times, my calls went unanswered. I finally got someone else on the phone, ( both agents had VERY thick East Indian accents), and told him that I did NOT owe taxes, again. After he took my name and zip, he went in to a schpeel about them trying to reach out to me before said lawsuit was filed, and gave me a badge number, which I already knew was fake as I had already done some research on these IRS scams. When I said, yet AGAIN, that I did not owe taxes, he said,"SORRY", and QUICKLY hung up on me. Please be careful. These people KNEW I was NOT about to continue with this game and they were NOT about to get any money from me, so they discontinued correspondence. Others may not be so lucky. Do your research before shelling out a SINGLE DIME, guys.

I just got a call from 520-210-7129, Steve Parker, claiming he is an IRS agent and that a legal petition for fraud is about to be filed against and tha I should call immediately. The call was automated. Obviously, I do not intend to call. I will, however, be calling the Attorney General's office and filing my own complaint!

Hey Steve Parker called me too! I sent him $2500. Just Joking.

Ok i got a call from 202 899 9036 is that the irs just curious I got an automated phone from them saying that there going to file a lawsuit against me if I don't pay

I got the same msg today....from 202 number as well. Did anything ever happen?

Got a call and voice mail saying the IRS was filing a Lawsuit which is an obvious scam. The number they used this time was 509-252-0823 out of Spokane, WA. The IRS doesn't operate this way and will never call you about filing a lawsuit. Everything I have dealt with the IRS was first through the mail, never have they called me first.

Yes! Same thing here, I was scared at first but while the guy with the heavy indian accent kept talking, I was googling the number on my Ipad. Realized it was a scam, but boy it did scare me. The number listec was:509-571-9181

The woman with a thick Indian accent has been busy. My wife's call from her came on a 352 line.

Yea there are only 7 or 8 of them in the same room I think. They called me from 3608751823 and i called back repeatedly for 2 hours trolling them until they disconnected the number. Im sure they have more, but at least I helped that little bit.

I received a call from a 347-349-8713 telling me I was about to be arrested for tax evasion. They told me they needed me to verify my address that the IRS was sending my letter to and since i have not received it, I should sue the postal department. I also got a lecture about how I should only have a CPA do my taxes and that I owed $8,043 in back taxes. I called my lawyer, was told it was most likely a scam. Then called my local police department and asked if I was in legal trouble, was also told it was scam.

I just received a call from a bainbridge, wa # from a man with a very thick indian accent. He said his mame was officer michael henson (sure it is). He told me theres a warrant out for me arrest for irs fraud. I asked him where he was calling from and he rattled off a wa dc address. He even gave me a case #. WTF?! Even though im sure its a scam, your heart still races when you hear warrant. Im so frustrated that people think they can get away with this. Get a real job people!!!!!

I just got a call today. The return number is 509-588-7558. First I tried several numbers to the IRS. I couldn't reach a human so I looked up the fraud info on their website and found the form to report the fraud. But before I submitted it I called the number back. It sounded like a call center in guess, India! Ding ding ding! He asked for my name and I said well you called me, then I gave him a psuedoname then I asked for his badge # and he provided IRM52172 he then said who he was looking for and he gave my name pronounced very badly with an unknown address that I have never heard of and I've been at the same address for over a decade. He concluded he had the wrong person and hung up. I am in contact with IRS monthly. If they wanted to sue me they wouldn't call. They would simply serve me like any lawsuit. Don't fall for this scam.

Got the same call, yesterday and today from 703-349-0490. Threatening messages left. Called back and was told it was the AG's office notifying me of a lawsuit against me by the IRS. Nasty to me on the phone, then I hung did rattle me a little. Thanks for posting!

I've been receiving VM's stating the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me, and I need to call back ASAP. Number is out of Washington. 253-777-0143. Complete scam.

I was called today by PN (206) 204 - 5052. I did not answer the call, instead sent it off to voicemail. I received a voice mail stating it was my final notice, and a lawsuit from the IRS is to be filed. My first reaction was to look here, and see if this happened to others. Would much rather not speak to someone who is attempting to scam me, or talk rude and disrespectful to me. The number was rooted from Washington as well as most of these others!

I have received 2 nasty voicemails and 4 calls (unanswered) from someone claiming to be so and so from the Dept. of Treasury, saying I owed them money and they are going to call the cops and I should get a lawyer. 2 of the calls showed this number on caller id: 646-657-1577. Called it back, no answer. Another voicemail said to call that number, but the caller ID showed an 800 number for the IRS! These creeps are really bold. I reported the calls to the FTC Fraud line. I'm also looking in to blocking these calls. I'm tempted to call back and give bogus information, but I don't want to encourage them. Clearly a SCAM.

I just received the EXACT message from the same number. I've done some research and this seems to be a scam. I actually tried calling back and there is no answer.

Scared me at first cuz it was a DC number but after he wouldn't answer my questions I started to figure it out. Same thing as everyone else, thick Indian accent, said his name was Jason O'Connor, threatened me with arrest and seizure if I didn't pay $3700. I played along to try and entrap him and he gave me the account info to deposit the money. If anyone is trying to bust these a-holes, the phone number was 202-413-8901 Account number was at Wells Fargo for Randy K Oglesby

The details you have would be useful in a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at

Called me twice in a 2 minutes from (202) 569-5674 Washington, DC February 9, 2016 at 12:03:26 PM

I they tried to get me I called them back till they shut it down [202]810 9202

Just got the same call from 206.451.0992.

I just received the same phone call on my cell phone from 703-649-2911 Triangle, VA. I also spoke to a man with a heavy Indian accent who gave me a case number and said that the IRS has a lawsuit against me and that if I hang up the call wihtout making some type of arrangement, police will come to my door, handcuff me and put me behind bars for 6 months!

I got one, too...just this morning.They never called me by name or identified themselves by name except for IRS. They called and left a message saying they were the IRS filing a lawsuit against me. I can't remember the whole number(started as a 213-145.... L.A. area code but 145 is a very strange prefix). The first 2 numbers of the prefix are supposed to represent the initials of a telephone exchange name (I know this because I am old and when I was a kid, my telephone number started out as TE2-.... which was the same as "83"-....), and seeing as how there are no letters for the number "1", that, to me, was already a red flag. I erased it after I tried calling it back. The recording came on and said the number could not be reached as dialed. I googled this and discovered lots of sites with warnings about this. I have never in my life had any reason to be afraid of the IRS plus my husband and I both file together, so why are they not targeting him first? His phone number is completely different from mine. Thanx for talking about this!

Well I NEVER answer my phone unless it's one of my contacts!
In the last month like 8 times 310 4317430 is on my phone!
I called back two times the number says it's not working!
WOW! Should I worry?

The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment. They will always send you postal mail before they call you about taxes. And the IRS will never call you to threaten you. That’s a sign that this is a scam.
If you owe federal taxes, or think you might owe taxes, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040. IRS workers can help you with your payment questions.
You can report these incidents to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. They investigate IRS impersonators.


have just received the same call from a 512 994-3517 saying to call 512-994-3517
I guess the scammers moved to TX

have just received the same call from a 512 994-3517 saying to call 512-994-3517
I guess the scammers moved to TX

+13059284143 has called me 6 times just today. I kept missing the call but would call back and get nothing. They then left me a voicemail stating that they are filing a claim against me and they are suing me for backed taxes. This is NOT true! Glad I found multiple sites stating these are all lies, and glad I didn't answer

I've been calling them back all day and harassing them. It's quite fun! I don't recommend it for everyone.

I have been doing that too. I received 2 calls today within 5 minutes. I have been calling the number lime crazy. The guy already admitted in so many words that he isn't with the IRS. Here is the number 347-637-6193. Have fun!!! I have had LOTS of fun. Don't be discouraged if the number has been disconnected. It's only disconnected for like an hour.

That's what everyone should do.
Give them back their own medicine.
Got 5 calls within half an hours of each one today from 360-362-5986.
The robo-message was the same - the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me for back taxes and I need to take action immediately and call the number back.
I called back once and same like most of you, the guy had a very thick Indian accent. I told him funny that if I owed the IRS, then why was I getting a refund check last week. I warned him that if he called again, he will be looking out between bars (jail) but I suspect that he might not even be in the US as India is famous for big corporation outsourcing their IT help center there.

