Level 4: The Adgitator

In Level 4, the final challenge, you’ll get the chance to take what you’ve learned throughout your adventures in Admongo and put it to work. Here is where you’ll MAKE YOUR OWN AD.

Explore the entire level, or jump ahead to a specific area:

Brain Lab Image

Level 4: Area 1

Brain Lab

Use your aducation to make your own ad.

As you continue up the Admongo tower, you come to the Brain Lab, a giant light bulb that contains a screw-shaped computer terminal: the Super Mainframe Aducation Computer Station (SMACS). This SMACS machine has been used to make what you’ve seen so far. And now you have access to it. Haiz, the mysterious character you met at the beginning of your journey, challenges you to use everything you've learned to create an ad of your own.

Here's your chance to choose a product, name, logo, copy and graphics for a print ad. As you create your ad, keep these three key questions in mind:

  • Who is responsible for the ad?
  • What is the ad actually saying?
  • What does the ad want you to do?

Download this .pdf to get started!

Image of "Create an Ad" worksheet
that is accessed by clicking on the link above
call out

For inspiration as you make your own ad, check out the Admongo Glossary and read about all the different techniques that are used in advertising.