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Getting calls from the SSA?

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Probably not. At least, not from the real SSA. But how many of you have gotten calls from someone who said they were the Social Security Administration? And maybe showed the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) or a number close to it on your caller ID? Lots, right?

We’ve seen a spike in the number of people reporting those fake SSA calls to us. Since January 2018, we’ve gotten more than 63,000 reports of this scam. Three percent of those people reported a loss – and they lost $16.6 million (with a median loss of $1,484).

You can hear what the scam sounds like here. The caller usually says your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he says your bank account is about to be seized – but if you go put your money on gift cards and then give him the codes, SSA can help keep it safe. (Of course, you never want to do that, because then your money is just gone.)

To report this scam, go to But if you already gave one of these callers your SSN and you're worried about identity theft, visit And if you get one of these calls, remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. Your bank account is not about to be seized.
  • The real SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards.
  • You can’t believe the numbers on your caller ID. Scammers can easily fake those. But if you’re worried, call the real SSA at 1-800-772-1213. You can trust that number if you dial it yourself – just not on your caller ID.
  • Never give your SSN, credit card or bank account number to anyone who contacts you. Ever.

To hear more from the honest-to-goodness SSA and the FTC about these scams, follow the Facebook Live at noon tomorrow on the SSA’s Facebook page.

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I have gotten calls using my power company name & number and lots and lots of local people and local businesses using their names and phone numbers, Not always SSA but other robo calls to

I have been receiving three times since this morning:

I received a call yesterday saying that my social security got suspended for my number 877-480-4989

I got a voice message from (315) 284-2982 , telling me they are trying to contact me for a while as my social security got cancelled and I need to call them back at that number.
Being surprised I called above number a mail voice answered and I asked what office is it, he said it is New york social security office (Main). I hung up and I researched I don't see this number anywhere. It is definitely a scam.

I’ve gotten 6 of the same type today. All showing from El Paso. I would love to catch these scumbag people and deal with them myself.

Same as the rest of posts. SS cancelled nonsense and all from Texas! at least 2 a day since Tuesday.
I block but they just change up the number. Computer voice normally a man but last was a women.
281.616.6892, 512.361.7109, 800.794.8229, 830.766.5107, 830.477.8401, 830.507.6945.
This is crazy

I have getting those calls constantly for the last few days and I always hang up...but sure annoying..

(800) 983-4694 is a robocall scam number saying they cancelled your Social Security number. I told them I would report their number to the real Social Security Administration, and the foreign accented man got all scared and started apologizing.

Can't scare them they know we cant get their number.

I've gotten several similar calls over the past few days, all from Maryland numbers.

Haaaa I just got one from Texas as well. What jerks!

I had a call very similar to yours from 858.335.5254. They said my SSN was suspended because of a criminal action filed against me in Texas. Of course, this is totally bogus. I hung up and reported the call on this site. You're right. They are out for a buck by scamming us.

i recieved a call also yesterday that my ss got suspended and to press 1 to talk with rep... it was in my voicemail from 1 830 492 1469

I also got 2 calls identical to this. both an hour apart, and from separate phone numbers. They left voicemails.

Jeannie, Although its been well over a year since you posted this comment, I just read it today. PLEASE delete it, including your Social Security Number! I am shocked that the FTC, the blogger(s), or at least the page administrators haven't removed it. You've supplied what I assume is your valid SSN to everyone who reads the blog.
Please remove this post or find someone who can. I will also report the post & try to have it removed. God Bless, Jeannie!

The number she included with her comment has 10 digits; it's probably the phone number of the people who called her. 

Lol, it's a phone number. Freak out much?!?

scam call from (281) 991-7314

I started getting these yesterday every 15 to 35 minutes from different 800 numbers. They are continuing today. How did you stop them from coming?

3 times in 1 hour 866-446-1137, social security does nothing. They keep you on hold for 2 1/2 hours. What a joke...

I just received a call from 1-830-433-6211 in Seguin, Texas that told me an arrest warrant from the SSA was being issued for identity theft and to connect with a counselor immediately. What a hoax. Caveat Emptor!

I just received a call an hour ago from 1-513-570-5875 essentially claiming the same thing

I got the same call just right now

I just got the call also.

I got two calls on a government issued work cell from a 682-651-8470 number in Grapevine, Tx and 936-215-6315 in Corrigan, Tx. The man had a foriegn accent, and hung up every time I called back asking for a manager or supervisor.

I got this same one amd another one saying that my ssn had been breached and i was under investigation. These call need to stoo. Someone needs to stop them from bothering everyone. I pray no one actually falls for this anymore.

Got the same call from 843-338-3215.

I got this one as well more than once and one says my family is being investigated as well. When I called back some guy from another state called me back and claimed to know nothing about what I was calling for.


Yes I would like to report that I keep getting a call from a telephone number telling me that they are the Social Security Administration asking my name which they already knew and asking for my social security number it is a total fraud the telephone number is18448473239

I got it and the number was 716-562-8923

Here’s another number to add to the pile

19034496286 for me

Same here. On a daily basis. Its so frustrating. Then i get calls from local numbers saying i called them and I didnt.

I have been receiving the call stating legal enforcement actions filed on my social security number for fraudulent activities. It came from 410-847-3533, which is actually a fax number for John Hopkins. The caller ID says Green Spring St

I just got a voicemail saying that same thing

Just got one on my voicemail, it was automated.

I just got the same thing telling me I have a warrant,can this b possible?

Same here, number is 877-832-0230 "before they begin legal proceedings"

Yes I received the same type of call talking about legal proceedings I was so confused and thought that my identity had been stolen. I pressed 1 to talk to an executive but the call immediately ended. When I tried to call back the phone call didn't go through. The number is 571-223-6113 from Ashburn, Va.

I received the same call from a number ending in 6113

I just received a call like this, but from my local area code. At first it was an automated message (male) saying that the SSA was calling to inform me that some suspicious activity had been found regarding my SSN, to press 1 to speak to a representative. - I pressed it, and a foreign-sounding man picked up. He asked my name, and I asked him "Shouldn't the SSA know who they're calling?". He then said that he was connected to me by a switchboard, and that he did not have my file in front of him. I gave him my name just to see what he would say next. He then asked for the last 4 digits of my SSN to confirm my identity. I hung up on him & tried to call back the number that appeared on my Caller ID. It was (912) 360-2037. When I dialed it, I was immediately directed to the "Your call cannot be completed as dialed..." message. I really don't know what to think, because someone actually did steal my Social Security Card years ago, and they were arrested for it. I haven't been able to apply for a replacement SSN.

I got one saying there was a wreck in Mexico and my charge cards and I.D.s were found in the wreckage, drugs were involved and if I didn't call a given number, there would be a warrant issued for my arrest. When I said ok, they waited a few days and called me back and told me there was being a warrant issued for my arrest. I said "ok, I'm guilty, issue the warrant and come get me" I never heard from them again.

I just got the same call. It's a scam for sure no one will call you to tell you that there's a warrant for your arrest.

I got this one too.

I got this same call from 410-885-4492.

This is the exact same call I got . And they left an automated voice mail saying that precise script.

Just got this same call 4 times today... legal enforcement actions had been filed on my social security number for fraudulent activity. I am to call immediately before they proceed with legal proceedings. Is this real ?? Should I call or be concerned?? I’m an older person and this is scary to me.

I just got the same call saying the same thing. Called me a couple time today already. And I wanna know if it’s scam

Yeah, I got this one today. Never recieved something like that, which frighted me. I'm glad that there are others who gone through the same things. Christmas is around the corner, so it would make sense that I would get this scam voicemail. How annoying.


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