Random text? Wait, wait, don’t click that!

Here’s a tip that’s worth repeating:

Don’t click on a link in a text message you get on your phone that says you’ve won a terrific prize or a gift card. Don’t reply either. It’s probably a scam.

The Federal Trade Commission settled charges with a group of marketers that were part of a scheme that sent millions of unsolicited spam text messages promoting supposedly free merchandise like $1,000 gift cards for Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

People who clicked the links in the messages didn’t get the promised prizes. Instead, they were taken to websites that asked them to give personal information and sign up for multiple offers, often involving purchases or paid subscriptions.

What can you do about unwanted text messages?

  • Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. Legitimate companies won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.
  • Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
  • Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.


I fell for that Best Buy one once but never again. This message cannot be made known enough, especially with the contact information for reporting scammers.

It's easy to believe that a corporation as huge as Walmart would give prizes via text. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, though. IGNORE texts from "Walmart," or from "whoever," because they are phishing.

No it's not. They don't need to give away 1,000$ so why would they? I've never heard of a major retailer doing a giveaway. Come on..

You never get something for nothing. It's your money don't fall for it!

This is vital. I have recently begun receiving random emails from unknown addresses. I don't open them, but it infuriates me that they arrive. Strangely enough, I didn't receive any of these until I put my number on the "do not call" site. I have to wonder if there is any correlation.

of course not. haha

I also started receiving texts with my full name and address after enrolling on the Do Not Call list. I am guessing there is a correlation... It's not the Do Not Text list, so maybe that's a loophole?

I also recently registered my number on the do not call list and received a text with my full name and address with a link to a website. Even though it was 4:00 am when they sent it, I was waking enough to think logically and not click on the link. I reported the message and it's content to AT&T via 7726. This is getting ridiculous. You don't answer their phone calls so they send text messages with your personal information? Really?

If you register with the FTC for the legitimate Do Not Call registry, you need to give your email. Within 72 hours after you register the number, you will get an email that confirms your registration. You have to click on a link in the email from the Do Not Call registry to complete the registration. If you don't click on the link in the email, you won't be registered.
The legitimate Do Not Call registry with the FTC does not ask for your name or address. If you found a site that is pretending to be the FTC Do Not Call registry, please report it to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Thanks for the warning. Here is another scam and identify theft: The Blue Bird Card by Walmart and American Express has their emblem on the card. Is becoming a identify theft problem all over the USA. I agree do not open any email not familiar and watch where we use our prepaid cards. Thanks for the warning. Blue Bird Card with American Express Emblem is giving the original American Express a bad rap, because of identify theft is rapidly increasing.


I am not surprised they fooled you and your daughter.

I know! I've been getting a lot of texts from bit.ly with inappropriate messages on it, like "H0p on here so I can flirt with you " (that's an actual one I got) and it's really annoying. I haven't responded, and when I researched bit.ly it told me it was a customer service platform so I'm rather nervous about the whole thing. I keep deleting the messages but they keep popping up. Not sure what to do

Report it, then block them from calling or texting you. Look at your options available in your text message list. On Android, its "More", "Block number". Pretty sure Apple has that function too.

Bit.ly is a link shortener

What if I did respond to one of these texts? What should I do?

Just received this text message. I reported the content and sender's phone number to 7726 (SPAM). Hopefully AT&T takes care of it. What should I do if I called the number? Obviously I didn't give out any info but can they do anything if I only called the number?

"Atlfedcu FRAUD ALERT!: Your Bankcard has been temporarily -SUSPENDED-. Please call (973)368-5560"

Text received from Atlantic FCU (973) 432-5926 telling me my VISA had been temporarily suspended and asking me to call (973) 494-7995 immediately.

Wow People Make Me Sick

I had to pay 110.00 to cancel a loan application is this a SCAM or this what was required?

I received a text from a random number which had a link to YouTube, and at the bottom it said "James..."
I figured it could've been the person got the wrong phone number but I still clicked on the link (like a dummy).
Does that mean I have a virus?

i received a text, today, Dec 3rd at 3:52pm stating that I may receive refunds from AT&T for paying for charges from other companies on my bill. It then provides a link to you, www.ftc.gov/att for information. Is this legit?

