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As part of its mission to foster fairness and opportunity in the marketplace, the Federal Trade Commission is working with the NAACP to provide resources that will help you empower people in your community. Here, you’ll find links to print resources and videos that you can use to advance your unit’s education and economic programs. Please use these resources for workshops, community fairs, faith community gatherings and other events in your community. Need copies to hand out? Place your order and we’ll send them for free.

Looking for a Job

Background Checks

Your application for a job means an employer can check your credit report. Here are some things for job applicants and employees to know.

Dealing with Job Loss

Tips to help you get back on your feet professionally and financially after losing a job.

Government Job Scams

There’s never a fee to apply for a federal or postal job.

Going into Business

Bogus Business Opportunities

Want to buy a business? Here’s how the Business Opportunity Rule can help you evaluate the opportunity — and the seller.

Invention Promotion Firms

When you’ve got a great idea, working with an invention promotion firm may have some pitfalls.

Starting an Internet Business

Thinking about an internet startup? The promise of big bucks and terrific working conditions can be tempting, but consider these factors before you hand over any money.

Thinking About Buying a Franchise?

Buying a franchise is a major financial investment and a serious personal commitment. Understanding your abilities and goals is one step toward deciding whether a franchise is right for you.

Work-at-Home Businesses

Many work-at-home opportunities are promoted by scam artists. If you pay in, it’s likely that you will spend more than you can earn.

Multilevel Marketing

There are multilevel marketing plans – and then there are pyramid schemes. Before signing on the dotted line, get more information.

Dealing with Debt

Credit Repair Scams

Companies promising a “new credit identity” may be selling stolen Social Security numbers.

Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself

Find out how you can improve your credit and get free or low-cost help.

Coping with Debt

When it comes to dealing with debt, you have options. Find out what you can do, and get tips for avoiding scams.

Debt Relief or Bankruptcy?

Some ads that promise debt relief may be offering bankruptcy if you read between the lines.

Just the Facts

Do you want consumer protection basics, plain and simple? gives you easy-to-use materials to help manage money; deal with credit, loans and debt; and avoid scams and identity theft.

Pass It On

By sharing what they know about scams, older adults can help the people they care about protect themselves against scammers. Share these resources to help start that conversation.

Recovering from Identity Theft is the federal  government’s one-stop resource to help identity theft victims report and recover from identity  theft. Find resources to share in your community at

For Businesses

FTC's Business Center has articles, tips, and guidance to help you understand and comply with the law, and protect your business from fraud and cyber threats. If you own a small business or work at a non-profit organization check out