Hello, so my mom has been receiving phone calls from this fake IRS scam. I know they're fake, and wanted to catch them in the act of you will. I recorded the conversation, he claimed he was office Chris Johnson, gave a badge number etc. I think I made the mistake of confirming the number they keep calling, really to see what info they had, and sure enough he is her name and our address. I'm worried what they can do now with that info? Help? I I know names and address are pretty much public but can they do something worse or harass even more? I'm worried I screwed my mom into a worse situation just trying to get evidence: names and let them know I know they're a scam.

You can report the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

We got the same call this morning from that number. I told them to stop calling me, and that I was reporting them. He yelled at me to stop calling him! ha They called back 2 hours later, and i ignored the call.

(360) 780-3803
Forks, WA this number keeps coming in on my phone saying it's the u.s government

This happen to me yesterday...He scared soo bad..I was shaking would let me off the phone said I would go to jail.same # 360-799-4382.

Was it a person or a recording because a person called me saying the were law enforcement for irs.

The number they used to call me today was from 540-699-1528. Said it was Steve Martin from the US department of Treasury. Heavy East Indian accent. Threatened me with a lawsuit and that I had better call him back. Filed a complaint. This is the second call like this that I have received in the last 6 months. It's getting old.

I had the same guy call me today. Different number though, 323-452-7007. And then an automated message from 339-204-7947. I reported both.

Calls everyday with recorded message saying they are from the IRS & have a lawsuit against us please call us back at the ph# provided. Each day the recorded call gets more Threating w/ more chargers against us. The phone # 1-360-342-2983 is the latest # they change it every time I block it. Been getting calls for 9 days straight! IVE HAD IT !!! HOW DO YOU STOP THEM !!!

You need to go to the TIGTA website and report phone number

Had someone call today and ask for my Attorney! I asked him if he could provide my personal info to me I called him out as a scammer, he proceeded to hear my baby crying and ask if I wanted another kid. I said that is none of your business he said a baby by me mam you have my baby what a SICKO!!!! This is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Definitely idiots. I'd love to sit in on a job interview with these people! Can you lie to customers you call? Can you yell at them? Can you cuss at them, continuously using the "f" word? Can you threaten them with there finances, jobs and their children? And can tell them you will do lewd, rude and nasty things to these customers if they don't pay? And that you will be doing this in the name of their government? If you can do all of these things we will hire you! ......Can you imagine having an interview like that? How else can they get these people to talk like this to us? I'll never understand it. And they've gotten me on my cell and land line. My calls were from a Washington State #, but both times said he was calling from Washington DC. Idiots! They scared me, tho, the first time. Then I got pissed. My high pitched whistle is ready and waiting for the next call! I'm gonna blow the s.o.b.'s eardrums out! I'm a Whistle Blower and proud of it! Lol!

I receive a call from a number 2028640118 on 6/8/2016. And a next one on 06/09/2016 from a number 206855 5239 claiming the are irs the man call him self dick jones

Same thing for me today. This guy threatened to rape me and he was tracking my phone etc. creepy!

They can be traced, it's not a new concept, police have been doing it for a very long time, and I highly doubt with all the advanced technology coming out these days that there isn't a way to find out exactly where the call is being made from. There needs to be more done about these people, and I'm starting to think we have higher ups who are in on this and that is why nothing is getting done about it.

Always best not to do anything that way the ftc has an excuse for not doing anything, considering the scame continues today DECEMBER 2

I just received such a call from 703-239-6369

I had received a few calls this week & about 5 times today. Different numbers same message. IRS I need to pay & I had a lawsuits on me. Called a few time like everyone else Indian person ascent. So rude keep on hanging up on me after I gave them my name & number, and telling them to take me off their call list they just hang up again not saying or explaining anything or even saying sorry. 1-559-520-0116 Riverdale, CA 1-646-589-0194 New York, NY 1-713-597-6905 Houston, TX 1-724-772-6461 Cramberry, PA 1-859-568-8008 Florence, KC. I already reported it to TIGTA IRS scam.

When I get robo calls and then a live telemarketing person, I love to use my loud HIGH pitched whistle when they start to talk. I also got the IRS scam and called the call back number 4-5 times and used my whistle on the person that answered. On about the 5th time the scammers removed my incoming number from their answering system and my call was no longer connected. That ended the Robo calls from the IRS scammers.

I just got a call. Thank god I checked online first before calling. The number I was told to call back was (213) 453-7367. Is there any way I can report them? Or isn't it worth it. For the record, I've been on the DNC list for nearly 20 years.

You can report the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

It's irrataing I yelled at them don't even give them a chance to say anything the number that calls me 13234993461 I already reported them to the attorney general and bbb

I couldn't agree more. How nice that the FTC can get the same calls and have a right good chuckle over it. phew. It makes zero sense that the FTC doesn't prosecute these nationwide scams. How hard can it be to call - 509-207-5816 - (a number used in the IRS scam) and play along. Feeding them information that can be tracked. Must be like the local police that can't catch the drug pusher standing on the corner, a corner everyone knows, a person everyone knows, selling drugs that everyone knows. Can't arrest him? Why not? Not in the budget. Thats right, no return on cost. Police can fine a thousand citizens a day for going 5+ mph over the limit, but can't arrest the known drug pusher, NOT IN THE BUDGET? Is this why the FTC can't arrest obvious con artists that are ripping off Americans EVERY day?

Amen dude. Your so right. So how about this? How about we put the call forwarding on our landlines and then all the telemarketer calls we get to to the IRS? And see how long it takes for them to find these scammers and hackers, and make the DO NOT CALL LIST how it was 5 or 10 years ago! Update it so it works better at tracking spoofed numbers and shows EVERYONE it's true caller id number!

I said the same thing, I just got a call from 509-790-0556 leaving a message saying to call them back immediately. I just called the number back and they only answer saying "I.R.S" i hung immediately. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO STOP THESE PEOPLE???

I got the same call today twice! Same #

I recieved one today as a computer generated call telling me i needed to call irs as soona as possible at 509-428-2147

I got a voice mail saying the IRS is filing law suit against me and to call 509-428-2147 The original call was from a 225 number in Louisiana.
I was quite alarmed when I called the number back and they said to meet them at Walmart or they will be at my door in 45 minutes. Then hung up. Can they get any information on you from calling them???

I lauged, told them to leave me alone and hung up. They called right back to tell me that there was a warrant out for my arrest so I told them that I'm packing my bag and I'll be waiting at my front door and humg up. They did not call again.

KUDOS!!! You have hit the nail on the head! I had my identity stolen and the people tried to file my 2014 tax returns ... I get inconvenienced and the criminal isn't even worth it for the IRS to go after! Then someone stole my identity with a credit card that I don't use and is my lock box! This worls is going to hell in a handbasket!


The same thing happened to me only it came from 209-890-8972. She claims to be Rebecca Brown. The case # is not from Broward Courts, I checked. Alerted the police too and they said it is on the news. It's a scam.

I just got a call from the same number. This time she claims to be Nikki Johnson and gave a call-back number of 916-282-9543. I called the 209 number back and a man with an Indian accent answered saying "Internal Revenue Service". He kept asking for my name. I wouldn't give him any info and he wouldn't answer my questions and eventually hung up on me. I filed complaints with TIGTA and FTC.

Now they are using the number 415-800-4078, I reported the scam to my local police dept and the doj.

I got a call (answering machine message) from "Nikki Johnson" ID Division number 4088506480 too. I reported the number and message to IRS Phishing. 3rd call... fake automated American accent....

They have called me on 4 different occasions, just this year. And leaving a message on a few occasions, threatening ones, saying they have a warrant for my arrest, but are giving me the opportunity to call them back first. My phone carrier's caller ID doesn't spell out my last name and spelt my first name incorrect, so when they call, they try and pronounce my first name only. I like to play with them. I let them go through all their verbage, then ask them to verify my last name. haha! Some get really made and call me names then tell me the cops are on their way. I tell them I've got coffee brewing and breakfast waiting for them, lol. I also, had another call from someone who told me I won a trip. I verified a few non personal things, then after she went through the entire speech, I said I wanst interested. Boy did she get made. She was yelling at me, asking me why I let her go through all that. I just told her she really needs to work a bit harder to rip people off. That will teach them. Just don't give your personal info. out. And a company named Global support solutions called. Said they are windows Tech dept. I said Im on lunch break and have to call back, they gave me a number of 800-448-1840. I will call them back and really have fun with them too, and wont turn on my computer.
My brother had someone from a computer scam call him, and when he deeply questioned them, they said something, I cannot even say here. It was discusting and they hung up.