As part of a lawsuit filed by the FTC against AT&T, AT&T will refund consumers who were billed by third parties without autorization. AT&T is sending out text messages to customers who had premium text message charges added to their bills sometime after January 2009. If you didn't authorize any premium text message services, then you will want to file a claim at ftc.gov/att.

Can someone please help? I keep getting texts that are from emails. I was dumb enough to click the link, and it led me to this website to get money fast. I didnt enter any information, I just visited the site. This was a couple weeks ago, and my device has worked fine. Am I okay?

just got a text from (209)227-4533 with a link Mstr.mobi/25chips/0rBT6 Reported it to my Verizon 7726

Hi,got a text from "offers@sprint.com" telling me I have won a fifty dollar gift card for taco bell. And a link to redeem. I assume this is some kind of scam,but using Sprints name? And normally messages from sprint don't come from a seven digit phone number. No area code,so must be a local number. Usually,messages are from a five digit number.

You're right; it's probably a scam. Don’t click on a link in a text message you get on your phone that says you’ve won a prize or a gift card. Don’t reply either.

What if you DID click because you thought it was a friend who you know got a new phone number? I received one with him suggesting I use Ever to store photos. I DID click on link and took me to app store. Just want can they access from there? I did not enter any password or anything. So, how would you know if anything was affected?

I got a text message about some Nike gift card on my phone and saying that I should check out this cool app called appleshock(Can't remember the name) but what really scares me is that the message had the name of a family member saying "--Name" at the end. But it showed the the message was sent from my sister's phone, which wasn't working at the time. I am confuse.

today I received a text from the number unfamiliar to me but with my local area code. when I check the text message it immediately started downloading the attachment it came with. I was checking the message to see if anything was suspicious I should've noticed immediately being that it was an unrecognized number but, I continued to download to see if it wasn't a picture from someone I know. once the download was complete the message deleted itself and I've yet to find out what was downloaded even after looking through my downloads which were empty and still empty after the fact.I'm afraid I may have just fallen victim to a phishing scam of some sort. if anyone has had the same problem please advise on what you did.

If you get another message like this, don’t click on the links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
You can report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.

I get loads of those! What is it?!?!

I have been receiving random texts also.. I just got one that had suggested something sexual and it said to leave them a message to a bit.ly site that I know is a download link. I had recieved one yesterday from a different email and a different message but suggesting the same thing and with the same link. I know not to click on it but how do I stop these from happening?

When internet fraudsters impersonate a business to trick you into giving out your personal information, it’s called phishing. Don't reply to email, text, or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information. Don’t click on links within them either. 
You can file a complaint about the messages with the ftc at ftc.gov/complaint.
If you get repeated calls from the same number, you could ask your phone provider if it charges for a service that blocks calls from a particular number.

i clicked a youtube link for free gift cards and i entered credit card number. 2 days later 500 bucks missing from account. i cant let anyone know i need help...

Have you ever told anyone your own account

I hope it all worked out. Never give any account info unless you initiate a purchase. Don't click links. It's just not worth it.

Im getting texts from people saying they have tagged me (im assuming facebook) but i dont facebook??? Why do they send these....different number each time....

i got a text and when i checked the number it came from i found out it was a real phone number, but the phone was out of service. how is that possible? really need to figure this out. it was to buy or join anything but lots more personal. help

7726 is not working on T-Mobile

I got an SMS from a sender with an email address instead of a phone number... press and hold to get to the options of what to do with the message, and there isn't an option to forward to SPAM thing with T-Mobile. HELP!

I emailed someone a few weeks ago. I have received texts messages containing personal information from the private email. These are random texts from bit ly. Who are they coming from? How did they get my phone number? (the person that I sent the email doesn't have my phone number?)

ive been getting messages like that too. All I know is you shouldn't answer it. One asked if i was a famous actor. Another discussed me getting drunk when i know i never had alcohol since im underaged.

thanks u very muc

I got a text with my full name and address and a URL. I did not click and reported it to 7726. Creepy!

I got that same text today. Creeped me out and I reported it also. From the phone number 330-944-2946.

I just received one like that as well!! Very scary!

I received that same text today. It is very creepy. How do you report it to the 7726 system?

