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How to avoid a Bitcoin blackmail scam

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“I know about the secret you are keeping from your wife and everyone else. You can ignore this letter, or pay me a $8600 confidentiality fee in Bitcoin”.

It’s enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, but these chilling words are part of a new scam targeting men.

Here’s how it works. Scammers have been sending letters to men, demanding payments using bitcoin in exchange for keeping quiet about alleged affairs. The letter also explains how to use bitcoin to make the payment.

This is a criminal extortion attempt to separate people from their money.

If you — or someone you know — gets a letter like this, report it immediately to your local police, and the FBI.

Threats, intimidation and high-pressure tactics are classic signs of a scam. Learn how to stay ahead of clever crooks with these practical tips, and check out the ways you can keep your personal information secure.


Received an email requesting I send bitcoin to address:
bc1***qsqhp94 64tqjjesl3t7xuycwkduje lkvtwayrkj threatening to share videos of me accessing 'adult' websites sent from Lion Rundlett <zocheryluxo@ Stay safe! Thank you all for contributing

Just got this last week
From: Lion Rundlett <zocheryluxo
Transfer $1000 in bitcoin to the underneath address (remove***from it):
bc1***q5tyeslmzc7kvfg5mjkaju mj4z47c27lu4d w6mn

You may well be questioning why the hell would you do that? Very well, put together yourself simply because I am going to tremble your world at this moment. I had a threatening spyware and adware infect your own laptop or computer as well as record movie of YOU (using your web camera) while you browsed 'adult' web sites.
Here's one of your own security password xxxxxxxx Still don't believe me? Respond 7 and I will be randomly share your video with 7 people you recognize (Yes, We have access to your address book also). Now, what can I want to make this whole thing fade away? Very well, I have already mentioned the particular deal in starting of the email message. If you do not fulfill it within Twenty four hours, I am going to create your life nightmare by sending that video clip to Everyone you know. Your time frame begins now.

Got my first email of this kind this morning. It lists an old password from somewhere that I once used. It mentions my Facebook account.. which is funny because I deleted mine in February because of trolls and some really negative people that turned me off to commenting on some fan pages. I deleted my account in February and deleted the email after reading it. The sad thing about jerks like those kind of people are is that they have more time to do this stuff when they are quarantined, if just staying indoors ,dealing with the Covid 19 safety issues.

Got one today...had my apple ID (almost) wanted $2000 in bitcoin or she (Nelia Braxton) would send sexually graphic video clips to 12 people I know. "I know a lot of things regarding you. Your entire fb contact list, mobile phone contacts plus all the online activity in your computer from past 149 days..."

i got the email today, the disturbing part is it had my password listed. think maybe Facebook was hacked perhaps, for that reason alone changing all passwords

Here's is the bit coin address I was sent to pay an extortion fee. Pretty silly threat letter accompanied this scam. I hope someone can follow up and expose this criminal.

13xkQYdFx7fG AqcCiYhwc7uv2 7usN2e626

Received the same email, as per the others recently reporting here during the last few days. Came from the hotmail address of a person in Kansas, who died in 2005. The extortion email gave me an old password of mine, as "proof" they had hacked into my computer. The letter also said they had compromising video of me watching porn online. I don't have a camera enabled and the lense of my computer's built-in camera is covered with a triple-layer of light-proof tape. The type of computer they indicated I am using was also wrong, so their installed spyware had to be BS, too. This
means that they have an email where they can reach me with a bogus threat. All the other details mention were impossible. They're obviously doing mass mailings in hopes of finding someone with a compromising porn habit, which they might need to keep secret. Bottomline: It's a scam.

I just got one of these with an old password in the subject line as well. Scary at first, until I realized how idiotic the threat was. Grateful that I found this information on the FTC site so I understand that I wasn’t targeted.

Unfortunately, I just received the same email and last week when I went to Messenger, there was a message from someone that I thought my husband knew and clicked on it and up came graphic porn which I clicked off of immediately. So be aware that some of these people are sending porn to this site also. Funny thing is I have no camera and microphone either. But I worry if they really have my contact list where they can send something offensive to my friends.

