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That’s not your neighbor calling

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When your phone rings and it looks like a local call, you may be more likely to answer. Scammers count on this and can easily fake caller ID numbers. They even can match the first six digits of your own number, which is called “neighbor spoofing.” The urge to answer can be tough to resist, since you might worry it’s a neighbor who needs help, or the school nurse.

If you see a number like this on your caller ID, remember that it could be faked. Letting it go to voicemail is one option. If you do pick up and don’t recognize the caller — hang up.

But what else can you do? Call blocking services that block or flag unwanted calls can help. These services include mobile apps, features built into your mobile phone, cloud-based services, call-blocking devices, or services provided by your phone service carrier. Some are free and others cost money.

You also can register your number with the Do Not Call Registry. The Do Not Call Registry is designed to stop sales calls from legitimate companies, so it won’t stop calls from scammers. But it could make it easier for you to spot scam calls. If a company is ignoring the Registry, there’s a good chance it’s a scam.

You also can help by reporting unwanted calls. We take the phone numbers you report and release them to the public each business day. This helps phone carriers and other partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Your reports also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls.


I get many of these type calls a day. It should be criminalized and fined heavily.

These calls are harassment!!!

They sure are harassing

I've got no solicitations on my phone and I don't get spam callers anymore! It's great!!!

What did you do to stop them Jude?

What did you do to get rid of the calls?

You have not answered. How did you get rid of the calls?

More than fed up. Reporting to the do not call list just advertises my number, not again. Yesterday after two months of 2 to 4 calls a day after putting up the do not disturb 24 hour a day, and not answering; I complained to the carrier of harassment and threatened to terminate service, so far the calls have stopped.
My current blocked numbers are 3032412640, 8007872190,7192421411, 2104015317, 2107773456, 6788461291. With the fake numbers some will not be real. Suggest political action against the carriers who allow fake calls.

Hi millerf1. If you have only 4 numbers blocked, your lucky. I hVe over 50. I think it takes a period of time before phone numbers are activated in the Do Not Call List. It was nice when scammers couldn't access cell phone numbers. Whomever has a cellphone plan pays a lot of money for that service. Telemarketers and scammers should not be able to access our cellphones . Good luck!!!

If you have only 50 numbers blocked, you're lucky. In 1-1/2 years, I have over 400. Fact seems to be, Do Not Call partners with scammers to bring you even more unwanted calls. Thanks, DNC.

I totally agree. I placed our cell phone numbers on the DNC list and the calls have multiplied since then. We get at least 3 a day.

I have my phone set to DO NOT DISTURB All other calls are silenced and go straight to voicemail. I check my phone all the time so I won't miss any emergency calls and if they don't leave a message, it's most likely spam.

Something needs to be done, I think anyone purchasing a cell phone should be required to register it in their name with some form of ID, no more burner phones because this is what is allowing this to happen. It's about time government steps in to stop this BS from happening, I'm sick of 3-4 calls a day, every day. Even after 9pm and now on weekends too.

I seriously doubt these callers are using a burner. You have to pay for service and minutes with them. Odds are they are using an internet phone. I have one in my home and do not pay for calls only a monthly charge which is a tax. The unit cost 99.00 and we have had it for 6 years and saved a bundle. .

Not burner phones. Just a computer that spoofs numbers.

I'm not sure about the burner piece. I have a Verizon account, without burner phones, and they are spoofing my number. Two of the numbers that they've used to call me are business owners and they proceed this number on their business cards.

In early 2017 my daughters cell number was taken over , when she called the provider they confirmed giving her number on assignment three weeks prior to her inquiry. When she asked if they could simply disconnect the other individuals phone , their reply was NO ! She asked why she couldn't keep her 4 year old phone number and they said it was issued to another individual . My daughters phone bill was not delinquent and when she noticed the home phone being forwarded with all incoming calls , she requested help to no avail. Strange numbers and controlled devices are the most irritating to deal with without assistance.

This is happening to me.

My new phone in a new STATE has become an nightmare.
MY phone has a Block number button up in the ::: on top right of recent calls - but it does NOT stop them it just stops them from ringing.. it still registers them as a call that was missed/BLOCKED.
IT is ridiculous.

seems that way you at least have the number to report and ad to blocked #'s

it is automated systems about credit card , same company .. he is from India .. uses fake numbers , if you call them back , it will be a dead phone number or someone else picked up .
I keep adding them to my block list but no luck..
Phone numbers they called from
510 518-2033
510 388-4000

SAME! I have been getting calls from this same (or at least similar) scam for months and no matter how many numbers I block I get at least one a day. This has to stop! They even manage to get through every Norobo/anti-spam app I have tried.

I use to get the same calls from the same group--and I'd hang up.
Then I started taking there calls and listening to their pitch--effectively wasting their time. Eventually they realized that I wasn't going to give them money, they hung up and I never heard from that group again. So now, when I have time, I try to talk every call. If everyone would do this, in a short while the whole spammer industry would stop.

I did this and you should too for fun... next time they call you to scam you.... simply screw with them. Give them a bunch of bogus information until they realize they're being screwed with. Their reaction that they just got screwed with is so hilarious. I look forward to these calls for that very reason.

I'm so tired of these calls. I get around 10 a day. I feel helpless and irritated! These people need to be sued!

They call my home using my own name and number as their caller id. Yesterday they called 17 times. I have had to block my own number! This morning it started again at 7:20, 4 calls already.