If you receive unwanted commercial text messages, file a complaint with the FTC.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also accepts complaints about unwanted text messages.

I just received the same type of message with my full name & address and a link. very worried that I got this. Did not click the link.

Yesterday I received 2 texts a minute apart from different numbers with my name address and a link. Reporting them both.

+1 (470) 819-5044- this number sent me a text that had my name and street address followed by a link. I have never seen this. What is it and how do they know my name and address?

I just got the same thing from (734)333-7241 My street address - my full name -

That happened to me this morning!

I got the same thing, my name and address followed by a link. I think we all clicked a bad Facebook post and are being fished. Right before Christmas too. Awesome.

The same thing happened to me today! I received a text with my first and last name and my complete address + a link.

I just received the same thing but with the words you better take care of and my address and full name. So weird. Kinda scary.

I received a note that had my first and last name and then the words "how are things at" and then my address. no other link to go to….

Me too! If you reply then they send you a link but don't click on it

The number I received the text from is 267-930-5126 and it contained my full name and address as well, along with a website. This is very scary. I have never had anything like this happen before.

I've had the same thing to happen. What should we do?

I did click on the link and it took me to a thing that wanted me to sign up for stuff.

Yup, just receieved a message from 360-889-8691 and it had my first and last name, address, and a link. It was my married last name which wasn't officially changed and so mostly everything except like health care is still in my maiden name....the website address listed was http:

i wouldn't click on a link if there was one, but with old school flip phone, don't have the option!

I have tried using 7726 today (as I have done may times) and it doesn't seem to work anymore.. no response

Just got that same creepy message and link but from +1 (754) 220-5848. Had my shortened first name, last name and address with a link. I reported it to Verizon but very weird

I have been getting similar messages with my first name and address and a link. I have received three messages from three different numbers. I have US Cellular. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

What can you do about unwanted text messages?

  • Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. Legitimate companies won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.
  • Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
  • Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.

I've recently been getting phone calls from other cities in Canada claiming that I'm a prostitue in the New west area. I find this disturbing. First they call, and then they start texting you asking how much? Or that they're in town looking for a whale escort.... Ive gotten two from Alberta, one from Ontario and a few local numbers. I hate they do this at odd hours. Now I've got unknown and random numbers calling leaving messages that I'm this Ben person and they're waiting for me to submit the documents? I'm pretty sure this is spam but it's really annoying. I just want my phone to stop buzzing. Just wondering if others are getting harassing messages like those...

I too just got a text from 2017302689 with only my name addy and a link. I reported it as spam, but wish there was more info around about whatever this is right now. So far this has been the most helpful site with assurance I wasn't the only one.

I just got the same type of text with my full name, area code, and a URL link in the middle of the night! So creepy! Reported it.

So did I!! Very scary.

I'm suspicious that this happened because I changed my address online with USPS. After I completed my forwarding address form I was directed to ads, coupons, and offers to get paid for doing surveys.right after I filled these things out my email account was bombarded with offers. Has someone hacked the postal services server?

I got this message this morning from a 205 area code. I have no idea what this is, any ideas?

"Your friend has asked you a question on Kiwi! Go to www.kiwi. to find out what she asked"

I got one today and I clicked on it....

Hi, I just got a random text saying "You still got it" and a link after that. I didn't click the link, but I did reapond to the text. Should I be worried? Is there something I need to do?

If you respond to one text, you might get more.
If you do, don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.

got a text at 4:17am from 470-719-0017, my full name, address then it said finish, with a link to click, i did not click it, i deleted it..have no clue what or who but after reading here, i am glad i didn't click it..

What's up to every single one, it's really a pleasant for me tto pay a quick visit this website, it contains valuable Information.

Just received pornographic images from 347-730-7736. I read the above advice and reported them to Verizon, and also blocked them. This was incredibly shocking to receive via text while at work. Is there anything else I can do to make sure this person is caught?

Got a text message this morning from an email stating that money was donated to me (I think, it didn't have dollar signs but am assuming). There was no link but there was an email they said I should contact. No clue what's going on or how someone got my number, as I don't give it out to many people. Trying to find out who the email links to!