I received the same one today ! I’ve never been on a porn site . Still very disturbing..I don’t need any more stress in my life right now!! If I were ever to make a video like that I would hope it would be worth a lot more than 2,000 bitcoin .

did anyone have their f.b friends notified?

I got the same Email scam today. Will call the police tomorrow

I received the 2000 bit coin scam mentioning the webcam, porn, wife cheating stuff today too. It was from a hotmail account. Like others stated, they used a password in the e-mail subject that is current on some unimportant sites I visit. I spent an hour or so doing something I should have done long ago...changing passwords. LOL

Received a sextortion email today, similar to other comments. I am female, 65, no webcam. Disturbing, nevertheless.

Got 2 different emails from 2 different “individuals “ attempting to extort money via bitcoin yesterday. I posted 1 on Facebook- reply to other. They are using old passwords to make you believe they are credible. Sad with the Coronavirus & people out of work, these creeps deserve the worst- don’t send money

I just received a similar email, starting with something like "I am sure I have your password ......." specifying an old pw. The send had an email address with "" but the content of the email was full of typos, along with the threat and demand for bitcoin. Thanks for your comments; I will try to contact the FBI.

I received this threatening email highlighting an old password and if I didn’t pay $2000 bitcoins. They had 123 days of my contact list from FB, smart phone along with pleasure footage ( at 81, I should be so lucky). Alleged I visited sexually graphic webpages and their malware was activated in my computer system. Never visit any websites like that. They then threaten to send to 7 people I would recognize if I asked them for proof. They provide an address to send the bitcoin 4zHyqxev92*wjdp 7MevCRiwvq n83v6V7hu (case sensitive) with a 24 hour suspense and I was told not to play smart. Message originated from Izzy Digard. smdmelbazt@ These folks need to be taken off the streets and put somewhere to be preyed on like they do to scam folks.

Received mine April 22. It totally unnerved me...I should have searched for this that day....I wouldn’t have felt so vulnerable. I copied the email but have not reported it to the police as yet. Mine came from Isadore Socrates. I certainly would not have opened it if it wasn’t for the fact that a password I use was in the subject line. A Hotmail account. $2000 in Bitcoin. I certainly had nothing to worry about as I am 71 and engaging in pervertEd activities is the farthest thing from my mind!!! Every one be safe out there!!

Received email with password I used years ago. Email was sexually explicit and asked me to buy USD in bitcoin and send. Name Devonna Andersen. Deleted all

Got one today, $2000 . They had a password I haven’t used for 10 years. Did not click on the link. Upon further investigation I found this and deleted it. If I get another I’ll go to the FBI. Hopefully they won’t waste my time anymore.

SO, I did use a porn site once - sorry to say I was curious enough - so when this email arrived today (identical to others described here for April 2020) I was really alarmed. Who knows what they might send out, claiming it's me? Anyhow, I'll delete and ignore. Even if there were compromising material, I'm retired, all my passwords are changed regularly, and my skin is pretty thick. The old response to blackmail is probably the best: PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED! Though I gather they probably are just scamming for cash.

I just received a similar e-mail with an old password in the subject line. It is disturbing. They want $2,000 in bitcoin. I realize it’s a scam, but it is upsetting.

I have received emails yesterday and today which were as those who recently posted described: an old password in the subject line, threats that they have my contact list and Facebook contacts and that they used my webcam to get compromising video of me from visiting porn sites. They threaten to send the video footage to my contacts unless I send them Bitcoin (I think it was 2000). I am an older adult. I do not go to porn sites. Still, this was very concerning to me. Yesterday the email came from "lolande Denault" and today I got another similar one was from "Danyette Hirschorn" . I am reporting this to the FBI as advised. It was helpful to read about others' experiences here. I want these criminals prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I received an extortion email for the first time this this morning. After I finished laughing, I decided to treat it more seriously since they only gave me 24 hours until they ruined my life. I blocked the sender from my mail accounts and forwarded the email to the FBI. Then I composed a 2-word reply using very salty construction language. I also provided the FBI information in a 64 pt. bright red font. The nerve of some people!!