Dante, I love the remark about having coffee brewing and breakfast waiting! I hope it confounds the scammers at least a little. I received two calls today from "Nikki Johnson" asking for a callback at 415-914-1526. I guess Nikki is so busy at her job that she can't call personally or give any details about what the case is about.

Calls from 214-717-5061 saying they were the IRS and either myself (no ne used) or my lawyer needed to call them back. Heavy foreign accent and closed with have a blessed day.

My husband got the same phone call just today from a 757-517-0173 with a foreign accent saying that he commeted fraud. We filed our tax return days before they even started looking at them. Now this guy said he is sending the police out to arrest my husband but could only tell him his first and last name.

Just got a message on my phone today from 347-408-0709. Guy with a heavy Indian accent that said his name was Mark Johnson. He said he was from the Department of Legal Affairs, US Treasury and that a Law Enforcement Action was being brought against me. He said to return his call or have my attorney call him. He also said that if I didn't return his call in a timely manner that it would cause a legal mess for me. He closed with have a blessed day and God bless. Scared me at first, but the more I thought about it I was sure it was a scam. The whole thing just didn't sound right. Thanks for all the other posts, it helped confirm that this was a scam.

On November 10-13th, 2015 received numerous messages on my cell phone asking to call them asap re a non-payment of a loan, no dollar amount given at this point or from who. The last message from a heavily Spanish accented man from a Texas number {214-935-8751} was very threatening.
"Now if you don't call or in case I don't hear from you or your attorney either, the only thing that I can do is wish you a happy life. A law enforcement team of your state will be soon at your doorstep. Goodbye."
I called back VERY angry at the threatening tone and as I know I have never defaulted on a loan and have a clean credit report {check your's every year people!}. This man was incredibly rude, threatening and nasty. Kept threatening law enforcement. Would be at my door for this.....never showed and no more phone calls.

I'm glad to see some of these comments, but I'm still flipping out right now. On March 13 I missed a call on one of my cell phones. It was from a no caller ID. The message was a mechanical sounding females voice recording, not a live person, saying that they are IRS Officer Nikki Johnson 818-660-4959. This is extremely time sensitive matter, don't disregard this message before we take any action against you. Of course I was nervous, a couple people said it's a scam. I never thought anything of it again. Then about three weeks ago on my other cell phone, I got the exact same message. Neither time did they address me by name. The recording had already started when my recorder had picked up, so It was in the middle of this IRS message when the real message started. My counselor had an Attorney call the number and was told that I am being investigated for Identity Theft. I have not received any type of letter in the mail. Has anyone else had this exact issue. I'm really scared.

The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment. They will always send you postal mail before they call you about taxes. And the IRS will never call you to threaten you. That’s a sign that this is a scam.
If you owe federal taxes, or think you might owe taxes, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040. IRS workers can help you with your payment questions.
You can report these incidents to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online.  They investigate IRS impersonators.

I always just say " did you hide the body yet" lol never get anymore calls after that...

omg....did you find the body???? i gotta remember that!!!!
l got a call from some joker claiming to be from the IRS...yeah right!! this is the message he left on my voice machine... "The very second you receive this message you need to leave your work aside and dial a number. the number is 214 935-8751. I repeat the number is 214+935-8751 NOW if you don't return the call or in case if I don't hear from your attorney either the only other this what I can do is wish you a happy life as the law enforcement team of your state will be soon at your doorstep Goodbye"
did you find the body yet??? OMG!!!! dying with laughter here!!!!!

Got the same call from the same number

I was just clearing out my message box on my phone and came across a message that had been left for us within the last month saying: Quote..."Hello. We have been trying to reach you. This call is officially final notice from IRS Internal Revenue Services. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number 509-587-4585. I repeat 509-587-4585. Thank you."...End quote. Please note, the voice was a computerized female... Needless to say, I haven't called and have, so far, received no further calls.

Jennifer, I'm pretty confident this is a scam just as it sounds like your encounter is. If the IRS has your phone number, they surely have your address and would officially contact you by mail. Truly don't think you have anything to worry about...

I received the same message from206-462-5330

Received same message from 202-864-1311. Ignored it and filed written complaint with FTC..

Just received this today, same number 206-462-5330
These people should get life in prison and no parole, same thing for identity thieves !
Make the laws a lot stricter on this type of activity.Hackers also !! GEESH !!!!

They are identity thieving scum bags who need to be locked up forever. If they don't steal from you they are stealing from someone else. Maybe even your family. Please find these people and do something about it.

thanks for posting this...I just recieved the same message and freaked out until I realized that the IRS does not call....mine was from 509-295-???? I didn't catch the last 4 digits

I received a call from 509-315-3020 on June 4th. The robo call (via a voice message) stated that the IRS was going to file a suit against me. I ignored the call. Received 2 similar calls last year. This time I chose to report it.

I received robo call yesterday,Fri 7-10-15, saying that the IRS has law suits against me and to call
509-588-7563.I wasn't home and didn't hear the message until today. It scared me at first, but then I got on my computer and found this info. Thanks for posting!!

I just received one of these calls today from a 509 area code. I did some research and found the same testimonials from others who received the same "robocalls" claiming to be from the IRS and that I was being sued. The only difference is that when I called the number back there was no answer and the phone just continously rang.

Just received a message like this on Sept 18th 2015 from phone number 888-215-2217. It does make you nervous but at least I know I am not the only one this is happening to

I freaked out too. received a call yesterday from 202-600-4268. Was told that there was a warrant out for my arrest. He gave the name officer paul Wilson, badge #190097569. Person that left message on answering machine was Steve Parker, both probably were fake. He asked me for 2650.00, but 1000 to stop the warrant. I panicked but did not give any personal information. Please be safe, because this world certainly isn't anymore.

I got this call 3 times so far today, from 2 different numbers. Both times I just hung up. I did some searching online, found this message - thanks for reaffirming my suspicion that it is scam :)

I just recieved a message from a recording of a women said, the IRS has a lawsuit against you for more information call this number, 2063171701, called back no answer? scam!!!

My mom just received the same call from the number 206-317-1701...they said the same thing....first thing that came to my mind was scam!!

Received the same call, same number 3 times in 4 days. Husband freaked out, we had just sent our payment recently. I assured him the IRS does NOT call. Filed complaints with IRS & FTC.

I got the same message and reported it.

I got the same message that a lawsuit has been filed against me (me AND my husband, or just me, or just whoever listens to the message?). I received one of these same messages several months back and ignored it and have not had a lawsuit. Got another one yesterday from 914-712-8148. Have not seen this number posted so wanted to get it in. I would not worry about this as it is very obvious it's a scam.

I received a computer generated VM from (415) 496-0793, stating they were Mickey Johnson from the IRS and to please not ignore the message. I called back and got a very rude foreign man (He asked of this were my "mobile" #...). My radar went off and he asked for the name of my attorney and I think my laughing made him mad. I told him to prove to me who he was. So he gives me a "Case #" and his "badge#" and says he's going to prove it to me. I receive a call back from a local # and he says, "do you have a computer, look up this phone #". And it was indeed the Memphis IRS phone #. I laughed and told him to confirm my social. He got angry and said he had proved himself and because I was such a c**t he would forward my case to the local office and they would call and deal with me. Hysterical!!! I called the local IRS number and it clearly states they do NOT handle business over the phone. You have to schedule an interview.... Too much excitement for a Friday.

I got the robocall from "IRS" today 8/20/15, threatening a lawsuit, knew it was BS, hung up immediately. Phone number was 509-779-2332. I feel sorry for people who fall for this scsm!

they are using 253-470-0164 and 202 864-1122, scam

I got three voice mails from 509-588-7383 on my cell phone stating the irs was filing a lawsuit against me. It was an automated female voice. I filed a complaint with the FTC. Very annoying and concerning.

I have been getting same calls from the 509 number saying it is a final warning about an IRS lawsuit and to call them.