Hello, I need help! I have gotten so many different confusing texts on my cellphone. now it is just a normal old school flip phone. the last message I received is from a random email address example(       ) and it sys something about Cialis and Viagra use special code Big bo*** to receive a deal on my order. no option to reply.. the next problem was from a local number saying click the link to video chat. I never clicked the link, but I did ask who it was. They never called me back or texted. I have uscellular, someone please help me

If you get unwanted text messages:

  • Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. Legitimate companies won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.
  • Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
  • Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.

All 4 phones on my account received a text message this morning from 1(410) 100-001 with a link to a YouTube page. None of us clicked on the link but I went on YouTube to see if I can find what this was and it appears to be a darn political ad talking about how "first time in decades we have a somebody with INTEGRITY".
The name "Jim" appears in the from section and the subject line is "Together" along with the link 
I contacted AT&T (well, I reported it to 7726 for SPAM.) The thing that really ticked us off was that the messages came in at 4AM while we were all sleeping! Thinking that it was sent to us since we live in Pennsylvania and the Primary is this week (I think). Still, messages were unwanted and I would love to punch the idiot responsible for sending them! :)

I just received a text that has my home address and then a link I have never heard of. I don't want to click on it but I am curious. It is a 209 area code number which is no where near me.

I have a random text message that says From Jim. Subject- together. And go to you tube address. Says first time in decades we have a somebody with integrity. Not going there. Figure they`re phishing.

Sends text with my full name, address, and a link at 3AM.

I just got a text message with my name on it and then a link to a map to my address. I've also been getting constant calls from long distance numbers from everywhere. I started blocking calls, but they continue from different numbers

Got this same text Friday the 13th with my name and a map to my home...weird...it was a Georgia area code, I am in Oklahoma

I just got the same thing. Didn't respond. Just deleted it

I have been receiving texts that at first I thought they were from a FB friend, text came via FB. I went to her page sent her a message and she had no idea what it was all about, I freaked her out in fact. What was really weird was that I replied to the text asking her if she could block me from the text message because I had already turned all notifications off and the texts were still coming through. What was really strange was the person text back 'don't know what your talking about ......" Used my given name, the only people who use this name are my family, everyone else that knows me uses my middle name. Tooooo weird! I just change my cell number.

Received a text message from 470 435-7814. It contained my first and last name with my street address only ( no city or state)with a link to a website.

Received text msg from 470-798-4975 in the following format: FIRSTNAME STREETADDRESS LASTNAME websitelink. Googled phone number, couldn't find anything. Searched website (not full link) also, site doesn't exist. Reported to 7726 and the blocked number on my phone. Glad this page is here, never seen this before and it really creeped me out.

Twice, text message sort-of, phone gives the sound that I have rec'd a text msg, when I check it only reads ..."New message" without a return number (or a blocked number I presume). And once, the phone buzzed, but no message of any kind.

Just got a text from 8179089444 asking me simply to "try this code 7594"....of course I deleted it. Some # in the Ft. Worth area

I received a text message asking me to respond "yes" to a loan app. I'm trying to figure out if it has something to do with the car we just bought on a loan or if someone is trying to steal my identity. because they had even obtained a former home address.

this is stupid and im grace i live in a house

Received a call on my cell phone, didn't recognize the #, so I didn't answer. Within seconds, received a text from the same number with the message being just a last name...not mine and no one I know! Any clues for me?

Text message from 646-681-4509 uses my first name and says a friend added me to an app called MyHeroes. There's a link. I deleted the message. Annoying.

Recieved a text message from a 224 area code I believe the number was 2243042297. The text message had my full name address with a link attached www.olghef.com/Kuke I have no clue what this is and it's very scary

If you get unwanted text messages:

  • Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. Legitimate companies won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.
  • Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
  • Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.


I received a text from some random out of state phone number that I didn't know but it wasn't any kind of "Prize Notification" or anything like that. It had my street address (Without the city, state & zip) and my first and last name with a link to click on.

I got a text msg today. Claimed that I could possibly have received an inheritance from a deceased relative. Then it gives a link. Since I would never fall for this scam, I found this site to try to identify and expose the criminals who sent it.