I got the same email this morning. Should I just delete the email or is there a website available to report this scam?

I got one of these today. In my 60's, spouse in 70s. Subject an old rarely used password. Similar language to what everyone else has received. Wants $2000 bitcoin. And ends with telling me I have 24 hours and need to do it fast because they have a "one of a kind code that will inform me once you see this so do not try to play smart."

I just got one too. For what it's worth, they had my old linked-in password (and I rarely go on the site). Kinda scary. Anyone had the same thing? Was Linked-In compromised?

I received the same type of email from Isidro Gilborn. I don't watch porn and I do not have a webcam. He wants $2000 worth in bitcoin. I just laughed. It is also unsettling to know that it was an old password of mine, that I do not use anymore. I use antivirus software on my PC and it appears that the password was probably stolen from a website that I logged in, long time ago.

I received two of these emails, one on the 23rd and one on the 24th.

Each time I tried to copy and paste the email I receive an error message…

3 of us received the sextortion email and have reported this to the FBI via their website. Each of these emails originated from a separate address. How can these be reported to Microsoft as abuse

I received the same email today. The subject line was a very old password from 10-15 yrs ago. They said they had videos of me, but I don’t have a webcam or have visited any the sites they claim I did. The name in the email is Cecil Michel, but when I click on it it comes up as hqwbrodericksou@

I received one of these emails on 4/25/20 in the early morning and it was very upsetting, to say the least, even though no such video exists of me. This fraudster threatened to email this highly embarrassing video (that does not exist) to all of my Facebook, email and iPhone contacts within 24 hours of my opening their email. Since then, 40 hours have passed and not a single contact (including my wife, children, parents, in-laws, close friends, pastor, etc.) has contacted me to say they have received anything. Not a one. No mention on my Facebook page either.

As you read these comments here and elsewhere, please be assured that emails are fraudulent fakes. The email sent to me and so many others contained a long outdated password no longer in use. This password was purchased on the dark web from any number of long ago security breaches and was NOT obtained directly from any hacking or spyware on your machine.

Yet, it was still extremely unnerving to see the old password highlighted in the subject line of the email. I will credit the fraudsters with knowing how to seriously upset people. But it does not mean they have any ability to embarrass you.

Please do not reply or click on any links in these emails. Just delete it and block the sender.

If you had indeed visited a porn site and some malicious actor did indeed plant malware on your computer and activate your camera and surreptitiously video you, they would be able to provide far more compelling evidence than an old password from many days gone by. They could provide screen shots of you, your IP address, the date, time and web address of such activity. These fraudulent emails offer no such proof and can be safely ignored.

I hope the above helps to comfort anyone else victimized by such malicious fraud.

I also received an email today stating that if I did not send the Bitcoins a porn video would be released to my friends, family, boss...etc. The email appeared in my inbox under the name, "Mil Orwell." I blocked the sender and domain. Even though the password he said he knew to be mine was no longer in use with any accounts, I still changed my FB password and added extra security. I also changed my email passwords. It would seem that Bitcoin would require more stringent information from anyone that signs up for an account. This is a good lesson in staying very diligent about our digital security.

I got one of those emails about watching a porn site and having self pleasure sex that they supposedly taped and send $2000 to one of those HkrhHofVK7QkE*wJ7btcEFDWhEkidVyjRV sites. But is my question if I wanted to commit black mail, it seems to me I would want to show proof to the person I am trying to black mail. If I said I want proof and you send the proof to 8 of my friends, that completely wipes out any chance of getting any money. But if you sent me the proof, there would possibly be a 50/50 chance of getting the money. Does not make sense.