I received the same calls from Seattle WA. also claiming IRS has filed a law suit against me for 2,890.06 and to pay this immediately,according to some articles of the law and I don't anymore time to pay this dept to the IRS and not to discuss this with anyone or I would be subject to fines,losing my freedom,and my property taken, and my drivers license suspended. They said my lawsuit was against me from a miscalculations of my taxes either from my intentions or by my mistake and can settle my debt in court or send them money without any type of payment plan. I have already paid my taxes for the years they stated, and I'm already have a payment plan with IRS and I checked my balance of my debt which not what they was trying to scam out of me. I almost fell for the threats, but I got professional opinions first and and my bank manager checked them out to be a scam and not to give them a cent and he gave them hell. So if they call again from 509-207-4630, 206-495-9943 claiming to be Mike Wilson, or Karen Smith beware and report them. I wish these scum bags get caught. If they call my phone again they won't like what I'm going yo say. I'm also reporting them to the IRS

I received that same message by an automatic recording and it came from a number out of Vancouver Washington 360 556 2212

I received the same call almost exact wording this morning (Aug 27, 2015). The number the automated female voice left is a Seattle WA area code number. 206-905-9776.

I just received this exact phone call

We received the same type of call a few months ago (twice in two days) that wanted us to call back. I called my accountant (who said the IRS mails a letter and does not calland that several people had gotten calls; it was a scam) and also called the police and reported them. This month we again received two (twice in two days). I hung up on the second call and am reporting them here. The number the female voice wanted me to call was: 206-900-9172, which I ignored but gave to the police.

I have been getting this one, same number, for the last couple of days. The last call was at 4:30 a.m. this morning !!...scared my son terribly. Don't pay any attention to these scam calls.

It's all good! I have received a number of calls from a rang of numbers, I'm sure you found out by now that this is a scam. They will say they are the IRS, say they are calling to lower interest rates on your CC and many other things. Google the numbers and see what you come up with, or call them them back and see what they say, most times if you question them they get mad and hang up, or start calling you names "THEY ARE ALL SCAMS Most of them like the IRS would not call like that, they would first send a notice in the mail telling you to call them! Be careful and d"DO NOT" fall for any of these scammers, very easy to check out. Don't worry, have a good one. MM form AZ

I've received the same messages-- exactly the same. 509 phone #s out of Brewster, WA. IT IS A SCAM ATTEMPT. Nothing else. Do NOT call them back-- ignore it & report it to the FTC.

I received the same type of call. The mechanical voice of IRS Officer Nikki Johnson, but instead of the 818 area code number it was 409-809-3448. I have received other calls similar to this, but not from the IRS, so when I finally returned the call and spoke with someone, a male, I knew immediately that it was a scam.

I just had this same exact call! I was scared but then I started thinking the automated sounded extremely weird none like any other automated call I've ever received before and I actually corresponded with the IRS this year so I felt like this was a scam because the IRS will send you a letter if anything. Then I googled "IRS Hotline" and typed the number that we both received calls on and scams popped up.

got a call from this phone number which is 70 649 49079. caller claims to be from the Internal Revenue Service I said I wasn't the person that they were calling and they hung up on me did a reverse phone lookup the number actually says IRS office in Columbus Georgia and when you call back a recording says they're the IRS is sounds legitimate but here's the kicker I don't pay taxes I don't make enough every year so I'm telling you this is a scam again the phone number there calling from is 706 4949 709 call if you get a recording it sounds legitimate but it isn't I'm sure of it

I just got a call from the same phone never you just posted. Thank you so much for leaving a feedback. I swear, he always gave me a heart aytack with accusations of owing them 2800. Luckily enough, my sister told me to hang up. Appreciate the advice.

Just got one today - 347-9894958
Lady had an Indian accent. I just don't know what can they do with my work cell phone number, my address zip code and my name. Any ideas?
I called back and after a long time somebody actually answered. Another different accent. They promised to call me back in 2 minutes.

After perusing the comments, looks like these scammers are using a variety of phone numbers. I have caller ID and do not answer the phone unless I recognize the number, letting my answering machine take over for messages if they leave one. Got a call yesterday with a Washington, D.C. number (202-684-6848) and one today with a California number (209-348-9316). I did a reverse number search and the Washington, D.C. call looked like it was from an official building (the reserve number check gives one a google map of the location of the number, as well as other pertinent information--of which there was none; did the CA number and some place in Lockeford--a small nondescript town). Knowing that if such a law suit was the case from the IRS, they would likely mail out a warrant, rather than some threatening call over the phone.

Calls received on 7/02/15, 7/06/15 from 209-348-9316 Lockford CA, Calls received 07/10/15 and 07/11/15 from ( I suspect abbreviated by my caller ID)BLVDR/TIBRNCA 415-619-6142. The latter states "her" (although easily discernible as a automated voice) name as Agent Nikki Johnson, as I have noticed elsewhere. In my case "she" ends the call by saying "goodbye and take care" awwwee.. plucked my heartstrings that someone out to get me is so concerned for my well being.

How do they manages to continue to get operational phone numbers in such a multitude and not be found?

Received automated call informing me the IRS has a lawsuit against me, for more info call 347-321-4747
I do know the IRS always uses the postal system to notify taxpayers of anything. Plus you would have some long going dialogue with the IRS long before any legal action would take place. I have been there before so I know. Plus that call was on my cell phone!!! Yikes!

They are using a new number . 509 588-7382. beware

just want to add a new # 509-560-4203. got it only twice today. they must be getting tired.

Next time they call me I am going to have A whistle and let them talk a little and when They think they have a fool on the line I am Going to blow the whistle in their ear. Then They will stop calling and if we all do that They may give up . If not oh well sorry they are Deaf .

The message I received was almost identical to the sound clip above with the exception that the # was (360) 780-3756. They warned me not to discuss this with any 3rd party given that it's an open federal case. (does this count?)

Same thing here but (360) 208-0905
out of South Bend, WA

Just received two calls from 509-790-0592 same message as everyone has indicated in the comments. Thanks for the posts!

509-295-6815 called : IRS is filing a lawsuit against me

I just got a message with a 509-778-4660 number. The woman identified herself as Mrs. Jones (ID 313907) who said there was a lawsuit pending unless I resolved immediately. She transferred me to the Audits department where a Mr. Brian Thomas (IRC-94290TB) said he had to review my case and call me back. Obviously a scam!!! He called back from the same number. Didn't answer!! BEWARE!

Got an "IRS" call from Officer Melvin Decker, Badge #958126. Called him back because I couldn't really understand the message. Claimed to have attempted delivery in person of the IRS claim against me -- and gave dates. The real tip-off for me was that he was rude and threatening. He never actually asked for payment -- just told me he would see me in court. A Google search of his name brought up this blog. I doubt it is easy to catch these guys and even a phone trail would be difficult. Phone number was 202.407.9732. If you do a reverse lookup, there are a number of comments regarding this scam.

I called back guy said it was kfc. I had some fun with him

My call was from 206_973_7546 , I did not see that number listed here yet. Caller ID said Seattle. The usual recorded message about IRS filing a lawsuit and call them back right away. And this on a Saturday morning.

We keep getting phone calls multiple times a day, usually from phone number (206)973-7546. Please help us make it stop!

Have recieved 6 calls all from different numbers in one day. The first call I laughed and knew it was a scam but every time I block one number, they call on a different one....not funny anymore.

I just got a call from 347-571-9995 pretending to be irs, she gave me a fake name and a batch number. She had a heavy Jamaican accent and told me that I own the irs 5k for the past three years, then she threatened me that she will send the authorities at my house to get arrested if I didn't listen or pay. I have never received any mail from the irs that I own money and they do not call people from random numbers, ask for money or threaten to arrest them without first giving you a chance to appeal it.

I have also received several of these fake calls, I got one from Steve Martin with an Indian accent from this number (540) 699 1528. I do not remember the other number that was used. It was an automated/robocall.

Very good question. Dang, if all the government agencies can't round up & prosecute these "scummers", you gotta wonder about how effective Homeland Security is. Scary.

To right! 202-657-4275, Officer .....wait for it....Shirley Cruz called and tried to say I owed $3786 and would go to jail if I didn't pay it. This is a cell phone number! And the IRS does NOT answer the phone, " Hello, IRS..." Really? I had to jump thru hoop after hoop, push this number, that number just to get to a live person at the IRS! I wish the news would cover this crap and make an example when they are apprehended.

Well I have read most of the messages. I received an automated message from the IRS. Then number they are using is based out of New York, I called the number. The # 347-809-3504, i know the IRS is in Austin, Texas. This is my first one.

I received the recorded message today but their new phone number must be 205-900-9315.

