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Shopping online? Watch this video first

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In this age of social distancing, more and more of our favorite stores now offer ways to score great deals online. Even as shops around the country open their doors again, buying online is still a great, useful tool for people to enjoy. It’s nice to know that with a simple web search, you can find, buy, and ship almost any item right to your front door. But, while you’re enjoying that convenience, you want to be sure that sharing your financial and personal data online is safe.

Before you click “Place Order,” watch this video to learn some useful tips on how to keep your data secure and save money as you shop:

Online shopping video

Looking to learn more? Go to the FTC’s Shopping Online webpage to find out other important ways to protect yourself — and your wallet — online. You can also visit for additional tips on how to avoid hackers and scammers while shopping online.


I find the helpful information from the FTC very useful and timely.
As a senior I especially appreciate the work they do to identify and reduce scams. This is a great public service.

some of the best advice I have heard to prevent being taken and scrammed. Thanks FTC !!!!

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