Holy crap I have had anxiety about local numbers calling me now. This is out of control and it's the SAME spammer every single time..I dont have a warranty on my vehicle! Stop it! Oh my god

I agree with you, they should be criminalized!! They are harassing "everyone" including the elder people and it needs to stop!! I am so sick of this, it's every day and even on the weekends! The elders that have been put into Nursing Homes and are diagnosed with Dementia were's from where these SCAMMERS have harassed them so much the couldn't take it anymore!! Just think of the elders and do something...PLEASE!!

thanks for the tips.I have a message on my phone that goes on after 3 rings I wait a few min then check my machine and find out they did not leave a msg.

I get unwanted and scam calls on my cell every day and it is consistent calling. How do I report these calls?

Thank you!

Reporting local spoofed numbers helps no one, in fact it just ads insult to injury as the first victim is the owner of the spoofed number. Don't call that number back and be abusive to the person that owns the spoofed number, that just makes you just as bad those spoofing numbers.
A legit caller will leave a message.The best advice is to just not answer if you don't know the number and let your answering service/machine take the call.

Totally agree! If a number comes up and not a name, I look not answer. If they know me, they leave a message. Everyone who has my number that I know is programmed in my phone. Pretty simple.

So true. Wish they would’ve added a sentence recognizing this in the post.

I use the Canned text message " I'm busy at the moment. Please text me." Since most people have a smart phone, if it's legit, they will. If it's family borrowing a friends phone, they can still reach you. When I used this one texted back asking who I was since they didn't call me, I could warn them someone was spoofing their number.

What good would it do to warn them someone is spoofing their number? They can't do anything about it. The person spoofing their number is using VOIP, which can allow them to enter any phone number they wish to show up on caller id.

What good would it do to warn them someone is spoofing their number? They can't do anything about it. The person spoofing their number is using VOIP, which can allow them to enter any phone number they wish to show up on caller id.

You've got that right!! Mh cell # has been spoofed and it's much more annoying than the scam calls. People return calls and swear I called them, bless me out and turn my # over to the police.

What is the FTC doing to stop these scam calls? When will the FTC stop them? If not the FTC - who is responsible to protect U.S. citizens from these KNOWN attempted scams?

These scam calls are coming from digital sources outside of the U.S. As someone who works in telecommunications with access to the tools to do so, I can tell these numbers are impossible to track down, any attempts to do meet dead-ends. So they may be KNOWN attempted scams, but good trucking luck tracking down even which network on the INTERNET(Not phone line or cellular) that the calls came from, let alone which entities are leading the scams.

YOU are responsible for protecting you from SCAMS. The FTC has done wonders in stopping and preventing some of the most elaborate scams to this day. Be appreciative that your government even cares to put together a task force to stop idiots from being scammed out of their money.

You cannot stop this. I've worked in telecom for over a decade and even had my number spoofed repeatedly. eventually they move on to another one. Just be diligent and ignore them or just have some fun with them and waste their time.
"Oh, please tell me more about how I can quickly pay off my student loans with an apple gift card!"

I disagree. Most telecommunications today are IP based, verifiable and trackable. If the IP adddress cannot be tracked or traced then then the call should be dropped - like bad emails.

Thanks for this info

I still don't see how this is a scam? A scam usually means money is involved. The urge to answer? What? Of course your going to answer even if you recognize the number or not. If you don't know the person or they threaten you for money. Like pretending that there the IRS. FTC are you fake. xD

The scam comes in when they ask you a question and you answer yes. Then they use your "yes" answer to manipulate certain situations in business dealings (scams) wherein you said "yes" and then they claim you said yes to this or that arrangement on tape and it is hard to dispute when they have your "voice" on tape.

This actually hasn't happened yet. It's speculation that scammers are working toward this. They do however, prey on people who may not be scam saavy to try to get personal information from them.

Yes Barb. This has happened. Back when they deregulated the phone system, comm companies used this technique to "slam" customers. They would call inviting people to change long distance to their service and if you used a key word that they recorded, they would coopt your phone number and then charge you outrageous rates for long distance calls. Its an old scam, but it works.

My family and I have recently been getting these calls with someone asking a question like you said that you would easily say yes to .
When I call a pharmacy to see if a prescription is ready , to verify your identity the automated system does say .. are you calling to see if your order is ready please say yes or no.
So if you do get a call like this don't verbally answer not even to say no .just hang up right away and take note of the number .
One thing I will do on my cell phone is not just block it , but I will save it as ' DO NOT ANSWER ' then I'll know for sure it's a bad number .
I do hope there will be a solution for these annoying type of calls soon ! Like other people of mentioned we pay a lot of money for our cell phones and it is upsetting to pay money to get harassed.

I use my cell phone for both work and personal use and this is becoming very frustrating and I would like to see the practice made illegal and resources plied to prosecute it.

Hello... I am being harassed by these peopleei all day , every day. I just got one of their fake calls 2 minutes ago and this is every day , many times a day or night. Each number is a familiar area code and each is blocked after the call. Please help cause I feel like a target every single day. For months now.!!!

When I got too many of these calls, I called back and asked them not to call. They did have the same prefix as my number. I directly told them I was not the person they were looking for and never to call again. I was firm. I never received a call from them again. Don't let them intimidate you. Someone who engages in passive aggressive activity to harass people like this is usually paranoid.

they don't answer your call so it's impossible to make this request.


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