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Getting calls from the SSA?

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Probably not. At least, not from the real SSA. But how many of you have gotten calls from someone who said they were the Social Security Administration? And maybe showed the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) or a number close to it on your caller ID? Lots, right?

We’ve seen a spike in the number of people reporting those fake SSA calls to us. Since January 2018, we’ve gotten more than 63,000 reports of this scam. Three percent of those people reported a loss – and they lost $16.6 million (with a median loss of $1,484).

You can hear what the scam sounds like here. The caller usually says your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he says your bank account is about to be seized – but if you go put your money on gift cards and then give him the codes, SSA can help keep it safe. (Of course, you never want to do that, because then your money is just gone.)

To report this scam, go to But if you already gave one of these callers your SSN and you're worried about identity theft, visit And if you get one of these calls, remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. Your bank account is not about to be seized.
  • The real SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards.
  • You can’t believe the numbers on your caller ID. Scammers can easily fake those. But if you’re worried, call the real SSA at 1-800-772-1213. You can trust that number if you dial it yourself – just not on your caller ID.
  • Never give your SSN, credit card or bank account number to anyone who contacts you. Ever.

To hear more from the honest-to-goodness SSA and the FTC about these scams, follow the Facebook Live at noon tomorrow on the SSA’s Facebook page.


I have gotten calls using my power company name & number and lots and lots of local people and local businesses using their names and phone numbers, Not always SSA but other robo calls to

I have been receiving three times since this morning:

I just received a call from 1-830-433-6211 in Seguin, Texas that told me an arrest warrant from the SSA was being issued for identity theft and to connect with a counselor immediately. What a hoax. Caveat Emptor!

Thank you for these alerts. They are very helpful. I am one of the folks who reported fake SSA calls. I am curious what the threshold number of reports is before a topic gets communicated via an alert and what is done on the enforcement side to lower these scams.

Got one of these yesterday and knew it was a hoax from the start but then, just for kicks, waited on line to actually talk to one of the perpetrators. When he came on and announced himself and told me I was in danger, as you've stated above, I asked him if he really thought I could believe him. Dead silence on the other end and then he disconnected our call. Those deadbeats know they are calling illegally.

I have been complaining about this type of a scam for a few months. I got 5 calls/ threats in a month, and I reported them, my phone has a caller id, even for missed calls, and the numbers I found, I reported. Now, I'm dealing with a Microsoft security scam.

I have been dealing with Microsoft Security Scam and Credit card scam Low interest rate

I am also dealing with a Microsoft security scam that cost me $4,000

Ive received them too and knew better, blocking caller or should I report #

I simply can't believe that with all the modern tech equipment available in todays age we cannot stop these con men from infiltrating the social security network ? Who's kidding who ?

The scammers have not infiltrated the Social Security network, but they want you to believe that. They fake telephone numbers to look like they are calling from the Social Security Administration. That's why you can’t believe the numbers on your caller ID.

You say they haven't breached S.S., but it's strange that I've only received these calls after making contact with S.S.

Had the call this morning from what sounded like an overseas voice. Told them I was reporting them to the government and the hung up.

I have constant voice mails on my cell phone.I do not have a telephone number to delete it. I cannot get it off my phone. I went to AT&T for help. They told me they cannot help. Very annoying. Wish there was a way to stop these voice mails.

I put my number on you alls DO NOT call list a few days ago and I'm getting MORE calls than before it's ridiculous an getting emails that's fake an suppose to be from Pay.Gov saying I owe money an trying to get my bank account information.

The Do Not Call Registry is for pretty much for telemarketers. The aggravating calls we are all dealing with now are scammers from across the world. They aren't checking the lists. They don't care because what they're doing is illegal anyway. But it is surprising that so many bonafide services we all use are able to legally share/sell our information!

Is there some way to STOP these calls?? They are calling my landline (6AM!!!) and cellphone many times during the day. This is an invasion of privacy and I feel sorry for older people who fall for this

SSA/IRS/USSS steadfastly refuse to take reciprocal measures to halt the scam calls, robocalls and spoofing contacts so prevalent. They refuse to take any action, especially the Social Security Administration. It is easily dealt with by use of electronic countermeasures, but no entity wants to admit that is true. Unlawful interstate communications must be halted.

I keep getting calls from the same number three times a day approx. the same time. Spam? Tngs and then the phone number. No leaves a message.

Several week ago I received a call claim to be from Social Security, I was told something fishy about my account . The caller then transfer me to an individual that’s sounded to be from India and wanted my name and social security number... I hanged up on them .....(866) 404 0127.... I called them the following day , nothing , it rang and rang , finally , it said Verizon customer unable to respond

similar calls from 202 area code.

I received a spam/scam call today in my landline voicemail from Seabrook Texas 1-832-261-4789 that said "legal enforcement action was filed on my SS number for fraudulent activity. Return call before we begin legal proceedings against you." Knowing this was a scam call, I did not reply and am reporting it to the FTC here.