Keep getting random texts with my name and address I keep deleting them just got a text with the persons name and address that had this number ten years ago. (How long I've had it) I just keep deleting. What do you do if you don't use a major carrier anymore. I kept this number when I left T-Mobile

Just got two in a row from ohio numbers. Dang creepy that they use names and addresses as clearly criminals. 5672060030 and 2082699738. Oddly, after texting back we are authorities the text message with a web link disappeared from the 567 number, but have it screenshot. That number is a landline that rings, then goes busy. The other number says a nonworking number when call. How the hell can they delete text msg sent on our phone..is even creepier..but that is screenshot also...well..we are skilled enough to comeback at them and make them.paranoid as phruck..

I just received a text from a registered phone number, however I don't know who this person or phone number is. There was a link attached: Is this link a scam? I appreciate anyones help! =)

If you want to be safe and not sorry...simply DO NOT REPLY to texts from those you do not know. I keep getting texts to verify a former address. IT ONLY SAYS TO VERIFY 123 ANYTOWN RD. I simply delete them. So NOW I am sending to 7726.

Has anyone ever received a text message verifying your full name and address saying that it is required documentation for internet site?

I got a text from a number (413) 449 - 1158 and I found this site. I sent a text to 7726 (Spam) don't for get to add the phone number to the forward text or you have to resend it again to who you have your cell phone provider from.

I went on Craigslist looking for an apartment.The scammers wouldn't let me call them or call me. Only via email. She wouldn't give me the address because she said that they had a string of break-ins'. She only replied to my 1st email and told me that they just wanted to know that I've had previous landlord history and to CLICK HERE.
I did and it took me to Google?? I tried to reach her but she never got back to me. I Googled Craigslist apartment scams and it was worded exactly how she did. Since then, I've received 3 texts with my name and address will links. I didn't go on any of them. I'm very concerned about the information that they have and if they can steal my identity. I'm not sure what to do from here. If anyone knows what I can do to prevent unauthorized use or theft, please let me know. I have boost mobile. So the above info won't help me. Thank you so much.

IdentityTheft.gov has information about what to do if your information has been lost, stolen or exposed.

I got 2 messahes ssying "hi" i arrived safely,operation rescheduled a few days..after i texted twoce your texting wrong person.a name and email .of vina rinehart..but in text mame reads gina smith. Reported it as spam. Hipefully, it goes,away...

Just got one from 41782 stating my Chase online account has been suspended and provides a link for me to restore. I don't have a Chase online account.

Just got the same text 20 minutes ago

Same number, same message. Only I do have a Chase account and I was able to log in just fine. I'm forwarding their fraud department the information.

Just got tw text messages back to back from 740-762-3185 with my first name, maiden name and an old address from 10 years ago! What the heck!?

Got a random text today from an unknown out of state number, with my abbreviated name and address with the word heya!!! What the heck? It freaked me out, but I decided to call the number, got a busy signal. Then found this site, so I'm assuming (which I did when I first saw it) it's some kind of scam...I just don't like these creeps knowing where I live!

Just received a text message from bit.ly that said "this one is about to explode." How do I report something that didn't come from a number?

I got the same on today.

Same here... Super freaky

Just received a random text from 936-546-1956
"Do this with me and an imbedded link. I did not click the link. It contained my last name and birth year. Deleted the message.

Just received a text message from bit.ly that said "A breakout in the making?"

Just got this one and reported it.... Number from; (855) 999-4703 You were just added to UChat by someone from your school! See who!

Got a similar message from (855)999-4718. "Looks like you have an admired! Someone from your school just added you on UChat, see who!" with a tinyurl.com link.

I just received the same type message but mine was from 855-999-4715. I don't even know what uchat is.

Same. "Someone from your school just added you on UChat! See who!" (855)999-4705 Very likely a scam.

I just got a similar text with a Google link.

Similar message, except from (888)-970-3959.

Same text, but 855-999-4700.

Just got this one from 855-999-4703. "Someone from your school just mentioned you on UChat! See who! [Shortened URL I'm assuming takes you to somewhere nefarious]"

I got, "You were just added to the U-Chat by someone from your school! See who it was!" Then it had a http://tinyurl.com site. I didn't click on it, because it was odd. I'm glad I looked it up.

