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Western Union refunds scam alert

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We’ve heard that people are getting official-looking emails about the Western Union settlement. The thing to know is that you cannot apply for a refund by email. The scam emails we’ve seen ask for information about your Western Union transaction, along with your name and address. These emails are scams. Don’t respond, don’t give any information.

The only way to apply for a refund from the FTC’s Western Union settlement is to follow these steps:

WU graphic detailing path

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If you have already applied for a refund and you get an email about it, call Gilardi, the claims administrator, at 1-844-319-2124.

If you have not yet applied for a refund and get an email asking you to apply for one by responding to the email, please tell the FTC. And remember, if you want to file a claim to get money back from this settlement, start at, where you’ll also find answers to questions about the settlement and the refund process.

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I advertised selling an article for $1800 and received c fraud checks from so called buyers one for 2$2575 and the other for 3800 and wanting me to send the above selling amount to some one that was supposed to be the shipping agent, both checks are frauglent took to bank and checked and they were both no good do i need to send them to Federal Trade commission. I checked them out before shipping article.

Is Gilardi or the DOJ sending out letters after a claim is filed? I had a victim receive 2 letters after she filed seeking more information.

Yes, Gilardi will send notices asking for more information if required. If you or the person who filed the claim have questions about a letter you received, please submit another comment here. Thank you.

I mailed in my forms at the beginning of Feb. to the add. on the forms and I have not recieved any letter letting me know they recieved them. I even called the Gilardi Administrator and spoke to a lady on the phone and she said they were not in the system yet but they should be within a month, but I still have not heard or received a letter as of April 2nd 2018. What should I do next I don't want to run out of time.

Gilardi will not send you a letter to confirm it received your claim. If you have a question about your claim, you can contact Gilardi.

I have done that already twice now and they keep telling me the same thing that they have no information on my claim. What do i do next?

bewildered I was told the same thing ,maybe this is a scam to ,I don't know who or what I can trust anymore ,been waiting a year I even talked to the person who sent me the letter saying how much I was gonna get back .and now they say they have no info on my claim after a damn year ,and I had to send in that form by mail .should of made copies

The deadline to file a claim is May 31, 2018. That is one week from today.

If you used Western Union to send money to a scammer between between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you can file a claim to get money back. You can file online. Go to to read about the claim process. Click the orange button near the top of the page to connect to the US Department of Justice website where you file a claim.

So I have not heard from u guys if I’m getting a check from u .I did fell out the paperwork.So just waiting to hear back

My Daughter got a phone call saying her Social Security # was suspended. This was late at night. Called SS the next day and found out it was a scam. They DO NOT suspend #'s they only cancel #'s when they get word that the person passed away. She call the phone # and a foren speaking person answered by way of an answering machine type of thing. Just a heads up to let you know.


I didn't get an email about this,I read it in the newspaper. One of our local papers in Calaveras County ran an article about western union having to pay everyone back so I applied to be part of this settlement. They got in touch with me within a coupke of hrs. Later & i haven't -heard from them since. Any idea on what I should do now? If u do please let me no.

 If you used Western Union to send money to a scammer between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you can file a claim to get your money back. You must file a claim by May 31, 2018.

You can not file a claim over the phone. You can file the claim yourself. You do not have to pay for help to file.

Go to to read more about the refund process. You can click on the orange button near the top of the page to connect to the claim filing website. You must file your claim by May 31, 2018.

I just got scammed and was told to use Western Union. I know that this states that the dates to apply for this item are from 2004 to 2017, but what about people now? How do we get our money back?

If you lost money recently, you can report what happened. That does not mean you will get your money back. You can report to the FTC at and to the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492. 

If the scammer contacted you through a website, for example a dating website or product sales website, you can report the problem to the website too.

Hi, I have ask some questions. I have fraud western union and bank check too. I found this website of your FTC but, looking for scam bank check website? please let me know. Thank you!

Can we contact Western Union on how much we sent?

If you used Western Union to send money to a scammer between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you can file a claim to get money back. You must file by May 31, 2018.

You can file a claim even if you don't have all your receipts. Go to to read about the refund process.  To file online, click the orange button near the top of the page. It will connect you to the claim filing website.

I've received 2 phone calls today April 23,2018 saying I was receiving a NO PAYBACK GRANT for 9200.00 I received a code word called another number was told 200.00 card from Steam and was thru the FTC and the New York Bank I would get 4500.00 in cash at Walmart and the remaining in a bank check from Walmart plus my 200.00 in the steam card I had nothing better to do then listen and laugh

My disabled uncle just got scammed this exact way! He was told he qualified for a no payback grant of $9000.00 He was scammed out of $200! The number they used was (202) 813-0252.. BEWARE!!!

I sent in copies back in the beginning of Feb. And I have called the number at Gilardi several time and my name is not in the system and the end of May is coming quickly, I'm wondering what I should do, can you give me an answer before it's to late on what to do next?

Please do two things. First, make a copy of this comment you sent to the FTC blog on May 11, and send it to Second, contact Gilardi again, explain your situation and ask what you should do. Thank you.

Hi I received a letter about my refund in Nov 2018, the letter stated it would take one year to receive my refund which would have been Nov 2019, I didn't receive it, so I called they told me that i would receive it in Feb 2019, I haven't received any thing and hasn't heard back from western union, do you by have that attorney number or any number so, that I can call or report this

The US Department of Justice hired Gilardi & Co. to manage the refund process. As of May 16, 2019, Gilardi & Co. is reviewing people's claims.  No one has gotten a refund yet.

To read updates about the refund process, go to and 

Same just happened to me. Called then was told to call another number and give them my grant activation number. Then was told to go to a western union and then call them back at western union so I could pay $200.00 to then receive 10,000 dollars. Not gonna happen!

