Intro: Entering Admongo

Introduction Video

Video of Admongo's intro animation. A transcript for the video is below.

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It's an ordinary Tuesday afternoon. You're heading home from school, walking through the usual ad-saturated Main Street landscape of signs, posters, logos, neon, billboards, circulars, and shopping bags.

As you round the corner, the air becomes misty. Suddenly, a baseball-sized object flies toward you! You’re about to duck when the thing comes to a hovering halt a few feet from your face.

The whirring noises the thing makes suddenly change and a light scans across your face. You’ve barely had time to wonder what this means when the messenger device cracks open and a small sign pops out. It reads: "IDENTITY VERIFIED."

Suddenly, the device begins to open like some sort of alien flower with metal petals that fall to the sides. As mist billows around the device, you hear the word, "Greetings." Soon after, a man appears, dressed like an old-time pilot, detective and action hero all rolled into one.

"Call me Haiz," he says. "Your education – no, your aducation – starts here."

"Why get aducated?" he continues, as more mist whips around, hiding him from view for a moment. "Because advertising is all around you. Online, outside, on television. Ads are everywhere!"

He trails off, and as he does, you suddenly see through the mist: an image of a city street with advertisements in windows, on signs, even on a scrap of newspaper blowing by; a television with a commercial blaring; a magazine opened with advertisements on its pages.

"Here, you'll learn who's responsible for advertisements, what ads really say, and what ads want you to do," Haiz booms.

"I've built a special training zone for your aducation," he says. "Here, you'll explore, discover, and learn. The challenges get more difficult as you move through Admongo’s different levels and areas. Make it through, and you’ll face my ultimate ad challenge!"

“Think you have what it takes? Hmm. We’ll see,” Haiz remarks. “Welcome to Admongo. Begin the adventure.”