Got a message saying someone mentioned me on UChat, 855 999 4700. Funny how all these different numbers are really close together.

Same message from 855-999-4700

received a text from a bit.ly address saying "this is the one I was told to buy so I did" didn't reply.

Best advice? Never respond to any text, or open any link from anyone you don't know. Period. It's that easy. Just don't. If it was legit from a friend, they will ask you about it some time.

got one from bit.ly "this is the one all the traders just bought" blocked. info says that phone number is 1(248)59 not sure how that works.

I just got one that has a bit.ly link then "wanted to ask you something, pls get on here for a few" but only from a 4 digit number. I tried googling the text of the message to see if its a known scam, and didn't know that google would automatically load the website included in the it, and all that loaded was the bit.ly "page not found" page.

Same EAC I woke up this morning to find that same text and I'm looking for it online but there's nothing about it your the only one that I've seen with the same one as me. It would be best not to reply unless you know you are supposed to be gegtting a text if not don't reply to any number

Had a 4 digit number do the same thing they said "I have my cam on lol" very strange at 3 am. Woke me up going off had to search it.

After updating my phone to the newest version I got a text from bit.ly responding to something I had said to Siri... how did it know? I'm very freaked out.

I did too, but was that they could see me. I shut off all access to camera on my apps. very concerning

I've gotten a few, starting at like 3am- "can u hop on here real quick 2 chat" "can we chat for a few pls..jump on here" etc. Really irritating and would like to make sure this is able to be blocked

I've gotten two of these since yesterday. One at 3am.

I just got the same one, I just purchased this phone its a galaxy note 4, have u done anything new downloads sign up for anything were are trying to find the source

I've gotten the same thing! But it's not from a number it's from letters. I would like to know how to stop this

Also just received one front an sms sender Bit.ly asking if I can "come on here real quick pls, I need to talk to you"

Just received a text from bit.ly that said, "can u hop on here real quick to talk pls"
After reading these comments I just went ahead and deleted the message

I just received a text from bit.ly also. I just received s new phone. I just shut off my Read messages so they probably know I read it. Same sort of message "can you hop on here real quick to talk pls" weird because bit.ly appears like I have it in my contacts. Even went to their "i" contact info and there is a phone icon. Won't click on it so I can't tell you the phone number listed under that contact. Will it do me harm if I keep this message on my phone til I go to the Verizon store tomorrow to report this? I've shut off me READ messages now. Don't like this. Help please.

got the same message as Matt. Very weird. I'm sure my fiancée panicked for a min too - I would have if I would have seen a text like that on his phone. Wish the was a way to track.'im gonna look into it.

Same problem at 3 a.m. this morning that "Matt October 5, 2016" reported.

Just got the same message as Matt, from "bit.ly". "can we chat for a few pls. when you get on". I just deleted it. It's like all of those robo-calls on my landline. Missed calls but no messages. (Well, dead air, but that's my machine.) If they REALLT want to talk with me, they should leave a message. LOL

I just received a text from bit.ly saying "can u get on here and hit me up" i asked who it was, but then realized that the number is 6 digits long.

I recieved something from sexual from bit.ly twice now.this one let me know if u can see me ok Im freaked out

I've gotten amessage from bit.ly/2dysc11 a couple of times saying:hmu when u get on here...

How can I Block them on my Samsung S7 edge? Anyone?

A FEW DAYS AGO AT 6:30AM. MY HUSBAND RECEIVED A TEXT FROM... bit.ly/ it said this... hmu when u get on here

I just got a text from a 262 222 5062.....it had the name of one of my FB contacts asking if I got an invitation from this person 22 seconds ago and it said veiw private profile with a"tiny url" address and a picture of a red box with a white flame....what is that

I just got this too, super weird, don't click it.

Hmmm... 262 area you say? That's Wisconsin (Milwaukee) area code... I really don't know because I haven't really ever heard Wisconsin scam complaints before... :/

My friend contacted me to say the same thing happened to them re: tinyurl.com. She got a text from a TN area code number that she didn't recognize (I didn't k ow it either) and it said that I (using my full name) had sent her an invitation to view a tinyurl.com link. Clearly it wasn't from me. Unfortunately, she clicked on it and she said it was some very lewd, inappropriate material! Kinda freaked out now!