In "Indian" accent.... This is the Health and Human Services Department of the U.S. Government.... You have been selected to receive a one time grant of $9,200 U.S. dollars..." Ha Ha..

why do some people who want to wire money to my account asks for account information and ppass word rather then just my name of the bank.

If you tell someone your account information and password, they can go into your account and take your money. They can change the password and block you from your account.  It can be dangerous to share your account information and password.

If you want to receive money by wire transfer, ask someone at your bank how to receive money safely.

I do not fully understand how to file this claim. at my age I sometimes have this problem.

If you used Western Union to send money to a scammer between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you can file a claim to get your money back.

The deadline to file a claim is Thursday, May 31, 2018.

  • You can file a claim online.
  • Click on to read about the refund process. 
  • Click on File a Claim to go to the US Department of Justice website where you file a claim.

A loan place said I could get a a loan for 2000. But I’m credit score was to low. They said they can boost my score . Because the FTC need a credit score of 650 before they would release the funds. If sent them 200. They cab booost my score in a few mins. I was like this is a scam!!!!

I submitted a fraud claim to Western Union in 2016 and I have a claim number. Never heard from them or received a claim form.

There’s a company called “Best Pharmacy” advertising weight loss herbs, diabetes testing supply and other medical supplies at a “discount”. They say the supplies are coming from overseas and once you send money via Western Union, they say you then need to pay an additional $350 for an FDA license to transport any medical supplies over seas. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices for test strips or other supplies. There’s no such thing as a “FDA license”. I’ve reported them to the FBI and Internet Scammer Dept.

How does one do a change of address with Gilardi for the WU Claim?

You can call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124.

This past month I sent by western union $400.00 in 100$ amounts. Western union called me within a few minutes of my sending and cxl said monies. I recd my bank statements and I was refunded. Was this legit or the scammers got my banking info. I feel like a fool.

I was hired by a company called OEM as an assistant manager for the investment dept, I filled out employment agreement as well as direct deposit form. I then received the company training manual and handbook which to me was a red flag. They were talking about during training I would have to do several western union or money gram transactions. I am very afraid that this company is trying to scam me and others. Has anyone heard of this company?

Hello good evening.. Just now red about this western union refund. And the deadline may 31,2018..
Can I still submit refund.. Thank you

Iello, I have submitted a claim on the 31/5/18 and got a confirmation with a claim n. I replied the other day asking for my claim progress and I got reply email saying this:
Re: Personal Data Access Request

Dear ……………..

Thank you for choosing Western Union to move your money for better.

We wish to inform you that we still haven't received any of your documents. Attached to this email is another blank form. Please send us your filled out Customer Access Request Form along with a copy of your valid photo ID with your signature and current address matching on what you will provide on the form.

In case your current address s not showing in any of your ID, a proof of residence is required. It can be in a form of any of your latest utility bills or bank statement no longer than 90 days.

Once we have received your complete documents, we will process your request immediately.


Western Union Customer Care

The information transmitted, including any content in this communication is confidential, is intended only for the use of the intended recipient and is the property of The Western Union Company or its affiliates and subsidiaries. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use of the information contained in or transmitted with the communication or dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the Western Union sender immediately by replying to this message and delete the original message

Is this legit or is it a scam? Please can someone let me know

Kind Regards


It's almost as if to get out of the scam you just about ran into another one. You scammers are intelligent and they know that they can get things to look legal. I think Western Union and yes send it to someone that is close to me ,yet their colleague wasn't. Not so sure if I've actually been scammed or if this is legit I really been believing it's legit. But all of us can be fooled at one time or another. So I like more detail information of how this is working with the Western Union scams. I received one that said that they noticed there's been a fraud going on with me sending money which I doubt it seriously it seem like a scam itself but I wasn't sure about the alerts and claims. Please send me detail information. No pun I like legitimate things.

I am a victim of a on line romance scam. This person claimed to be a real estate agent and promised to help me sale my house as soon as he completed a large estate sale in Canada. But when he got to London to meet with the family he needed money which he would give back to me as soon as the deal was over. I sent 3 western union transactions to him for money and then found out all the pictures he had been sending me was not even him. This scam caused me to lose about 1800. dollars and my commercial cleaning business. do I have a chance at getting any of my money back?

You can call the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492 and report what happened, and contact the website where you found the person's profile. If the person said he worked for a real estate company, you could also contact them and see if they have contact information.

My transaction was sent in over a year ago. Still haven’t heard nothing!?
Pretty sure this Western Union fraud refund is a scam too!!

Gilardi & Co., the company hired by the US Department of Justice to manage the refund process, is still reviewing claims. Stay informed about the refund process with information from and

Starting to believe this is a bigger scam then the money I got scammed

I gave Zack Freiburn 510.00 in western union and steam cards.. how do I get refunds..

I sent in the preliminary information before the deadline, and now it's nearly 2 years. I received a reply letter stating that more information was needed, when I actually sent cash register receipt copies with the necessary forms. After recopying & sending the second set of information, I received an identical letter stating that more information was needed. Valid receipts, showing locations of Western Union office, my name, amounts etc, plus extra copies of the original paperwork . I don't know what else is needed, but I am going to file a form of grievance through my local county to see what the "hold up" is... this is RIDICULOUS!!!

I tried to make a claim back in 2012 and have not received any compensation for sending money to scammers. Not happy

I got messed over but FTC won't help? There should be a reserve account, we will ask Congress.

Get information about the refund program at 

On March 11, 2020, refund checks worth about $153 million started going out to over 109,000 people who sent money to scammers through Western Union wire transfers. Gilardi & Co is the refund administrator for the program.

If you already filed a claim, go to the Gilardi & Co website for more information: or call 844-319-2124.


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