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Education & Training

Want to improve your chances of getting hired or promoted? Earning a degree or certificate might be the answer, but not all programs are reputable. Some dishonest companies may charge you for worthless degrees or phony scholarships.

High School

High School Diploma Scams

Thinking about getting your high school diploma? Here’s how to tell the difference between legitimate programs and diploma scams.

Colleges & Vocational Schools

Choosing a College: Questions to Ask

Getting the answers to some key questions can help you avoid pitfalls as you pick the college that's right for you.

Choosing a Vocational School

If you’re considering a vocational school, here's how to know if the school is reputable, will prepare you for a job, and is right for you.

College Degree Scams

Looking to get your college degree? Here’s how to tell the difference between legitimate schools and diploma mills peddling bogus degrees.

Paying for School

Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams

Need money for college? Here's how to avoid “guaranteed” scholarships.

Student Loans

Paying for school? Here’s information about financing options and how to avoid student loan debt relief scams.