Just got the call this morning with the same message but the number was 5093315213 got names like Jack lewis and mr. Robinson, we played along until they figure out we were onto them. Wanted me to withdraw 4,900 cash while i was on the phone with him and then he will be giving me instructions where to wire the money. how do i report it??

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Latest on oct 27th 2015 from Kansas. 620-904-9671

I was caught by an IRS imposter scam (these folks are incredibly sophisticated, and I was off my game) and, because I was expecting another call from them the morning after it happened, I did call local law enforcement (as well as TIGTA and the FTC, both of which took a few days to return my calls). Local police said it's a federal matter and would not set up a trace for when the call came in, even though a police officer was at my home taking my report when the expected call came through. And when I did hear from FTC and TIGTA, I learned that they are barely able to investigate these scams because most of the activity is coming from overseas, treaties aren't in place, etc., etc. If we cannot enforce the law, it seems to me that widespread education and prevention are keys to protecting law-abiding US citizens from becoming prey to these scammers. The IRS should make the FIRST piece of information on its website and its taxpayer assistance telephone number be: "BEWARE OF SCAMS AND IRS IMPOSTERS! The IRS will not:
Call you to demand immediate payment. The IRS will not call you if you owe taxes without first sending you a bill in the mail.
Demand that you pay taxes and not allow you to question or appeal the amount you owe.
Require that you pay your taxes a certain way. For instance, require that you pay with a prepaid debit card.
Ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
Threaten to bring in police or other agencies to arrest you for not paying."

This information is already on the website, but only if you are looking for information about scams, not if you are just confirming that the phone call you have received is that of the IRS taxpayer assistance line.

Got a call today from Brain Spencer 843 494 4165 said I was going to be arrested by federal agents in 45 mins, for taxed owed from 2010, then his supervisor Anthony Cooper said I could pay the outstanding amount if I kept him on the phone all all times, drove to my bank and then he would tell me what to do. He was very abusive, told me my phones were being tapped and I would go to prison for 3 years if I told anyone about the call, quoting there relevant law and code.
When I said I would prefer to go to the local police station he said that I was going to be arrested in 30 mins, I hung up, I then got a further call from someone saying they were the local police and that an arrest warrant had been issued for me. I have not had anyone come to the house, I reported this to the police, but it has left me in a bad way, they had may name, address and home number but nothing else.

I got one today too saying I was going to be arrested. 1-209-890-8430.

On Nov 19, 2015, I received voice mail from 1-832-858-0144 stating IRS was suing me and that I should call that number back. My caller ID even associated a name with the phone number. I ignored the voice mail; I know IRS and Cal FTB does not call regarding these issues.

I got a call yesterday from 509-560-4207 saying they were the U.S.IRS and they were going to file a lawsuit against me. When I called back a man with a very heavy accent answered and wanted my DOB, SS # and banking info. When I asked him if he thought I was stupid he said he was going to send me to jail. I said go ahead, this is a scam and he told me to go F__K myself and hung up. I kept hitting re-dial on my phone and called them back 40 times. Each time they would swear at me then hang up until the last time I called when the guy that answered recognized my # and asked ME to stop calling them because they were just trying to do their jobs and I was taking up to much of their time. I ended up talking with him for 20 min and he ended up telling me he was in Pakistan. He said due to extremely poor living conditions, no real jobs and needing $ for his family that it was his job to scam stupid Americans out of $. If I can call this # back and get thru, why cant our government shut it down. Yes, I did report it on IRS.GOV. P.S, while typing this I got another call from 360-639-4095 for the same SCAM.

Because the government is useless? Too busy cracking down on folks who won't perform gay marriages.

Got call this morning 360 780 3796 an AG Carter badge # 007001 saying he was irs went through what most of the others here have hung up call the real IRS and reported them not more than an hour later they had nerve enough to call back never answered . Ps they called my cell which I know the IRS does not have.

I received a voice mail almost exactly like the one in the example. The phone number they used was 312-985-5368. It really scared me at first, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that the IRS wouldn't use an automated voice mail to contact me.

A number 202-378-7654
They're going to sue me the IRS!

Just received a phone call from a phone number with a San Antonio, TX area code (210-807-4088). The lady sounded like she had a British accent. She told me the IRS filed a lawsuit against me and to write down some information, I was baffled because I have always been good on my taxes, oftentimes overpaying instead of owing, so I demanded answers from her which she couldn't address. I asked for her name and information, and she simply hung up on me. Later, the same number called again and I had already filed a complaint with TIGTA.

If you get a bogus IRS call, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA (the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration). Include the phone number it came from and any details you have.

I just got this number saying I was being sued by IRS.

kept them on the phone for 1 hour 7 minutes. can anyone beat that :D

I just received this call from +1(786)503-2063. It was a Florida number.

Just got a call from 360-851-4681,with the same story. I was thinking of calling and going along for some fun :)

I got a call from 509-588-7564 saying there was a lawsuit being filed and to get more this number! Total scam and no I didn't call back.


I have been getting calls I do not normally answer and let go to voice mail. The message they leave was telling me IRS has filed a law suit against me .Just got another call from 347-349-5325 and decided to answer. The was a woman on the other side with thick african accent trying to impose she was calling from IRS, same story. I told her I was recording the call and will asked her to state her name,so I can report her to police ,she refused and told me to shut up & hung up on me.
I called back ans a man with the same african accent answered with "internal revenue service, how may I direct your call" I asked him for his name. Ben Johnson he responded...of course very common name in Nigeria..LOL
I told him I was about to report them to police for fraud and insisted speaking to the woman who hang up on me. He said he was just front desk and will ask the "officer"call me back later. IRS knows which officer from the thousands working there called me :))) As you guessed he also hung up. I thought I won`t let go, called again and again, they won`t answer.
Will call them back later. They got no idea what trouble they got into with me :)))))

Because law enforcement WON'T do anything. you'd be better off setting them up with your local news station

I agree 100% and then we can sue them and become debt free along with rich.

I got a call from one today. He said he was from the US Treasury and I owed a lot of money and in big trouble. He had an Indian accent. I kept telling him how he was a scam and he told me the police were on the way to my house right now. I told him I was the Police. He replied Detectives would be at my house any minute. I told him I had kept him on the phone so I could trace his call and now we are locked into his location the Authorities would be at his door any moment. He hung up. LOL

I've been getting calls from 252-207-2730 stating they are the IRS and are going to file a lawsuit against me.

Received the same message from 904-452-9202

got a call from 904-677-2780 about arresting me in 30 minute and me owing back taxes and committing treason and breaking the law etc.etc.

That's what I'd like to know!

(360)208-0863 is the number that had called me TWICE!!! Telling me to call them back at the number they called from because they filed a lawsuit against me!! Knew it was a scam as soon as they said they were the I.R.S!! Sorry suckers my parents didnt raise no DUMMY!! Lol.. Just thought I'd share the number in case someone gets the same call from the same number!

I just got a call from a blocked # it left me a message and phone number to call saying they were going to take action. I didn't have time to write the # down. What should I do

If the IRS needs to reach you they will start by sending a letter.

I received 4 repeated calls same moment from 347.985.8652 a lady with an indian accent I told her I was busy. She left a message that she is from IRS and I have a legal case under my full name and I need to immediately call for any legal proceeding. Scam! Watch out on.

I have received many calls almost everyday from different numbers doing this scam some Washington Chicago numbers and 800 numbers even robo messages on my voicemail they are harassing me and i wish they would stop calling me even using 0000 to get though the block list.

Just a few moments ago i got a robot or whatever call from California. The number was (323)314-6724 saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. And that I have to call headquarters or something to get more info. I can't remember it all exaclty. Is it real?

If the IRS needs to reach you, it will send a letter. The IRS will not call you and leave a recorded message.

I got a call and knew right away that it was a scam because that's not the way they work. Here's the phone number: 1(760) 201-9364 from Vista CA.

I called them back quite a few times in one evening. On one of my first calls, after I gave my diatribe of righteous indignation, the man on the other end threatened me with sexual assault. Come on... impersonating a federal investigator and threatening sexual assault... something should be done. I am thrilled that I tied them up for over forty minutes with my phone calls (mostly I just played them the Deadpool soundtrack) because it might mean they couldn't connect with the one poor widow who might have fallen for this.

The #s I'm getting called from are 0000000000 & 10. Several times a day now. Getting frustrated.


