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Spread the Word

Want to let others know about Admongo.gov? There are many ways to share the adventure:

Link to Admongo – Post a direct link on your website or blog.

Download fun Admongo stuff – Grab logos, desktop wallpapers, buddy icons and more from the Admongo downloads center to print, post or embed on your web page.

Talk about it – Ask organizations you're involved in to post info and links on their websites, or to allow you to talk about it at your next meeting. Tell friends about playing the game. Let teachers know it's free to download the lesson plans.

Pass it on – Send information about Admongo to organizations that would make good partners for the campaign. These could include local professional organizations, libraries, parent groups, youth programs, and others. Ask them to promote the website, the lesson plans, and their messages.

Want to discuss an idea for sharing Admongo? Please email admongo@ftc.gov. And let us know how you've shared the Admongo adventure!