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Avoiding a cryptocurrency scam

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Yesterday some high-profile people had their Twitter accounts hacked by scammers who sent out fake tweets asking followers to send money using Bitcoin – a type of cryptocurrency or digital money.

Cryptocurrency scams are now a popular way for scammers to trick people into sending money. And they pop up in many ways. Most crypto scams can appear as emails trying to blackmail someone, online chain referral schemes, or bogus investment and business opportunities. But here’s what they all have in commonand what they have in common with yesterday’s Twitter hacks: A scammer wants you to send money, or make a payment, with Bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency. Once you do, your money is gone, and there’s generally no way to get it back.

So if you see a tweet (or a text, email, or other message on social media) that tells you to pay with Bitcoin, you know that’s a scam. Other signs that something’s a scam? They might guarantee that you’ll make money (those guarantees are false); promise that you’ll double your money quickly (again, that’s always a fake promise); or say you’ll get free money in dollars or cryptocurrency (free money? Nope, not ever). 

If you spot a cryptocurrency scam, report it immediately to the FTC at For more information, check out What To Know About Cryptocurrency.

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I don't believe in everything I read, or hear. If I think it's a scam, it
probably is 99% of the time. I hear a lot on television about scams
going on, during this (COVID-19) year. Where people have loss their
jobs, due to this affect. And having a hand time trying to get unem-
plyment due to it. THANKS AGAIN! for posting this.

I was scammed by an instagram person faking a celebrity i talked with this scammer 8 months via WhatsApp and I sent money to them via paypal then I was cohearsed to give my banking login and from there they hustled me out of my 13k from the unemployment money they said oh i routed money to your account and never gave me time to verify that was my unemoyment money. They where really patient with me and waitied 8 months for my payment then i exposed video on whatsapp. They asked me to bitcoin the money via atm.

What celebrity were they faking to be? I have had this happen to me as well..I didn't lose money though.

What celebrity were they impersonating? This has happened to me as well..

Spam wallet # asking for bitcoin to receive a federal grant of 3 million USD 38a9jUZisTHnAphTsGp1RRxGh2M6wgzPX6

I am scam by my manager in bitcoin she told me i can withdraw my money but i have to pay $3100 then i paid it and asking me again to pay because the will not release

Its like me straight it was the manenger in bitcoin he told me i can withdraw the money but i have to deposit 6000 then ofter he say i must deposit 16.000 again to pay dragon VPN because of lacking network in all south africa

I hope you got money back, I'm in the same situation now

This happened to me as well , was you able to get your money back

A person named Sofia will contact people on watsapp and lure with investment oppurtunites in there company by website sagecapitalfund. co Initial deposit earns 20% interest and slowly they demand to raise capital upto 10k, all money is deposited by bitcoin transfers from users wallet to this site Scammer provides training on how to purchase bitcoin from open market and transfer to company Once deposited they stop all communication and nobody responses. Website seems to be fake and most of bitcoin transactions are done

There is a woman named Cassie Harmon out of San Antonio TX added me on Instagram she was a Bitcoin investor gym trainer. After a few months of following her, I decided to start investing with her. Every step of the way, she would keep needing more money from me so I could access my funds.

I hit a breaking point today where $40k+ later I’m out after there was another fee. I told her I’m filing a report with the FTC

This sounds a lot like how I’ve been scammed by someone called Richard Maldonado and his supposed company but apparently there webpage is fake as I found out yesterday

Hi i was investing 3000 first to earn 30.000 it was 17 november 2020 on the 18 november laiter i receive massage from my manenger its like investor Nokubonga deposit 6000 to get 70.000 in 5minutes you bit a huge profit i do deposite first i was talking to that guy that i dnt have money am not working so i will take 6000 for the funeral because he was promising me to get money in 5minutes so now he block my email my account but i have deposit proofs and the photo of the bank i was use to deposit the money they sant a bank detail please help

I was scammed anyway to report and get my money back?

I suddenly recieved a message request on my Messenger by two people, they have the same way on introducing, after messages on Messenger they are asking if i have a Whatsapp , they say that they are working in forex , i checked the FB profile of the first one ,he was working in bitcoin since 2005 i don't know if that account is real because he have a pic 2005 ago in the profile , he is still waiting for me to top up on my ABRA account. The other one is using a female identity, she is also asking for my Whatsapp , i asked her if can i call her on Messenger she say no, then next day the female account suddenly deactivated. My question is this two persons is scammers??

It's been a month that someone named "Garrick Henry Marcus" phone number +1 (256) 472-1875 told me that I need to invest for my future. He told me to invest $100 but I told him I don't have a job and I can't. He made me convinced so I pawn the pendant of my necklace and I sent him $20 through PayPal. There was an error in terms of reason of the money that it should be for "friends or family". The money was successfully sent but the receiver forwarded my money back to my account. Henry told me that I need to use so I did. I gave him my credentials to log in in that app so he can process right away. He keep asking for additional $50 way back then and just yesterday I sent $50 as what he told me that I can't get my profit if I didn't pay for the transaction fee and I can't get $1000 if I didn't pay additional $50. I don't know what to do now. Haven't slept well last night because of this. It might be a small amount ($250) but it's very essential to my family. I regret everything and if I could just turn back the time, if I've known earlier what kind of person he is, then I didn't add him as one of my friends.

A girl named Isla Hanna (on LinkedIn) lured me to their AstraTrader Bitcoin Investment. She has a good profile (looks professional) and has a social media following so I believed her. She contacted me using LinkedIn and asked me to install Telegram, where we communicated. After creating my bitcoin wallet account, she asked me to send my initial investment to her, claiming it will grow in a couple of hours. After sending my money (converted to bitcoin), she can't send the promised returns to my bitcoin wallet. She said that there was a crash in her system, and she mentioned that there is another way - via, and I need to deposit another sum of money to facilitate her deposit via The total amount I sent is now close to 3000 USD, and I still yet to receive the proceeds. Now, she does not respond to my messages.

i know a women on face book ethan sofia who begging me to open up a bitcoin account to give her 200$ mining bit coin and recieve double this sounds like a scam

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