Got a call and a voice message saying to contact directly phone #(347)560-7215, saying she was officer Susan Allen from the investigation department of the IRS and there was an arrest warrant and I needed to call immediately. I got scared so I called them back, put me on hold and then called me back within seconds. She said I had 3 charges against the Constitution, gave me a case #, that the call was being recorded and anything I would say could be used against me. She asked me some questions to "verify I was telling the thruth", if I had been arrested before, if I had any tickets and how I filled my taxes. When I asked questions she rushed and said the police was going to my house right away and that I could discuss with them.

Are calls from 202-570-7458 scams?

Hi, I keep getting calls from agents stating that they are calling from the criminal investigation dept from the internal revenue service and that they sent me 2 letters and I never responded and that a detective will be coming to my home if I don't call them back.It's always someone with a middle eastern accent and the number is 301-327-7190 and the other number is 240-200-8403. Is this a scam? I don't know if it's real or not. help?

If the IRS needs to contact you, it will send a letter first. If you got a letter from the IRS recently, and you want to talk to someone at the IRS, call the number on the letter, or call 800-829-1040.
If you didn't get a letter from the IRS recently, this is probably a scam. Scammers pretend to be from the IRS and tell people they have to make immediate payments over the phone. You can report an IRS imposter to the Treasury Inspector General at 800-366-4484. This FTC page has more about IRS imposter scams.

A message was left by someone claiming to be from the IRS asking me to call them before they issue a warrant out for my arrest. I was upset and tried to call them to get their information to report their scam to the police, only they did not pick up the phone.

Thank You for all your good work.

Good work? That's laughable. The FTC hasn't done a thing except note this is a scam call on their website. Furthermore, in the comments section an FTC Rep goes on to state something to the affect "there's not much we can do to stop spoofing".

If the scammers are leaving a phone number, can't the IRS find out who "owns" the number and go after them? After all, the number must eventually lead to someone who knows about the scam.

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information, so the number you see on caller ID probably isn’t real. Without more information, it’s difficult for us to identify the actual caller. Even so, the FTC analyzes information from complaints to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns.

The return call connected me with a liver person. FTC should be able call and trace it. Or play along and wait for them to request payment. Then shut down their finances. Or play along until they ask for key information like a social security number. Give them a fake one and track the usage of it. (like marked bills)

Please use your reading comprehension skills. The caller left a number verbally in the message. In order for the scam to work, the caller must leave contact information. The caller ID may be fake, but the contact information is not fake.

The FTC could combat this by making the 'do-not-call' list opt-out instead of opt-in. The FTC web site says that legitimate businesses will pay attention to the do not call list. This is incorrect. A legitimate business won't spam potential customers by calling them.

The FTC could further combat this by disallowing robo calls by government officials, particularly around election season. By limiting the number of spam calls, it becomes easier to detect unusual calling activitiy.

The FTC can additionally combat this by requiring phone companies to offer free call blocking for unverified originating phone numbers.

A lot of smart people have thought about this. Hop on the internet and do some research about various ways to combat these scams.

The problem is that these calls are very likely coming from foreign countries with little to no concern. The U.S. FTC can't have the attorney general call Pakistan and ask their intelligence services to spend resources searching for joe bob the auto dialer. Best thing we can do is be cautious and spread the word.

I got two of these calls back to back on April 22,2015 I did a reverse phone search, and found it was from a company in WA State. I Googled the number and found it was sent from a landline Telemarketer. The number I didn't call back was: 253-655-4857.. Caller: "Level 3 Communications Call Type:Telemarketer." I was going to be have a "lawsuit" filed against me. I'm 84 years old, and have never been in I don't want to start now. The body's shot, but fortunately the mind is still pretty much okay.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. These are useful details for a complaint.  Please go to to report this. We can't address complaints you report here in the blog comments.

I recieved a call from unavailable first then they told me i've been approved for gov grant money they owe me from 5,000 - 14,000 dollars. i would recieve a call from their manager so he gave me the number just in case. He said he would need my bank info well it was up to me but direct deposit or credit card up to me. I didn't have my bank information on hand so I told him If I could call him back. But he told me my address etc to confirm it was me then he said I've been selected for grant money that I dont need to pay back, it's government grant money.Before we hung up he gave me a file number "my file number" and whoever I speak to will ask for it. so present that number to them when they ask. When I called that number he gave, a male answered and I told him I was returning a call someone called me earlier. So he asked the number and he addressed my first and last name? then he went on and explained that I've been selected for the state of hawaii grant money they owe me? then he went on to ask so do you know how you've been selected and i said no I was just about to ask and he said yes, I will explain that to you. So because you have filed your taxes on time, paid taxes, good citizen, no criminal record, your name has been selected for the state of hawaii for this gov grant money. so mam let me pull up your file and check how much you qualify for ok just stay on the line with me pok mam. and then he came back on a few minutes later and said ok mam so you've been qualified for 14,566 dollars. theres so much more to say but I came home to kind of check it out about scams etc. my number area code is texas,469

I've received funny calls and someone took loans out in my name that's a school and home loan I never took out any loans all my life and now all this identity thieves please help!

If you think you've been a victim of identity theft here are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at

Its time for the FTC to help. Telephone providers only allow blocking of 10 to 20 numbers. They also charge if you don't want your number published. Time to hold them accountable and remove the limitations and offer free unpublished numbers.

It won't do any good to have your number unpublished. we do and our bank sold our number to all kinds of places. we don't even answer our phone anymore because of it. Just got an IRS scam call to boot. Told me they were going to put us in jail if we didn't call them back. I know we haven't broken any laws so they are full of it. I sure wish they could do something about these people taking advantage of people with fear tactics. Isn't it illegal to impersonate the IRS??? I would think they would want to do whatever they could to catch them.

I got the "IRS Call" about six months ago. I was pretty sure the IRS did not call, but I was curious so I listened for a bit. As soon as he said "my company", I told him "the IRS is NOT a company". I told him he's a fraud, and I hung up. Afterwards, I wished I had been cooler and just listened to get as much info as possible in order to report him.

Recentl I have received unknown calls from a tech service company. They are using the name of a company I do business. Funny thing that my vendor will not call me but send an email if something is urgent. The fony company wants to gain control of my OC or sell me some software to repair my pc. Oren this company introduces a virus. I've learned to ask them for info they should know about me. The fony companies are clueless. Name of teacher in high school, etc

Ask for callback number.

Why aren't US laws more punitive so that scammers face severe penalties for attempting to dupe the public, and so that FTC could prosecute more fully? Seems that if the penalties and prosecutions were more onerous, that scamming would be less prevalent!!


I received a call from someone who said that they were representing Microsoft Corporation. He said that his name was Alex, and his employee number is 53732. He said that my computer had a virus and that I have to follow his instructions in order to correct the problem. He was instructing me to press certain keys on my keyboard. When I resisted, he attempted to verify that he was legitimate by reciting my full name, address, phone number, and email address. He became very agitated as I continued to resist his instructions by stating that he could be anyone from anywhere, and that I had no intentions of following his instructions. What was really odd is that my computer began acting strange and was running extremely slowly the night prior to this call. I even received a pop-up screen stating that my computer had a virus and that I must press the button on the screen immediately. I ignored this warning, and thought that it was a phishing scam. I do not have the original phone number that was utilized to make the call. But I did tell him that I want the name and phone number of his supervisor so that I could call back and verify his information.
The information he gave me is: His name is Alex from Microsoft. His employee number is 53732. His Supervisor's name is David Johnson. His Supervisor's phone number is 631-661-6674. I am not sure, but I believe that this phone number is the same one that the phone call originated from.

To Microsoft and tell them, give them the number. Acctually they wil prob find a way to get to them faster than anyone hahaha.

I have received phone calls similar to this one as well. Most of them came from cell phones. I did turn in m info with the FTC a couple of months ago by phone call as well as online. I suggest to the public if they have landline home phone number like I do, make sure to set a setting that you will not take calls from blocked numbers. This will make the caller show their name or state and the real phone number they are calling from. Most of the time when I call back it says this phone number is not a working phone number. So I think they are probably using those pre paid cell phones and just get rid of them so we cant trace the people involved in this large scam.

How do I insure that my stolen SS card is not used to create a new fraudulent IRS account, fraudulent W2 forms and filing of fraudulent 10W40?

Received one of these calls today about the IRS. From phone#707-822-9870

I received three of these calls. The most ridiculous thig about is that it comes up on my caller as a pay phone.

