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They give love a bad name

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Leaving broken hearts and empty bank accounts, romance scammers give love a bad name. Now that you know how many people experience romance scams, and how to spot the scams, take some anti-scam action this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re wondering if that interesting person who just messaged you is for real, looking forward to February 15 discounts on chocolates, or thinking about friends who are out in the online dating world, here are some messages to know and share about romance scams.

  • If an online love interest you’ve never met in person asks you for money, that’s a scam. No matter what story they tell you.
  • Never send money or gifts to anyone you haven’t met in person — even if they send you money first.
  • Only scammers tell you to buy gift cards, wire money, or buy cryptocurrency. And once you send that money, you won’t get it back.
  • Talk to someone you trust about your new love interest, and pay attention if they’re concerned. 
  • Report romance scams to the dating or social networking site, and to the FTC at

Learn more at And share this blog series, video, and graphics with people who might need it — even if you don’t.

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Romance scammers will also court you with flowers and gifts before they start asking you for money. I work in the floral industry and we see this often. They will place an order for flowers on a website, and will include stuffed animals and chocolates to make a big impression. Then they pay for it all with a stolen credit card.

Sounds like a couple people I know have moved on to new ways to scam me right in front of my face. People these days have really lost their moral compass it seems no one cares about people anymore only there pocketbook. Money is the root of all evil.

I still have yet to hear back from the FTC regarding my complaint filed close to a year ago. Romance scams are a hard lesson learned. Not many people are aware of this till it happens to them. This message needs to be more wide spread in the advertising world. It's not only hurtful but costly!

I just realized I’ve been scammed out of over $125,000 over the last 6 months or so. I met a man Is Gary Walters....has anyone else heard of this person. Supposed to be in US Army in Afghanistan and supposed to be coming home soon but no firm date. Claims needs money for shipping charges and duties and that’s how I got scammed. It was a smooth operator cause the stories seemed logical and at least partially verifiable. I’ve been scammed out of my entire life savings. I realize how I was vulnerable to a con artist. These people are the lowest form of life there is as they take advantage of a vulnerable population and believable stories. Then they get their claws in you and never let go.
Has anyone else fell prey or heard of Gary Walters in the Army in Afghanistan?

Talking to a Patrick Williams anyone know him.

I have been talking to a Randy C from ohio. Who said he was divorced. Getting ready to sell his business and retire. Met on farmersonly and within a week, he wanted to chat on whatsapp only. 1 week later, he went to Ireland for work? Has been there almost 2 weeks and has a major financial crisis. He needs 10000. The stuff he tells me, makes no sense to me. I refused to send money and I get, the old "you are the only one to help me".
Arent there any truthful men anymore?

Any one know Roman Carter

Someone had a Jeffery Light?

Mike Tim Boyd General in Army for 39 years. In Yemen?

So many scamming!I too was hit in the pocket and heart!Most devastating thing to ever happen!Still trying to mend.People the truth is if it seems to good to be true,it is! NEVER SEND ANY CARDS OR MONEY IF YOU HAVE NOT MET! They are professionals! All I got was lies and laughing emojis from Gray Allen but uses many names.I wish we all could post pictures ,the names are fabricated!!! Help us!!!

I have been talking with Arnold Stones Robinson in the US Army, currently in Saudi Arabia, previously in Afghanistan and before that in Libya. Apparently has a 9 year old daughter. I have tried to find this guy but can’t find him anywhere. I have lost almost 12k to his scams. Thankfully this voice in my head kept telling me to say no. I was going to report him to the FTC but I know they will never be able to get my money back! Lesson learned!! Never again!!

Anyone been talking to Ashley Krompart.

Talked to her until she wanted money sent with a gift card on hangouts. Ended it there.

jeweler from Kansas City in Turkey needs money, has accident, buying gold needs help getting it shipped .... will marry as soon as he returns. Instant love. Found on dating site.

Have been corresponding with Dr. Raymond Roe in Kabul. Just like all the others asking for money to retrieve a suitcase with 2.5 mil. Anyone know of him

More of a question than a comment. Throughout this blog there are so many comments about scammers directing the victim to move correspondence to GOOGLE HANGOUTS. Why is this? Is this a site that should always be avoided?

Jason Bull Marine in Syria will retire in weeks. Anyone else talking to him?

anyone heard of a Derek Chan?

Does anyone know Harry Hofman? He got me on Google chat,because it is private! Now he is asking me for money to fly home to the States from Yemen. Please help

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