As part of its mission to foster fairness and opportunity in the marketplace, the Federal Trade Commission is working with the NAACP to provide resources that will enable you to empower consumers in your community. This page features links to downloadable materials, videos and other materials that you can use to advance your unit’s education and financial literacy programs. It will be updated to include timely information. Please use these resources for workshops, community fairs, faith community gatherings and other events in your community.

Mortgage Relief Scams

Scammers often promise to get your mortgage terms changed, but don’t deliver. Learn how to recognize the signs of a mortgage relief scam.

"Free" Trial Offers?

Some companies use “free” trial offers as a lure, but don’t make their cancellation policies obvious. The result? You could end up paying for a product every month, whether you like it or not.

Discount Plan or Health Insurance?

Medical discount plans are different from health insurance, but scam artists often try to blur the lines.

Online Safety

Check out to learn practical tips from the federal government and the technology community to help you guard against internet fraud, secure your computers and protect your privacy.

Do Not Call Registry

The Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the states enforce the National Do Not Call Registry. Placing your number on the registry will stop most telemarketing calls.

Especially for Youth

Net Cetera Community Outreach Toolkit

This comprehensive toolkit helps individuals and organizations share information about keeping kids safe online.  It also features videos on online safety as well as the Net Cetera booklet, of which over eight million free copies have been distributed to date.

Teaching Kids to Understand Advertising

The fun, fast-paced world of Admongo offers an adventure in advertising. The Admongo game, activites, and curriculum teach kids to think critically about ads.

Preparing Youth to be Smart Consumers

In this virtual mall, youth explore key consumer concepts through games and other interactive activities. YouAreHere teaches young people how consumers benefit through competition, how to protect personal information in public settings, and how to spot scams in mall settings and beyond.

For Businesses

FTC's Business Center includes articles, tips and a blog about the business side of consumer protection.  Get the information your business needs to stay in compliance with consumer protection law.