Another clue the caller is bogus: "Internal Revenue Services". The agency is Internal Revenue Service.

I got a call similiar to this one but with a different phone number. Recorded message saying "This is Sgt. Sebastian Warren of the IRS. We have an arrest warrant for you for tax evasion"

Elizabeth, I am retired from the IRS and am sorry to say but I had to really laugh at this one, a caller identifying themselves as a Sgt. from the IRS. No, IRS employees do not have ranks. Remember, if a taxpayer has any type of tax return issues, you are always notified by mail with an explanatory notice and a phone number to call. If you are ever concerned about an account, you can call 1-800-829-1040 to check. Of course, you'll have to wait forever because Congress cut the IRS budget to the bone and there are not enough employees to handle the call volume.

maybe they are too busy looking for Lois's lost emails.

And they are still looking!

Hello Elizabeth, I received the same type of phone call with the same verbiage. Whats more suspicious is that I believe the same "person" called months ago with the same name but for something completely different ( fraudulent Health claim). So these guys are just out for anyone that will call them back and exchange words.
Wish there was something that we could do about this with the proper protection and actually get some results.

I submitted an online report of an email scam recently and have not received an email confirming receipt. do I need to resubmit? Thank you.

As you finish filing a complaint at, you should see a reference number that verifies your submission, and some information on what you can do to resolve your issue.  If you provide your email address, you should also get a confirmation email.

IRS is filing a lawsuit - SCAM from 360-262-6451. I called and said I was a CPA. A man said I had not filed my tames and began trying to get me to confirm contact information, However, he could not provide my Social Security number, so I hung up.

I received a call today which showed the D.C. area code, & different things were told to me. The first call, a foreign-accented man said he was calling about my having committed fraud against the IRS for years 2008 through 2012. I said they sounded nothing like the IRS & I told him so. He then said he was calling from China & The U.S. Government had hired them to take care of these things. I said 1st of all that The United States would never hire China to handle our U.S. Affairs. He hung up. I called back the caller ID # asking what they wanted. I was told an Affidavit would arrive in the mail in a few days and that I needed to sign it. I lied and said "OK." I called the number again & yet another foreigner answered, knew my name... and he said I would be arrested within two hours. I just said "OK. I'll look forward to that, laughed & hung up.

I noticed that she had the hiccups. I believe that a real one would cure them before calling.

I just received one of those calls in which they try to threaten me by saying they was sending the feds over to lock me up and now that im sure it was fake ,I hate that I gave my name. Something really needs to be done bout these people and their fraud behavior.

On 3/9/15 at 8:30 am, I received a call from "Aiden" 267-885-2326. He said that he was calling from the Tax Fraud Department of the IRS. I've gotten several calls like this before and have reported them to the FTC. I hung up immediately.

Fake IRS Phone Scam (360) 214-3607 (721)596-6584
I received a call from one of the above numbers and it was a automated-voice stating that it was the IRS and that they had been trying to get in touch with me for a while and that they were filing a lawsuit against me. The voice then said to dial such and such number (I'm pretty sure it was the (360) 214-3607 one) as soon as possible and disconnected. I was outraged and immediately called the number. A man with a very thick Indian accent answered with what sounded like "Internal Revenue Service". His accent made it very hard to understand what he was saying and he would not transfer me to another person not let me speak with his supervisor. He kept repeating that "the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me due to miscalculations on previous income tax returns between the years of 2008-2014" and I owe them approximately $8,000. He also said that they have been mailing notices however they were always returned. He ever said that the most recent one was mailed out on December 10th, 2014.
When I said I've never received anything and asked which address they had on file, he quickly changed the subject. This is total bs because I was still in high school two of those years and did not have a "real" job that dealt with W-2 forms.

Got the same kind of robocall this morning. Did not call them, came to this site at once. They called at 7:15 a.m., waking me after 3 hours sleep.

I received a call from 360-450-0205 (Seattle) almost identical spiel, accent, etc.

very helpful website here -- thnks

Just got a call from the same number. Thought it was a scam. Glad I found this site & your post.

Got a call on my caller id today. Said the IRS was filing a lawsuit against us. We should call for more details. Our caller id said the number came from 630 529 5537 but the number to call back was 209 813 2710

I received a call for 571-210-5961 and they were saying that I was going to go to federal prison if I didn't pay some money. when I asked about the years that I owed I then got really mad because I wasn't in the USA on the years that he was saying that I had fraud on my taxes. he said that I had a warrant out for my arrest and then started yelling at me. I of course started yelling back. I hung up the phone and then called my police department and found out that I don't have a warrant nor have I ever had one before. I was so relieved.

Just remember the irs will never call you!!

For several years, I've been asking that the FTC force the phone companies to lock down caller-ID falsification more tightly. It's designed into the system for good reasons -- so companies with many outgoing lines can have all returned calls come back to their switchboards -- but it should be MUCH harder to access, and it should leave a record that law enforcement could pursue... up to and perhaps including posting itself onto the imitated line's bill in the same way a collect call does (minus fee, of course). With software-mediated switchboards, this *shouldn't* be difficult to add... but the phone companies aren't going to make the changes until they are forced to.

I gave the information to about email sent stating they were the FBI and the person used the name of the director. In my mind if the FBI became that cheesy about making contact with someone, then the ideal I held of them became shattered. I think they were scammers from Africa using a bogus inheritance scam to get people's money. I even allowed the information to be given out and then turned it over to Since I am that confident if someone were that stupid to use my id, they would not be hard to track down, because I have lived below poverty for over 10 years.

I haven't got that call but keep getting calls from someone claiming to be with the US Grants Department saying I was randomly chosen to receive a grant totaling $8,700.00 but I needed to put %500.00 on a MoneyPak card and give him the number. Unfortunately, I paid a few times and did not get the money. When I blocked that number, he called with a california number (the first was Florida) asking why I had blocked his number. They are very sneaky!!

Note the caller said Internal Revenue Service"s". An IRS employee would never use that term. It is always Internal Revenue Service or IRS. IRS employees are required to give their name and badge number. The IRS may make calls but only if they have an active case in which a taxpayer had already contacted the IRS for assistance. A taxpayer who has a balance due will always receive a balance due notice first. The IRS does not cold call anyone. Some of these scammers will state their location as 1111 Constitution Ave. That is IRS National Headquarters. No one is calling from there, unless the Commissioner wants to wish you a happy birthday.

Well, I just got a scam call from Shawn Anderson trying to tell me he was from US treasure Dept-Legal Affairs Dept. And I should call a number. And pay old taxes. When I questioned him and asked him to provide me more info he became very belligerent, and would just talk while was speaking. Even when I told him I was going to call the number he refused to give it to me and told me good luck in court. Ugh. These people are scum.

Sigh. I got the same call today from John Spencer. It was from 7607904134. They told me someone was coming to my home in the next 2 hours to throw me in jail for the next 6 months because I didn't pay my 2010 taxes on time. I haven't had to pay in for over 20 years. I really want to go buy a burner phone and start calling these jerks back! He was so belligerent. Thick Indian accent.

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list, don't talk to a live person and don't call back. That just leads to more calls.  These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at

Got a call from 571-210-5961. Jonathon Wright (heavy foreign accent) call to say that it looks like I have created fraud with the IRS and left a number I could call back (which I did not do). I'm truly getting sick of these kind of calls.

I just got this exact call but he said his name was Jonathan Knight and the number was 202-559-7671

I get crazy phone calls and emails all the time .. it's crazy !!!! how about the email where the person is dying in the hospital in some foreign country and is going to inherit a pile of money and wants me to take the money and take care of her son in America

I received a call like this one on my parents phone. They are both 72 years old and are on the "do not call list" yet they get an average of 5 calls daily from various sources. The last one said "The IRS is filing a lawsuit...please call 360-663-4445. This was today, March 14, 2015. Sometimes your OWN phone number shows up as the call number on the caller ID. This is rampant!

I remember getting a phone call from the IRS from Washington state. Since I missed their phone call, I called them back-just for the thrill of it. A male voice answered the phone, and I asked him if he was working for the IRS. He told me that I had an outstanding debt with them. I explained to this idiot that I don't live in Washington state, and what he's doing is a scam. This man kept talking over me, so that was my cue to give him a piece of my mind. I did threaten him that if he were to call me again, I will have his sorry behind prosecuted for fraud, and that's when I ended the phone call.

