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OnGuard Online: Tips to help you stay safe and secure online

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Check out the FTC’s free online security tips and resources, and share with your friends, family, coworkers, and community.

Online Security Tips

Learn how to protect your personal information and devices online and on-the-go.

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Computer Security

Watch this video for tips to help you secure your computer and protect yourself from hackers, scammers, and identity thieves.

computer backing up on an external hard drive

Public Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi hotspots — like the ones in coffee shops, airports, and hotels — are convenient, but they often aren’t secure. Use these tips to help protect your personal information.

hotel computer with unsecured Wi-Fi

Common Online Scams

Learn how to recognize common online scams, and check out these 10 practical tips to help you stay a step ahead of scammers.

For Educators & Parents

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Net Cetera Toolkit

Regardless of your experience as a speaker — or your expertise in online safety — this toolkit has the resources and information you need to convey key points about kids' online safety.

Just for You: Educators

Whether you need a game for a classroom activity, videos to share on social media with parents in your community, or an article to use in your workplace newsletter, you can find it here.

Just for You: Parents

The best way to protect your kids online? Talk to them. Kids rely on their parents for important information – like how to be safe and responsible online. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Videos & Games

These short videos and classic games offer an interactive way to get a step ahead of hackers and scammers. Learn how to protect your devices and personal information, and check out additional videos and games in our media center.



These classic games may not work on your mobile device.

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