Treatments & Cures

When it comes to treatments for health conditions, it can be tough to tell useful products and services from those that don’t work or aren’t safe. It’s unlikely that a supposed ‘cure-all’ can cure anything.

Drugs and Prescriptions

Generic Drugs and Low-Cost Prescriptions

Generic drugs work just as well as brand-name drugs, and they can save you money.

Phony Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Here’s how to spot a phony cure and get real help.

Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses

Your rights under the FTC’s Eyeglass and Contact Lens Rules, including the right to get a prescription from your eye doctor – whether you ask for it or not – at no extra charge.


The Basics of LASIK Eye Surgery

Thinking about LASIK surgery? Here are tips to help you decide whether LASIK is right for you.

Other Treatments

Buying a Hearing Aid

Explains the various types of hearing loss, and what to consider when shopping for a hearing aid.

Cancer Treatment Scams

If you’re thinking about using products that claim to fight cancer, talk to your doctor first.

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests

Learn the facts about direct-to-consumer marketing of genetic tests.

Miracle Health Claims

Cure-alls tend to cure nothing, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe.

Remedies for the Common Cold

There aren't any products that can prevent or cure a cold.