Got one of those scams today, and they had an old password. Threatened to send videos of me "pleasuring" myself to all my contacts. Have spent the past few hours changing all my passwords that don't use two step authorization. I guess I wasted my time. Should have come here first. Funny thing is, if my contacts got such video of me they would have a good laugh, because I am a 68 male and chubby, and I'm smart enough to notice when the built-in camera on my laptop is on. The good thing is it forced me to change passwords I should change regularly. Turned a negative into a positive. And BTW, they steal manes and e-mail addresses, so don't waste your time doing searches of the "from" e-mail.

I just got an email exactly like the one everyone is describing, the email comes from email address ljlovesac@ but the name that displays is Bliss Sidhu, the password they say they have is my old MySpace password LOL so they must have breached the MySpace website or maybe MySpace sold all our info now that no one is using the site. Last time I accessed my page I deleted everything in it so my page should be empty, if anything there could be a few pictures which are just random vacation pictures from over 10 years ago, the scary part is that they may have all my profile information. I don't remember what info I had on my profile. I was so confused when I saw the password because I knew immediately that it was MySpace.

Threatened to expose me to friends and family from my contacts list....but I didn't do any of the activities mentioned in threat !

I have recently received two threatening emails that claim they know my password and have recorded me and they will release embarrassing information if i do not pay with bitcoin $2000. I have marked them both as spam. These are the emails they came from- ncbiritawb@ sibritnisvw@ This is a disgusting act to pull on people!

I don’t think they did a thorough background on me before sending this email. If they did, they would know that I am too broke and have too many broke friends. Hopefully if they release the porn, I just may make some change.

Also if they did some research they would know that I am a combat veteran. They just may need to be in fear of me. It is sad that people spend their time scamming folks.

I don’t think they did a thorough background on me before sending this email. If they did, they would know that I am too broke and have too many broke friends. Hopefully if they release the porn, I just may make some change.

Also if they did some research they would know that I am a combat veteran. They just may need to be in fear of me. It is sad that people spend their time scamming folks.

Got my second email today and as everyone else it had an old email at the top of the message. Im' 73 years old so it's laughable that I would get this email. It would be a miracle if they had a video of me doing what they claim as I have never visited a porn site and I also don't have a camera on my computer.


I received one of these threatening emails today! Saying they would send an unmentionable video of me to people on my contact list if I didn't send them 2,000 on bitcoin by tomorrow. People are ridiculous.

Just got one tonight. Same characteristics -- 2000 bitcoin in 24 hours to not send out a video (no webcam so I know it's BS) but in my case they have part of a current password!! It's not the whole thing so I'm not sure if they have all of it or not, but I'm in the process of changing it just to be safe. It's freaking me out though.

Got one today, same thing, extortion of $2000 Bitcoin. Never been to a porn site! They love us seniors

Received very similar email as the others, I know there is no possible way to have anything on me. But no one says how to report this, who can track this down and get these scammers?

I received the same type of hacked password email with an old password in the subject line. They said the same thing, where four of my contacts would revive videos of me and I wouldn’t know which would be contacted unless I sent $2000 bitcoin to the address listed. Yet, the address that was sent to me, wasn’t a correct bitcoin address, as it contained 2 asterisks, which made the address incorrect haha. I was concerned at first, until I found this FTC site and all the horror stories of the same thing ongoing over the past few years. So this is nothing new. I did my due diligence and reported the incident to the FBI’s IC3 internet crime division. Not sure how much it will help. But I also searched the bitcoin address without the 2 asterisks and I found 2 other Bitcoin Scams reported for the SAME ADDRESS already today!!! Proof positive that this is indeed a scam sent out to multiple victims. So take heed and be vigilant. One last point, the email was sent from Morganica Norton @ vtdinnyme@ . So yet another “outlook” email address.

I received the same such bogus threat/blackmail email last evening from this address. Name is Tadd Foran.Tadd Foran <dqjoellenhhc@ **19swE QANnifqtWn z3g16X**kN2dN LwfxzHBG

I just received one of these emails, too. Claiming they knew all kinds of info and would release compromising videos to contacts if I didn't make a "donation" for Bitcoin in the amount of $2k. Absolute would not do this! Crazy and cruel during these very difficult times.


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