Rec'd several calls over the past couple days just like that from New York number: 718-487-9958. Reported it to FTC. Hope the FTC puts out a warning to inform senior citizens of the scam.

I received a spam/scam call today in my landline voicemail from Seabrook Texas 1-832-261-4789 that said "legal enforcement action was filed on my SS number for fraudulent activity. Return call before we begin legal proceedings against you." Knowing this was a scam call, I did not reply and am reporting it to the FTC here.

My Wife received a call a few days ago from someone they left a voicemail stating that she was under investigation for drugs and she needed to call this toll free number and speak to one of there social security drug enforcement officers or she would be arrested It was kind of funny because she was sitting at the kitchen table when they called taking her medicine that her doctor give her this is the only drugs she has ever taken

No one can tell you that you will be arrested. That is the main clue that should alert anyone to a scam. It's a scare tactic that should have been mentioned above.

Why can't the government do something about this? They are breaking a federal law. Seems like our government can't or won't do anything to protect us from invasion.

Got calls from 3 different numbers today

I have been getting multiple calls a day from Florida 904 512 2257 (one came at 6:45 am today). I never answer. "They" never leave a message.

Thank you for alerting us.

I received a call today March 6, 2019 @ 3:15 PM Central Time from Miami Florida. I didn't take the call because I don't answer numbers I don't know. A voice mail was left and it appeared to be a ROBO Call from the Social Security Admin. saying that my Social Security Number had been shown to have suspicious activity against it and was going to be suspended if I didn't call the following number in a timely manner. The number is +1- 786-206-4325. Please beware this is a Scam trying to get tour Social Security Number and other information. Report this kind of activity and let others know that Scammers are out there trying to take advantage of other people and steal their Identify.

I don't answer my phone unless I recognize the number. If the caller is on the level he or she will leave a message.

Our government is supposed to stop this kind of thing but they are too busy carrying out bogus investigations.

I got another call this morning, they left a threatening message that if I didn't get back to tem they would start legal proceedings. I was scammed out of $2000 just last month when the scammers posed as my IT tech. So I definitely wary. I reported it to FTC.

Just received a cal from 1-210-742-4547. The person who called from this number left a voicemail that said “ If I didn’t return call right away , legal processing against me would start.
1210-742-4547 is a scam!!

I have been on the DNC list for years and have reported abuse on several occasions. Now I average spam three or more times a day on my home and cell phones. It is to the point that I do not answer my phone unless I am sure who is calling. I need a recognizable caller ID and a believable call back message. Unfortunately, I may miss an important phone call using this approach, but I do not know how to otherwise addess the nonsense. I am out of kind words when answering scam. Best no words at all. I do not know what this means for telephone conversations in the future!

you buy a new computer you see programs that need updated.You see ads for a monthly sum they will automatically update your program for youDon't let them do it or give them your business.Updates are easy to do yourself.Found alot would update for you then next month that update was deleted and they were back to install the same thing and chg you for that month.

I've gotten calls saying that there is a warrant for my arrest and to please call to clear things up otherwise an officer will be sent to my residence. I never called back.

Got a call from Flagstaff Arizona saying it was SSA and made all the above threats. Voice was a synthesized voice of awsomely bad quality. Listened and hung up.

I have had many robo calls using: SSN, hospital, people & phone numbers from people I don't know. I wonder WHEN gov't or phone companies are going to find & JAIL these people. I get robo calls early am [before 8am] & up 8:00pm at night

Received 2 calls yesterday from the #210-679-1487, this area code is San Antonia TX. A robo call left the message that the SS# is being used fraudulently, and if a return call isn't made, legal proceedings will be started. I called the # just to check, because I have been taking care of something with SS. A male with a Indian accent answered, I told him I had a wrong #, and hung up. Last night I received another call from the same #. I didn't answer.

I have recently started getting these calls claiming to be from SSA. I immediately filed complaints with the AG office, I informed the scammer and he immediately hung up on me! Now this morning another call was left on my answering machine leaving a different callback number. I will continue to file complaints until these calls stop. This is very disturbing to constantly get these calls in the privacy of my home!

If you do talk to them get them to tell you how much you owe if they are telling you that they are IRS, etc and you are going to be arrested if you don't pay your bill now. Then call you're local authority to report their number if you got it and the amount they say you owe. Then authorities can go after them

Scammer alert for Soc.Sec. Do not answer this No.760-878-5020

Received a scam call from 732-284-3897

I received a voice mail from number 657-206-2649 that left an alarming message. Scammer from the SSA wanting me to give him my SSN...I hung up and blocked the number

Got a Call from SSA- Data control Saturday, was home to take it, I blocked the Number.

I just received a call from 800.209.5178 saying if I did not call back the number that my number would be suspended. I did not fall for it.

just got a call from 351-277-0126 saying my ss# has been compromised. thank you all for the comments. realized this is just another scam.

Got a call on my private google voice number from (903) 284-2625 saying I have to call back a social security deputy.


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