First off, the IRS does NOT make phone calls!! If they want something from you, they're going to send you some mail. I'm a firm believer in Karma, and hopefully, they will be arrested and prosecuted for their nonsense.

I am from India and I tracked these guys down by playing along with them. These scums have a call center in gurgoan (near delhi) and they use VOIP, and things like Vonage /magic jack etc, through which you can get a local US number. The problem seems complex with international scammers, jurisdiction issues etc.

March 17,2015 around 11:45 AM. I had received call from 760 676 0259 number the caller said Internal Revenue Service"s". Please ASAP


Just received a message from "irs" from number 415-236-3632

Same thing. Mines names is Steve Martin and I apparently will get a Grand Jury in front if the magistrate. Screamed obscenities at me when challenged. No I won't send you money nor ..... Your ..... Brazen beyond belief. Clearly not afraid if getting caught. We are all reporting it. My guess is it's a call Ctr in India with fairly sophisticated users. They will tell you based on a YOUR address where the closest place to buy a prepaid debit card for them. That's kinda freaky that they know address but really I think they are actually thousands if miles a way. Very disconcerting tho!!!!

Just receieved a call from fake IRS agents threatening me with jail and that there was a warrant out for my arrest. Tel Number was 773-672-3238-Chicago Illinois.Individual name was Katrina Cole- fake badge number 15206932653. She transferred me to her dep head-Steve Wilson. Both had heavy foreign accents but common names.

This same number calling me weekly treating me saying they are with the IRS And need me to settle. 619-378-0051. They Leave messages on my phone.

Just got 2 messages from "Steve Martin". He mentioned some kind of enforcement action from the Treasury. His number is 408-372-5343. I guess these scammers are SNL fans.

I get a call today from "IRS" saying they are trying to reach me and they are filing a lawsuit against me and it is my final notice. Call 509-207-4069 immediately" I have filed my complaint to hopefully catch these people.

Got a call from some detective. Asked the case number and he told me CD8642. Can you tell me if it true or not cause I think it's strange a Illinois number is calling me telling me that and saying there's a officer headed to my house to get me and when I asked what the case was for he said you'll find out in court

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. Although you saw an Illinois number, the caller wasn't necessarily in Illinois.

dog476 - looks like we have the same case#. I recieved the exact same call and given the identical case number.

I had received a call today from someone trying to scam me. They called and said they were from the IRS and their name was officer copper and if we didn't act now then there would be trouble. The phone number that called was 818-290-8613. I also recieved a voice mail from the same person stating that their name was mike Watson and that I need to call right away because it is the IRS and if I don't call back there will be trouble. This person also knew my information. Knew my name and my husbands name.


Got 2 calls today from 800 numbers (800-829-1040 and 800-366-4484) saying I was being charged with tax fraud but could 'clear it up' if I called them first. Got to be bogus but sure is nerve wracking!

OMG! I received the same call from that same 800# on my cell! I went to the IRS website and it's the toll free number for the "IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals". REALLY??? This ph# 703-662-8335 came to my cell as well! The same east Indian accent as all previous calls.

I got one of these calls last week. I just hung up on them. It is scary.

Got the robocall this morning at 11:22 from Unknown 1.The number to call them is 509-207-4031 I did save the msg. if anyone wants it to prosecute them.

I received two recorded phone calls from the "I.R.S." telling me that I have a law suit on my back. I know tha the IRS would call itself the Internal Revenue Service; that is would only mail a letter to alert me if something was wrong. I did call the number once, but it was a dead end. I cannot help thinking of the people that have no clue and let themself fooled. From Santa Barbara, CA.

Got a call from 703 879-6767. Left a message saying she was Rebecca Martin (married to Steve Marting in some of the previous comments?) from IRS tax crime investigation unit.Heavy accent, said that there was an affadavit for tax evasion and we should call the number. I already looked on line regarding tax scams so I called and told her that I knew this was a scam. She hung up. I tried to call again, but phone number was busy.

I got a robo call from 509-207-4646 saying that the IRS is going to sue me today.

I just received three of these Fake IRA Scam Phone 360-200-0964. By the third time I finally blocked the call.

got yet another call from sgt. ? couldnt undrstand thru the thick accent. They asked me if i had a lawyer as there was pending litigation against me. Toled them i didnt need a lawyer just someone to take mew off their spam list. He aparently didnt like that and told me their would be somone at my door with in 2 hrs. Told him fine and to please take me off the fake microsoft tech list aswell as im tired of that spam also

got live person call yesterday with a threat if i did not respond lol also gave me case number an phone number 2027951580 it goes to an auto dialer but wont connect just rings once caller id showed washington as an id

Got the IRS call today from 509-207-4646.

I got the same call today. What a scam! Can't these people be stopped? I filed complaints with FTC and IRS.

I got the recorded call this afternoon at 2:11 pm. The number to call back was 509-207-4069.

I got a call from the IRS on March 18th 10:14 a.m in the morning.The first call was from 911 calling for my arrest and asking where I was located.
When I had asked the reason for arrest they said my taxes were due.My husband travelled to India and there was a co-incidence I had not mailed that tax check relating it to that I believed them.They held me kind of hostage over phone till 6:44p.m and I have lost 11000 dollars.And this morning I also received alert saying that they have mis used my identity and filed some criminal case.Someone please help to stop this fraudulent scam.I am struggling and fighting against this to get my money back and protect my identity. They had all my information including dob social security.They folks are doing this crime from India as per my analysis.Please help I would like to create more awareness to people and also stop this crap and get these people behind bars.

If you think someone misused your identity, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at That page will tell you what to do right away.

I also had call now about it from IRS, he said dont hang up call or 911 arrrest you.

I had a call that used my own name and phone number to show on caller I D. They were saying I could win a trip to Florida....I hung up but have questions as to how they can use my own name and phone number(land line)to show as the origin of the call.

Thank you.

I too received this message on my answering machine indicating that I had committed IRS fraud, that the attorney general from my state had already been notified and if I or my attorney did not call within 73 hours a law enforcement officer would soon be at my door.
The same lady called back the following day and left the same message. I responded back immediately because I am an upstanding citizen and wanted this matter rectified as soon as possible. Nina as she referred to herself sounding very hateful repeated the same message and reads something that sounded legal and she was calling the police right now for them to come and get me.
She also warmed me I was to tell no one of this call and just wait for the police to arrive.I panic, totally disorient and cannot think or realize I was being scammed. I called the police, they said it was a scam.

About 6 months ago I was contacted by the alleged IRS, several times, and informed to call them at a given number. I did some checking: the number they gave me was in Sacramento, CA. If the IRS was indeed calling the number would have been in Reno, NV. But, fortunately or unfortunately that is when they stopped calling before I could take any action.
The che4cking I did was with the phone book (for location of the given number) and my tax preparers office (for where the IRS would have directed me). What tipped me off was that they didn't give an 800 number. The whole thing took place in a matter of abut 2 weeks, then it was over.

I just got a call that came from the IRS phone number of 800-829-1040. The man had a very thick Indian accent and asked me if I had a lawyer to deal with the lawsuit the IRS has filed against me. I said, can I call you right back? And he said, "no this line is tied up." Then I said, "well, I don't believe you." And he said well, then you'll be seeing a sheriff at your door very soon, and wished me luck. I hope if the IRS is filing lawsuits against people, they wait until these scams are under control because now I have to just wait to see if i have a knock at my door. I wish they would TELL US their procedure if in fact a law suit was actually pending (yes, I owe them money but just paid a chunk out of my 2014 return. The main thing is we as consumers need more help. Please set up a designated help line. Calling the IRS is ridiculous because a) you have zero idea which option to press for this issue and b) you can sit on hold for 50 minutes or longer.

Scammers will provide names, phone numbers and even addresses to make you believe they are legitimate. For example, they may give you the real address of the IRS.
However, the IRS will never call you to threaten you. That’s a sign that this is a scam. The IRS website ( says the IRS will mail you a bill if you owe taxes, they never call first about taxes you owe. The IRS won't threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying

rec'd call from what the gentleman said was the IRS Audit Dept.. Stated right from the start (whith no name given) the I had to contact a lawyer because of a lawsuit in my name for 2008 taxes. He did like it when I told him that I know for a fact that the IRS DOES NOT CALL ANYONE for this matter!!!

the phone number I rec'd the tax scam from was
779-552-6416. Eastern Indian person making call.


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