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Living Life Online

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Your life is hectic: you go to school, spend time with your family, do your homework, hang out with friends, and carve out some time for yourself.

As you live your life online and off, some behaviors can help you be more successful: asking questions to help you figure out what's real and what's hype; thinking about things to do — or not — that can help you keep safe; figuring out ways to act that can help you treat others the same way you'd like to be treated. These articles and activities can help.

Your Life Online

Share with Care

When it comes to what you share online, how much is too much?

Interact with Tact

Remember that writing something online is no different from saying it aloud. It's important to mind your manners.

The Protection Connection

Use these tips to protect yourself, your computer, your phone, and your information while you're online.

Texting and Cell Phone Bills

Cell phone bills can sky rocket if you send more text messages than your plan allows.

Advertising is All Around You

Go Ahead — Be Critical

When it comes to the ads you see every day, it's good to be critical and ask questions.

Deconstruction Zone

See if you can deconstruct these ads by asking key questions about what the ad says and who is responsible for it.

It's All About the Technique

Learn what makes ads so effective, and what it means to be a target audience.