I just received a text message from 410-513-9836 stating I was selected as a lump sum winner of one million dollars. Ok ummmm no thanks!!! I sent the text message to 7726 and they responded back with a message stating: "Thank you for reporting spam. Please reply with the sender's number. Messages sent to 7726 are shared with security providers to help prevent spam". I sent back the number and got another message "Thank you, we appreciate your assistance. To immediately block messages from this sender please visit VZW.com>My Verizon>Block Calls and Messages.

I keep getting text messages saying to "reply to this to receive 779.00" note:it is not a link simply a text they ask me ti reply to. I haven't done it but curious what this is. Im sure that's the basis if the business ti peak people's curious side. Any clue ehat this is?

My husband just got a text message that said Hello Dave (his name) you have received an invitation from - my full name - (my first, my maiden & my married name) 3 seconds ago to connect now http:// securevidboxx. com/ fin4vj45. The funny part is that I was standing right there while he received the message so it OBVIOUSLY wasn't from me. Now I'm worried.

I just got one that says the same thing but from a random facebook friend that doesn't have my number. It wanted me to go to http:// securevidboxx. com/ fln4vavw.

Very similar experience to that of Inspctrgrl34. I got a text message on my cell supposedly from an old friend LK who lives in WV. From: 406-668-4054 Hello R you have received an invite from LK 4 minutes ago to connect now http:// securevidboxx. com/fln4twz6. My friend LK doesn't know anything about this. When I pasted the web address into a search engine it did not come up with any matches. Very odd.

Very similar to Inspctrgrl34, also from my significant other.. TXT said, "Hi (my name) you have an invitation from (SO name) 6 minutes ago to connect now" then it had a link to securchately.com

My whole family received a strange message to get something from an "appstore. com/ mustknow". Scarey is they know all the our names

15706898925: mr xxxxxx, a friend wants to ask you a question on Mustknow, the anonymous Q&A app. Get it here: https://appstore. com/ mustknow

Did anyone ever figure out what the source is and how to stop the messages? Specifically for the "x mins ago to connect" one that specifically says their name and your full name? A random one was just sent to my coworker. I don't understand.

I got a text message some time ago and then another one this morning which gives my gf's alias and my physical address in the message, then a hyperlink to follow which I did not do. (internet safety 101)
I checked out the site using my unsynced tablet and it was a custom made page which greeted her by her known alias. The site purports it to a tax debt relief service. I showed it to my gf and now we are both creeper out.

"You were just mentioned on UChat by someone from your school! See who!" with a link, apple.co etcetc. Fishy.

Just had the same thing happen to me. Do not call the number or click the link. Scam alert

They knew my nickname, that only my friends call me!

I keep getting texts just saying my first and last name with my address.. then there is a link. I have not clicked on it. But it's very scarey.

I received a text that said Hi, I'm Ann Mcdermott. I want to donate to you. for info contact my private email- then a link to the email. On a different device I emailed asking what that was about, which was probably unwise of me. Instead of a number from the text it was like a username from nycap. rr. com and the username was a bunch of numbers. Freaked me out, anyone know what this is about? Advice?

I got the same one, except mine said Toni Fish was the name used, same message and same text username. I also emailed back from a separate device? should I be worried?? I did not click the link to the email address in the text. but I am worried since I emailed from my home desktop....

I get random texts from strangers who claim they saw my ad and seemingly just want to chat. We exchange texts pretty much talking about nothing. Funny thing, I don't have a personal ad, but I just go with it for a few minutes. I think it's my ex. When I call the numbers, the person doesn't pick up, I get their TextMe or TextNow voicemail.

Reported to 7726 - getting texts and calls the last 48 hours, not sure what got the ball rolling. I have not updated the Don't Call list in years

I entered into a survey thing and it asked for my address so i did and they called me and told me I won and asked how old i am and stuff Im really scared

random text from 313131
saying WE ARE LIVE with a bit.ly address

Husband just received a text on his phone with full name, address with link to click from 218-325-9852. He deleted the text. We are with US Cellular and don't typically have this issue. AND he has been receiving several phone calls over 3 times per day from numbers unknown. He just hits the red button.

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