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Welcome to Admongo, where you'll explore, discover, and learn all about advertising. Why get aducated? Because ads are all around you! Online. Outside. On television. Ads are everywhere. Here, you'll learn who's responsible for advertisements, what they really say, and what ads want you to do.

Admongo was created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—the organization in our government that protects consumers—to teach kids ages 8-12 about advertising and provide them with the skills they need to make informed decisions about ads and the things they buy. Admongo shows kids:

  • How to recognize different types of advertisements
  • How to read, question and understand advertisements
  • Why it is important to be a smart consumer

This HTML site provides all the content offered by in a format that is accessible to those who use assistive technologies. It also is a useful tool for kids, parents and teachers who want direct access to the information presented in the Admongo game.